Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise DLC invites players to the Happy Home Archipelago as the newest employee of the Paradise Planning team. Players can now design vacation homes for Animal Crossing villagers with a catalog of furniture to create a look based on a certain theme. Lottie will reward their efforts with Poki, the currency of Happy Home Archipelago.

Poki works like Bells, but Bells cannot be spent at the Archipelago, and Poki cannot be spent on the island. However, Poki can be used to purchase rare furniture in the shop of the Paradise Planning office. Like the game’s other shops, the items change each day, so players who are looking to fill their newly upgraded storage with rare furniture from the Animal Crossing DLC should check the shop often.


Poki can be earned by completing design jobs and creating vacation homes for the villagers on the beach who are thinking about real estate. Players must be wearing their work uniform to start a job, which they can change into by speaking with Lottie in the office. Lottie will reward them with 6,000 Bells per design job, and players can also earn smaller amounts by doing smaller tasks like taking photos for the Paradise Network portfolio.

Animal Crossing’s Best DLC Furniture To Buy With Poki

Souvenir Chocolates

Souvenir Chocolates are available in the shop every day. Players can buy these for one of their own island residents to invite them to invest in a vacation home on the Happy Home Archipelago. Gifting the chocolate to a villager prompts them to ask the player character about their new job and encourages them to eventually check out the Happy Home Archipelago. There’s plenty of room for island residents and the villagers who visit the archipelago’s beach.

Inflatable Bird Ring

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This cute pink flamingo floatie is perfect for beaches, pools, and as a companion to the Mr. and Mrs. Flamingo set. It can be sat on like the other floats in the game.

TV with VCR

For players with a school room, an arcade, or a home with a retro vibe, this TV and VCR are perfect for a classic look. Unlike most of the TVs in the game so far, this old-school set is not flat-screened and can be placed on the floor, on a table, or on a shelf.

Owl Clock

This wood-carved clock is intricately carved and stands on shelves or floors rather than hanging on the wall. It’s perfect for interior decorating in studies and cabins, and it has an antique charm that fits with many different styles.

Toy Duck

An absolutely classic toy, this adorable rubber duck squeaks when interacted with. It’s great for bathrooms and toy rooms, but this duck will definitely brighten up any space with a bit of fun and a pop of color.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available on Nintendo Switch.

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