The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has an unparalleled open world, and in order to explore it all, Link’s stamina requires a few important upgrades. Stamina is one of the most crucial aspects of BOTW, allowing Link to sprint, climb, glide, swim, and fight his way through Hyrule on his quest to finally defeat Calamity Ganon, but Link starts the game with only one small Stamina Wheel. Upgrading Link’s stamina unlocks more and more of the world as players can climb farther and glide longer, but how high can Link’s stamina actually go in Breath of the Wild?

Players can permanently upgrade Link’s stamina by defeating Shrines and earning Spirit Orbs, which can be exchanged for either a Heart Container or Stamina Vessel. Link can obtain a total of 10 stamina upgrades, which is enough to max his stamina out with three full Stamina Wheels. For the most part, three full wheels of stamina is plenty to get Link wherever he needs to go, be it by running, flying, or climbing, but players can boost Link’s stamina even higher thanks to BOTW’s overfill mechanic.


Overfill allows players to gain additional temporary Stamina Wheels in BOTW, which deplete as they’re used and do not refill like Link’s base stamina. These extra wheels are indicated in yellow next to the green Stamina Wheel, but Link will use his own Stamina first before dipping into the extra wheels, so players can preserve overfill stamina for tough fights and climbing in Breath of the Wild‘s worst weather as long as they allow Link’s base stamina to replenish. Unfortunately, overfill doesn’t stack in Breath of the Wild, which puts a limit on the maximum amount of stamina Link can have at a time, but it does allow players to raise Link’s stamina even higher than the permanent “maximum” that can be earned from Shrines.

How To Maximize Link’s Stamina With Overfill In BOTW

One of the easiest ways to overfill Link’s stamina in BOTW is by sleeping at one of the special Inns located in Hyrule’s four major cities. Each of these Inns offers a specialty bed for 80 Rupees, which allows Link to wake up refreshed with extra hearts as well as one full bonus wheel of Stamina. If Link’s base stamina is maxed out, this will leave players with four full wheels of stamina, but Link’s stamina can go higher still thanks to Breath of the Wild’s robust cooking system.

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Cooking with Enduring ingredients can create meals that overfill Link’s stamina in Breath of the Wild, and while most of these meals will only provide a fraction of an extra Stamina Wheel, it’s possible to cook up dishes that push Link’s stamina to the absolute max. By tossing 5 Endura Carrots in a pot together, Link can make some Enduring Fried Wild Greens that provide two overfill Stamina Wheels, giving players a grand total of 5 Stamina Wheels if Link’s base stamina has been fully upgraded. Since overfills don’t stack, Link can’t increase his Stamina any more once it’s been overfilled, making 5 the maximum number of Stamina Wheels Link can have in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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