AMC’s Breaking Bad is known for its detailed characters, interconnected storylines, and quite unique direction. Set in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the show succeeds in depicting the tensions involved in the drug business. Breaking Bad released its third season in 2010, following a massive increase in fan following after an incredible season 2, which saw Jesse suffer a heartbreak, while Skyler and Walter White move a step closer towards separation.

Hank Schrader, suffering from trauma, looks to get back to his best, while Gustavo Fring looks to strengthen his hold over the whole drug scene. In this piece, we are going to rank every episode from the third outing of Breaking Bad.

13 “Fly” (7.8)

In the tenth episode of season 3, the story revolves around contamination.

A fly enters Walt’s sacred space, that is the lab, and he becomes absolutely obsessed with eliminating it. So much so that he refuses to cook until the fly is driven out. Jesse tries to comfort Walt and ease his frustrations.

12 “Green Light” (8.3)

In the fourth episode of season 3, Walt reacts impulsively to Skyler’s affair with her boss Ted. He breaks into the office and threatens Ted before being pulled out by security.

Walt then has a fight with Saul and Mike over bugging his house, while Hank decides to abandon El Paso after the blue meth reappears on the street. Walt is forced to make a decision about returning to cooking after Victor hands him a duffle bag of money.


11 “IFT” (8.5)

In the third episode of season 3, Mike continues to keep an eye on Walt’s house after the unexpected visit from the Salamanca cousins. Skyler returns home to find Walt in the house, and she calls the police but, quite surprisingly, she doesn’t tell them the real reason why she wants Walt out of the house.

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Gustavo Fring meets with Juan Bolsa to discuss the cousins’ return to Albuquerque. Meanwhile, Saul meets with Jesse to talk about getting back to cooking with Walt.

10 “Kafkaesque” (8.5)

In the ninth episode of season 3, Walt and Jesse continue to make the product in their lab, and Jesse smells something fishy.

Skyler hears something dangerous and confronts Walt about it. The hospital doctor warns that Hank’s full recovery might not be possible, and Skyler comes up with a plan to aid Marie and Hank.

9 “Abiquiu” (8.5)

In the eleventh episode of season 3, Hank struggles with his recovery, while Marie hands Skyler the first bill from the hospital. Walt and Jesse continue cooking, but there are serious concerns.

Skyler involves herself with Walt’s business, and she even gets to meet Saul Goodman. Jesse’s personal adventure turns out to be a bust, and he is now in deep waters.

8 “No Más” (8.6)

In the first episode of season 3, Jane’s father is found to be the one who caused the plane crash, while Walt packs his things as he has to move out of the house. Skyler is considering her options and talking about them with her divorce attorney.

Jesse is at the rehab facility, trying to recover from the shock loss and his drug problem. Walt finds himself in a precarious situation and tells Skyler the truth about himself, which, obviously, leaves her shell shocked. Meanwhile, the Salamanca cousins make their presence known.

7 “Caballo Sin Nombre” (8.7)

In the second episode of season 3, Walt is not doing well as he begins to lose his head over Skyler divorcing him and not letting him see his kids.

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Hank continues the investigation into Heisenberg, while Walt tries everything to mend his relationship with his family. Meanwhile, thanks to Saul Goodman, Jesse makes an investment.

6 “Màs” (8.7)

In the fifth episode of season 3, Skyler doubts her relationship with Ted, while Jesse gets angry with Walt for taking half of his money, even though he isn’t the one who dealt with Gustavo Fring.

Walt counters by saying that he never gave Jesse permission to use his formula. Moreover, Gus tries to impress Walt by showing what he will get if he returns to business with him. Also, Marie worries about Hank’s mental state and confronts Skyler about it.

5 “I See You” (8.8)

In the eight episodes of season 3, Jesse, still reeling from the injuries he suffered, gets discharged from hospital and is picked up by Skinny Pete. At the lab, Walt tries to fire Gale without hurting him.

Jesse meets Walt and tells him that his brother-in-law has been shot, much to the surprise of Walt. Gus makes an appearance at the hospital, consolidating Marie, and Walt is absolutely livid to see his business partner there.

4 “Sunset” (9.3)

In the sixth episode of season 3, Skyler talks to Walt about the divorce papers and drug money, while Jesse decides to go solo with Skinny Pete and Badger. Walt Jr. starts to ask questions about his parents’ separation.

Furthermore, Hank’s investigation leads him to the discovery of an RV, that was Jesse and Walt’s cooking place. Saul Goodman steps in to help.

3 “Half Measures” (9.5)

In the penultimate episode of season 3, Jesse plans to take revenge for what Gus’ men did to Combo. He talks to Walt about it, while hatching up a plan. Hank still isn’t feeling that good, and Saul wants to talk to Jesse about the revenge he so desperately wants.

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The episode ends in an incredibly tense scene, one which states precisely what Walt can do to keep Jesse out of trouble.

2 “One-Minute” (9.6)

In the seventh episode of season 3, after getting to know that he was tricked, Hank goes to Jesse’s house and gives him a beating for lying to him about Marie. Jesse is taken to the hospital, and Saul sees an opportunity in all of this.

Skyler goes to meet Walt and begs with him to tell Jesse to not press charges. Walt confronts Gus about wanting the return of his old partner.

1 “Full Measure” (9.7)

In the season 3 finale, Walt and Jesse now have to deal with the consequences of their actions.

Mike sets up a meeting between Gus and Walt out in the desert. They talk about Jesse, and Walt, like a criminal mastermind, comes up with a solution that seems rather dangerous.

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