While Mirabel from Encanto might not be a typical royal, she could still qualify as the next official “Disney Princess.” As Disney’s latest animated feature, Encanto tells the story of the Madrigals. This Colombian family received a miracle, giving every child in the family a magical gift – except the youngest daughter, Mirabel. When the Madrigals begin to lose both their powers and their home though, Mirabel decides to face her destiny and try to save the magic.

Created during the 1990s, the Disney Princesses are an official lineup of characters from animated Disney movies that often appear in media and consumer products together. However, this franchise does not include every female royal Disney character. Instead, the official Disney Princess list includes Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel, Merida, Moana, and Raya. Elsa and Anna from Frozen are honorary Disney Princesses, but they are often not featured in the official lineup, due to having spawned their own successful franchise.


Mirabel could easily join the list of Disney Princesses, which would make her not only the first official Latin American princess, but the first princess to wear glasses. Throughout Encanto, Mirabel displays many of the common qualities of a Disney Princess, including empathy, wanting more out of life, and answering the hero’s call to adventure. In addition, Mirabel fits the official requirements for a Disney Princess and could almost be considered royalty.

According to an article (via Disney Princess Wiki), Disney Princesses must meet certain criteria, and Mirabel meets all of them. These rules state that to be a Disney Princess, a character must play a central role in a successful, animated Disney or Pixar film. She must also be human and not star in a sequel movie. Perhaps most importantly, the character must be royal by birth or marriage or perform a heroic deed. While this exception originally only applied to Mulan, who saved China but was not royal, it could also apply to Mirabel, who saved her home and family in Encanto.

In addition, one article (via Looper) points out that while the Madrigals are not technically royalty, they still hold a position in their community similar to that of royals. Due to being the family that received the miracle, enchanted home, and magic powers, the Madrigals hold an exalted status in their town. They act as leaders, using their powers to help the townsfolk. They also live in a special house, nicknamed “Casita,” separate from the rest of town, similar to a royal family living in a castle. Due to this, even without powers, Mirabel could be considered a “princess” in her community, due to being part of the Madrigal family. Although Mirabel is not formally royal, her kindness, selfless goals, and status in Encanto all make her a viable candidate to join the official Disney Princess lineup.

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