With Season 5 quickly coming to a close this week, Fortnitefans looking to squeeze every last ounce of XP out of the season can continue collecting new XP Coins during Week 15 and boost their Battle Pass to help reach those final Tiers. At the highest levels of the Battle Pass, players can unlock the Zero Point style for the Season 5 skins. XP Coins are a good way to knock out a massive chunk of weekly XP right away, and during this last week of the season, players can find all the Coins from previous weeks as well as 10 new ones.

As in the last few weeks, players will find 1 Gold XP Coin, 2 Purple, 3 Blue, and 4 Green during Week 15 of Fortnite Season 5. The Gold Coin is worth the most at 15,000 XP, followed by Purple Coins, which are worth 10,300 XP, Blue Coins, which are worth 6,500 XP, and Green Coins, which are worth 5,000 XP. Players can maximize efficiency during a match by going for XP Coins near the locations of Week 15 Epic Challenges first, as several of these will coincide. Here’s where to go to find every Week 15 XP Coin in Fortnite Season 5.


Every Week 15 XP Coin Location On The Fortnite Season 5 Map

During Week 15 of Fortnite Season 5, players can find the XP Coins scattered around the map, with the bulk of them available on the north side of the island. The map above shows all the approximate XP Coin locations. A more detailed description of each Coin’s location appears below.

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  • In a room in the basement of an underground hideout west of Hunter’s Haven.


  • In the desert northwest of Colossal Coliseum and south of Scenic Spot.
  • At the base of a hill on the island near the Lighthouse to the northwest of Stealthy Stronghold.


  • In the lake south of Sweaty Sands.
  • In the bend of the river near the steel bridge southwest of Catty Corner
  • In the water under the bridge southwest of Steamy Stacks.


  • On a hill at the northeast corner of Weeping Woods, just outside the desert biome.
  • At the southeast corner of the Camp Cod island, next to the tombstones.
  • In the grassy area at the southwestern corner of Steamy Stacks, near the semi-truck.
  • On a plateau north of The Orchard.

Typically, it is easiest to collect XP Coins in Team Rumble mode, which tends to be quieter and less crowded.

Most of the Fortnite Season 5 Week 15 Epic Challenges relate to making purchases from the 40 NPC bounty hunter characters found around the map all throughout this season. Because of this, players can prioritize purchasing items, spending bars, getting intel, hiring a bodyguard, or upgrading weapons from characters near XP Coin locations for maximum efficiency. For example, players may want to stop by and see Lexa at Hunter’s Haven when they go for the Gold XP Coin, or Bunker Jonesy at Camp Cod when they go for that Green XP Coin.

As usual, players will need to remember that each Coin has a different feature. Purple Coins will always explode into fragments when touched, and players should build around them to make sure they can collect all the pieces before they disappear. Blue Coins are always found in water. Green Coins are often the most visible but are always a little removed from named POIs. If players have missed any XP Coins this season, they should be able to go back and grab them before the finale event.

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Fortnite is available for Android, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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