Gwyneth Paltrow doesn’t know about Marvel’s newest Disney+ show, Hawkeye. The series sees Jeremy Renner return as Clint Barton, otherwise known as Hawkeye, with Hailee Steinfeld making her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut as the beloved comic book hero Kate Bishop. As with all of the Marvel series on Disney+, such as Wandavision and Loki, the stories within the shows entwine with the events of Marvel’s theatrical releases meaning that all of the series are integral to the MCU as a whole.

Paltrow has a long history within the MCU, following her first appearance as Tony Stark’s assistant turned wife, Pepper Potts. Potts has featured in a number of Marvel films across the years, including the Iron Man trilogy, in which she played a key role that even saw her suit up to become Rescue in Iron Man 3. Most recently her appearance in 2019’s Avengers: Endgame (in which she starred alongside Renner) gave audiences a glimpse at the life that she and Tony had built together following the events of the snap and prior to his heroic sacrifice during the film’s third act.


Now, during an Instagram Q&A session on her stories, Paltrow revealed that she doesn’t know anything about Marvel’s newest series. When a fan asked her if she had watched Hawkeye, the actor simply responded “No, what is that?” Fans were quick to fill the star in on this latest MCU installment, with some wondering if she was simply joking about having not heard of the show. Check out Paltrow’s story below.

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Paltrow previously appeared to forget that she featured in Spider-Man: Homecoming during a clip from her fellow Marvel alum Jon Favreau’s Netflix show. Considering how her cameo in the 2017 movie was incredibly brief, it’s certainly not surprising that Favreau had to remind the star of her appearance. Despite this, it’s clear that the actor looks back on her time as Potts fondly, as she recently shared a sweet throwback photo from the set of Endgame, alongside Chris Pratt and Chris Evans.

Paltrow’s appearance in Endgame was the perfect round-off for her character and while it was not an official sign off for Potts, it’s certainly understandable that Paltrow may not be keeping up with the MCU as closely anymore as she has since moved on to focus on a number of other projects. The star recently served as executive producer on her own Netflix series Sex, Love, and Goop earlier this year, named after her somewhat unique lifestyle brand, Goop. The actor recently shared that she would be open to returning to the MCU as Pepper Potts, however in cameo form this time around, as opposed to the more-lengthy appearances she has had in previous films. But for now, it’s safe to say that Hawkeye likely won’t be featuring a Pepper Potts cameo.

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