After several long months of waiting, the Airship Map finally dropped for Among Us and, as promised, it includes many new rooms full of new tasks for crewmates to complete. Many of the new tasks, like the Sort Records or Develop Photos tasks, are native to the nine new locations featured on the Among Us Airship Map. One new activity that appears to be giving some players a hard time is the Unlock Safe task in the Airship’s Cargo Bay. In this task, players need to find a yellow Safe in a remote corner of the Cargo Bay and use a traditional combination lock to open it.


Like many other tasks in Among Us, the Unlock Safe task comes with no instruction, which can be difficult and frustrating when players are in a match and trying to avoid being killed by an Impostor or looking suspicious. Unlike many other tasks, however, the mechanics are not immediately obvious. To unlock the Safe, players will need to follow the combination and turn the dial to not only the correct number, but also in the correct direction. Here’s how to complete the Unlock the Safe task on the Airship Map in Among Us.

How to Use the Combination Lock to Unlock the Safe in Among Us

To Unlock the Safe in Among Us, players will first need to head to the Cargo Bay. This new location is on the southeastern corner of the map, and it is most easily accessed via the Lounge bathroom, the location of the Clean Toilets task.

Crewmates can locate the Safe in the lower righthand corner of the Cargo Bay, behind some boxes arranged in a semicircle. It is bright yellow and therefore difficult to miss. When the crewmate interacts with the Safe, the mini-game screen will appear. This includes a small strip of paper with a number and arrow, a traditional combination lock dial, and the Safe handle.

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This mini-game requires crewmates to input a three-digit code, but there is a catch; they must turn the dial in the direction indicated by the arrow. A light blue arrow pointing to the right indicates the crewmate must turn the dial to the right to reach the correct number. A dark blue arrow pointing to the left indicates the crewmate must turn the dial to the left to reach the number. When players successfully input a number by turning the dial in the proper direction, they will reveal the next number and arrow in the code. If players spin the dial improperly after this point, the next number will disappear, and players will have to input it again.

Once all three numbers have been input correctly, the Safe handle will turn from grey to black. Crewmates are not quite done. They need to turn the Safe handle a few times, as though they are trying to open it, to get the task to register as complete.

This task can leave crewmates vulnerable, and, though the Cargo Bay is one of the best new rooms to hide from an Impostor in Among Us, it is also a good place for the Impostor to search for isolated crewmates. It may be a good idea to complete this task with a partner who can follow and keep watch to avoid setting up an easy kill for Impostors.

Prior to starting a real match, players may want to practice this task in Freeplay Mode. Freeplay gives them unlimited time and chances to work out some of the new mechanics and improve their time so when it really counts, crewmates can finish the job and keep moving to avoid the Impostors.

Among Us is available for Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS, and Android.

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