The fan-favorite Spider-ManMiles Morales, has transformed into Black Panther in a new piece of cover art by the popular digital artist known as BossLogic. Miles’ original Spider-Man costume may be iconic, but with an added Black Panther twist, it’s even more so.

Acting as one of the variant covers for Marvel’s upcoming Black Panther #5, written by John Ridley and illustrated by Juann Cabal, Miles getting a Black Panther upgrade is truly a sight to behold for fans of this character. And while this might not be a permanent in-continuity costume change for Miles at the current moment, seeing him with an added Black Panther flair is a nerd moment worth exploring, especially coming from the infinitely creative mind of BossLogic.


Recently dealing with the evil machinations of the Beyond Corporation in his solo book, Miles has already gone through a change of spandex as of late as he further attempts to establish himself as a unique hero with his own sense of style and visual look. And with Black Panther dealing with problems of his own stemming from no longer being the singular ruler of Wakanda, BossLogic taking the time to mesh these two iconic characters together shows just how visually compatible they are to one another, to say nothing about the values they share as heroes.

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Drawn in a crouching position that both Spidey and Black Panther have been known to strike from time to time, BossLogic adds T’Challa’s panther ears to Miles’ mask, giving him an intriguing feline look that offsets the more arachnid design fans are used to seeing. Keeping the expressive bug eyes Spider-Man is known for, BossLogic adds some Black Panther-esque flourishes around Miles’ collarbone, pointed claw-like fingers and toes, and a more solid color scheme textured not by webbing, but a kind of form-fitting fabric that accents Miles’ athletic physique even more so than usual. Finally, BossLogic further puts a point on this Spider-Man/Black Panther mash-up by placing a cool Spider-Sense design around Miles’ head, as well as putting him against the backdrop of a jungle environment where he can no doubt stretch his legs, test out his new suit, and tap into his inner Black Panther.

One of the few Marvel characters that hasn’t switched up his look all that much since his inception over a decade ago, Miles Morales getting a Black Panther design is one of the coolest costumes he’s ever had, hands down. And while Miles has recently traded in his more traditional Spider-Man outfit for something more fashionable, he has had a few other wardrobe changes before. Ranging from a do-it-yourself hooded look courtesy of Miles’ appearance in Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, the various costumes of his multiversal counterparts in comics, and, of course, the countless amount of wild and unique designs he’s flaunted on variant covers such as this, BossLogic proves Miles is a superhero fashion icon in more ways than one.

So although Miles will most likely not be seen in this costume on the page anytime soon, the idea of him being able to pull off a Black Panther x Spider-Man look is still a fun visual to see. And who knows? With Marvel leaning into their multiverse as of late, Spider-Man Miles Morales and his Black Panther design may very well come to pass, and if it does, BossLogic needs to be the one to draw it.

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