A graphic novel that really plays up the idea that life is like a video game took the comic world by storm when Scott Pilgrim hit the shelves, featuring the adventures of the titular character fighting against his new girlfriend Ramona’s evil exes—one of which was a skater-sellout. This skater-sellout used his skills to become a movie and television star, and that guy was based on the real life star of My Name is Earl, Jason Lee. 

Lucas Lee is the skateboarding ex-boyfriend of Ramona Flowers who Scott Pilgrim does battle with in Scott Pilgrim Vol. 2 by Bryan Lee O’Malley. Lucas was a movie and T.V. star who became famous because of his exceptional skating skills. Once the fame came pouring in, Lucas abandoned the idea of skating just to skate and effectively sold out with the rise of his stardom. Every element of the character described here is how O’Malley viewed Jason Lee while creating Scott Pilgrim, and in an interview, the creator fully admitted that to be the case.


In an interview with O’Malley published by Wizard Universe, the Scott Pilgrim creator explained that Lucas Lee was entirely based on actor Jason Lee, and even almost had the actor’s name in the graphic novel. “Lucas was originally going to be Jason Lee, but I changed it because I was a little worried,” said O’Malley in the interview. The writer/artist then went into why Jason Lee so heavily influenced the character Lucas, “My friend was a big skater, so we’d always talk about Jason Lee and how he’s a big sellout, even though we really liked him.” 

While Jason Lee is perhaps best known for his starring role in the television series My Name is Earl, the actor rose to stardom through his incredible skating, just like the Scott Pilgrim character Lee unwittingly inspired. Lee came into the skating scene in the mid-‘80s with some of the best styles seen in that day and age. In the early ‘90s, Lee had a part in what is still considered to be one of the greatest skating videos of all time, Video Days. From there, Lee started a skating company called Stereo Skateboards, a company that is still around today. Clearly, Jason Lee’s ties to the skater community run deep, but since the actor started landing roles that had nothing to do with skating, primarily My Name is Earl, Lee became known as a sellout, at least in the eyes of the Scott Pilgrim creator.

Even though O’Malley’s comments in the interview with Wizard indicated that the creator doesn’t actually think Lee is a sellout, O’Malley still ran with the idea of basing Lucas Lee on Jason Lee. So, either because of a running joke or sincere sentiment that Jason Lee is a sellout, Scott Pilgrim’s second evil ex was based on the star of My Name is Earl.

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Source: Wizard Universe

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