Electroculus collectibles can be found on Seirai Island in the Inazuma area in Genshin Impact. There are 35 Electroculi to find on Seirai, but players will need to complete several quests to be able to openly explore every part of the island. With the 2.2 update to Genshin Impact, every Electroculus collectible is available to find, so players can fully upgrade the Statue of the Seven in Inazuma by collecting them all, including the 35 Electroculus collectibles that are on Seirai Island.

There are six regions in Inazuma where players can find a total of 181 Electroculus collectibles. Locating all of them can be time consuming, but they’re needed to upgrade Genshin Impact‘s Statue of the Seven in Inazuma. In order to access Inazuma and Seirai Island, players will need to be Adventure Rank 30 and complete the Archon quest, “The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia.” Once the requirements are met, players can start collecting Electroculi on each of the six main islands.


To obtain every Electroculus collectible on Seirai Island, players will need to complete the “Serial Stormchasers” questline in Genshin Impact. The quests involve solving several puzzles and defeating enemies as players complete tasks for NPCs and clear the storm surrounding Seirai Island. After “Seirai Stormchasers” is completed, players can turn their attention toward searching for the Electroculus collectibles scattered around this region.

Finding Every Electroculus on Seirai Island in Genshin Impact

Finding all of the Electroculi will help players upgrade the Statue of the Seven for a variety of rewards. After collecting every Electroculus and reaching level 10, players will receive varying amounts of experience, Inazuma Shrine of the Depths keys, Electro Sigils, Memory of the Violet Flash items, and Genshin Impact‘s Primogems. Players can find 35 Electroculus collectibles to find on Seirai Island in various locations around the region.

Seirai Island Electroculus Locations

  • On the tiny island in the far northwestern part of Seirai, players can find a Phase Gate that can be used to reach the main island and collect an Electroculus along the way.
  • On the island east of Fort Hiraumi, players can find an Electroculus below a wooden platform.
  • West of Fort Hiraumi, there’s an Electroculus on the beach on top of a tree.
  • Above the cliff directly west of the previous one, players can obtain the Electroculus in the air by using an Electrogranum.
  • North of the previous Electroculus, players can find another in a large hole in the ground on top of a tree stump.
  • Players can go west from the previous Electroculus to find another by climbing on top of the rock and using the Phase Gate.
  • There’s a Phase Gate in Koseki Village that players can use to get the Electroculus just east of the village.
  • West of the previous collectible, players will need to use an Electrogranum to grab this Electroculus.
  • Players will need to activate the mechanism in Genshin Impact‘s Koseki Village to claim this Electroculus.
  • Southwest of Koseki Village, there’s an Electroculus on the wooden bridge.
  • There’s a puzzle underground just east of Seiraimaru that players will need to solve to claim the Electroculus.
  • Players can find an Electroculus inside the ship in Seiraimaru.
  • There’s another Electroculus on top of the ship’s mast.
  • The last Electroculus in Seiraimaru requires players to solve the puzzle on the ship and enter through the hole to find it.
  • An Electroculus can be found on top of the gate at Asase Shrine.
  • South of the shrine, there’s an Electroculus on top of a tree stump.
  • On the beach east of the shrine, there’s an Electroculus near a pile of rocks.
  • Southeast from the previous collectible, there’s an Electroculus behind the Thunder Barrier that players can use the nearby Electrogranum to get past.
  • From the southern Teleport Waypoint, players can glide further south to grab another Electroculus in Genshin Impact.
  • Players can go back to the southern Teleport Waypoint and find an Electroculus on a ledge slightly below it.
  • The last Electroculus near the southern Teleport Waypoint is floating above the beach southeast of the waypoint, and players can glide to it.
  • Players can glide to the large western island from the south Teleport Waypoint to find an Electroculus on top of a floating rock.
  • West of the previous Electroculus, there’s another on a wooden platform along the far west edge of the island.
  • Near the eastern edge of the large island, players can find an Electroculus east of a large rock ridge.
  • East of the previous Electroculus, there’s another collectible that players will come across while completing “Seirai Stormchasers.”
  • Players can glide from the Thunder Manifestation platform slightly to the west for an Electroculus.
  • This Electroculus is behind a rock wall that players can find after they complete the puzzle inside the crater at the center of Seirai.
  • Players can use a plunging attack to grab an Electroculus floating just under the surface of the water near the center of Seirai Island in Genshin Impact.
  • To find the next Electroculus, players need to complete a puzzle and drain the water near the Thunder Manifestation platform.
  • Players can travel to the north Teleport Waypoint on the main island, then find an Electroculus directly to the west floating near a rock.
  • Players will come across an Electroculus during “Seirai Stormchasers” in the northern part of the main island. A Phase Gate will need to be used to obtain this collectible.
  • On the small island north of the previous collectible, there’s an Electroculus beyond a Thunder Barrier.
  • Next, players can go to the island east of the previous one and find a Genshin Impact Electroculus on the eastern beach.
  • There’s a small island southeast of the previous collectible where players can use a Phase Gate to obtain another Electroculus.
  • On the medium island southwest of the previous Electroculus, players can find another on a floating rock near the western edge of the island.

To claim every reward from the Statue of the Seven, players will need to also find Electroculus collectibles on Tsurumi Island, Watatsumi Island, Kannazuka Island, Narukami Island, and Yashiori Island. The six islands have varying amounts of Electroculi to find with Narukami having the highest amount at 39. Each region presents its own unique challenges, and players will need to commit a decent amount of time to locate all 181 Electroculus collectibles around Inazuma in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact is available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Android, iOS, and PC.

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