As a record-breakingly popular show, The Big Bang Theory has provided fans with dozens, if not hundreds, of incredibly funny, sweet, and memorable moments over nearly three hundred episodes – but not all of them have the same impact on rewatch. Some moments may be hilarious (like Amy’s portrait gift to Penny), or hugely important to the plot (like the first date between Howard and Bernadette), but they aren’t the ones that fans will want to seek out and watch on repeat.

Instead, the moments that just never get old include the funniest and sweetest, and a few scenes that don’t impact the plot at all, but reveal something to the viewer that is always relevant. Now that the show has been over for a couple of years, these are some of the best moments that are just as fresh today as they were when they aired.

10 Leonard & Penny’s First Kiss


Leonard and Penny really have two ‘first’ kisses – one at a Halloween party, and one when they decide to actually go on a date. Either one can be a fantastic scene to rewatch, but it’s that Halloween smooch that is the best one, especially knowing what will happen for Leonard and Penny over the course of the series. Penny may be tipsy when she kisses Leonard, but it’s the first sign of everything to come with these two, and sums up a lot of their dynamic and how patient and caring Leonard will always be.

9 Any Time They Sing Soft Kitty

Soft kitty has become the secondary theme song to the show, and any time it comes up, it’s a joy to watch. Of course, the first time may still be the best, as Penny is left to take care of a sick Sheldon while the rest of the gang hide out at a movie marathon to avoid it. The episode as a whole is hilarious, and it’s also a great reference to see just how long Penny has been acting as a mother-figure to him in many ways.


8 The Moment Sheldon Meets Amy

Sheldon and Amy become one of the most beloved couples on the show over time, but they met thanks to a joke by Raj and Howard, who put Sheldon’s info into a dating site.

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The first time they meet is absolutely hilarious, as they connect perfectly in their awkwardness (and the fact that Amy also calls it ‘coitus’) – but it’s rewatchable not just because it is funny, but because it’s amazing to look back on this start and think about everything that is going to change for Sheldon and Amy as they become Shamy.

7 When Sheldon Buys Amy A Tiara

Sheldon and Amy have lots of incredible moments together, not least because Sheldon has some of the funniest lines in the show, but one moment that is rewatchable for being a perfect representation of them both and absolutely heartwarming is when Sheldon buys Amy a tiara. She is upset with him for not caring enough about her career, and everything is set up to suggest that they will have meaningful fights and discussions… but Sheldon proves that he knows her best by buying her a tiara to apologize – and her reaction is priceless.

6 Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

Sheldon expands the classic game of Rock Paper Scissors with this epic nerdy expansion – Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock. Rewatching his explanation of it is always a pleasure, as he whips through all of the combinations at lightning speed (including fan-favorites ‘paper disproves Spock’ and ‘scissors decapitates lizard’), and cannot understand why this would be hard to grasp. And, of course, it is hard to grasp – so rewatching can help fans who actually want to play this version.

5 Penny’s Newtonmas Miracle

Penny always seems to bring out the softer side of Sheldon (especially before he meets Amy), and one of their early Christmases together is a perfect example. Penny’s gift of a napkin used by and signed by Leonard Nimoy overwhelms Sheldon completely, causing him to give her dozens of gift baskets and.. most shocking of all… a hug!

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It’s an incredibly sweet moment, and one that shows how Sheldon might soften, and how Penny – for all her jokes – does know him extremely well, even this early on.

4 Every Time Sheldon Says ‘Bazinga’

Sheldon’s best bazinga is probably in the ball pit, when he is sleep-deprived and being chased around by Leonard, but really, any of his bazinga moments are worth rewatching. Sheldon’s one-liners, his sense of humor, and his need to label his jokes with a ‘bazinga’ afterward are endlessly charming (even when they are often incredibly rude, too), and they are a perfect summation of the character, too.

3 The Letter From Howard’s Father

Many of the sweetest moments from the show lose something with rewatching, because a lot of their impact can come from surprise – but this scene, where the gang comes together to read Howard different possible versions of the last letter he got from his father, is always beautiful. There are new things to catch in each of the ‘letters’, and the nuance of how each character has chosen to represent it to Howard is incredible writing. But more than that, it’s proof that the gang aren’t just around for the fun times, but to support each other through the rough spots, too.

2 Stan Lee’s Guest Appearance

The Big Bang Theory is well known for having incredible guest appearances, and while Wil Wheaton’s may well be the best-known and most frequent (as he ends up a kind of friend to the gang), it’s Stan Lee’s that is the best for a rewatch. He appears only in one episode, when Sheldon is trying to meet his idol, but it’s a great moment – and now that Stan Lee has passed away, it’s all the more touching as one of his final cameos in the world of nerddom.

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1 Sheldon’s Nobel Prize Speech

The finale, unsurprisingly, is one of the most satisfying moments to rewatch. Sheldon and Amy are receiving their Nobel Prize – which is a phenomenal end to the series to start with – and everyone is getting a happy ending, but it’s the speech that makes it so incredible. Amy’s speech, and her encouragement, is stirring, but it’s seeing Sheldon recognize the value and kindness of his friends that will bring a tear to every fan’s eye, even after the tenth time hearing it.

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