While Too Hot To Handle focuses on the escapades of attractive singles, it also provides a beautiful view of paradise, and it’s time to talk about where the series was filmed. The reality TV dating competition Too Hot To Handle season one was filmed in Mexico, but the location was switched for the next two seasons. Discover where season 3 was filmed, and how long ago the cast filmed the raciest season yet.

Too Hot To Handle became an instant success in 2020, as the steamy show challenged contestants to refrain from physical intimacy with themselves and their housemates in order to win money. Every time a rule is broken on the series, cash is deducted from the prize fund. While money is at stake, many contestants choose to purposely break rules, and the risk-takers tend to become powerful influencers. A number of thrill-seeking contestants, including bombshell swimsuit entrepreneur Francesca Farago and model Emily Miller, became IG superstars after filming their respective seasons.


As confirmed by Marie ClaireToo Hot To Handle seasons 2 and 3 both had a Turks and Caicos setting. The beautiful villa where the housemates are challenged to refrain from sexual contact is located on the island of Providenciales. Edge Retreats lists the exact villa where filming occurs as the Turtle Tail Estate. The luxurious estate is located on a private 4.57-acre peninsula. Since it is on the southern side of the island, the Turtle Tail Estate is removed from the main streets. It also has its own private waterfront, which many of the Too Hot To Handle contestants enjoy frolicking in.

The sprawling luxury villa includes a chef, maid, butler, and housekeeping. It also features a private tennis court, a home cinema, and a gym, among other amenities. With its many upscale features, it’s safe to say that the Too Hot To Handle seasons 2 and 3 cast members enjoyed their stays in Turks and Caicos. Since the seasons were filmed back-to-back, the second season actually took place a year ago. That means that the third-season contestants were unaware of the second-season cast. Changing the location from season 1 helped to trick the new casts into believing that they were on another show, before the shocking revelation that they were actually on Too Hot To Handle was revealed.

Staying in a $20 million dollar villa that costs $10,000 a night to rent must have been a dream come true for the Too Hot To Handle singles. However, many were very upset when they learned that they would have to abide by the strict rules of the show. At the same time, this didn’t stop singles from breaking the rules to satisfy their own personal desires. Meanwhile, the Too Hot To Handle season 3 contestants were also forced to keep their casting on the show a secret for quite some time. They weren’t revealed to be on season 3 until a year after filming in paradise.

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