One of the best fantasy shows, Vikings is a favorite both for its original fans and those who started watching it after seeing such shows as Game of Thrones, The Last Kingdom, The Crown, etc. Undoubtedly, the series has had its highs and lows, but it has remained quite consistent throughout its run.

Perhaps Vikings’ more significant strength is the fact that it has been providing its fans with inspiration for outfits and hairstyles. The female characters specifically have some of the best hairstyles you could find. So, without further ado, here are 10 Coolest Vikings Hairstyles For Women.

10 Bob Cut

Astrid’s bob cut is probably the easiest hairstyle on the show that you could get for yourself. It is simple and looks modern, unlike other hairstyles worn by female characters on the show. However, don’t confuse this bob cut with the hairstyle Astrid sports later on in the show.

The bob cut might not be suitable for those who have a somewhat rounded face. It might make you look even plumper. But, of course, it’s better to consult your hairdresser before making the decision to cut your hair this short.

9 Loose Curls Tied Back

Torvi’s loose curls tied back are also a fairly easy hairstyle to create. It will be especially suitable for those who have naturally curly or wavy hair, but those who have straight hair can still use a curler for it or braid your damp hair and leave it that way for the night.

If you look closely, you will notice that Torvi has some strands braided on the side and some strands on the top of her head twisted in a different way from the rest of her hair. This adds some extra details to the hairstyle and makes it look casual yet authentic.


8 Simple Loose Braid

Aslaug’s simple loose braid is yet another considerably easy hairstyle to make. It looks really beautiful, but you need to keep in mind that it will be more suitable for occasions when you will not be moving a lot or doing much physical stuff. This will ensure that the braid doesn’t come undone.

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Aslaug’s hair is also wavy to an extent which makes the braid have more volume and, consequently, look better. If you are struggling to maintain volume when you make different hairstyles, making your hair wavy might help in this situation.

7 High Ponytail

Unlike the previous hairstyles, Torvi’s high ponytail will require a little extra effort to make it work. By looking closer, you can see that there are two dutch braids on top of her head leading up to the ponytail and then turning into braids that mix with the free hair.

What’s great about this hairstyle is that it makes the mundane ponytail look fresh and new by adding this detail in the form of two braids. Besides, it is not as elaborate as some other hairstyles, so it won’t take as much time and give you a headache while making it.

6 Loose Curls On The Side

Lagertha is undoubtedly a cool female heroine, but even she likes showing her softer side. This hairstyle particularly is unlike what she usually likes to have on her head. The loose curls on the side are the ends of the braids that start on top of her head and go down almost carelessly.

Of course, you need to keep in mind that this hairstyle is mostly suitable for more casual occasions. Like with some previous ones on this list, the hairstyle can come undone if you move too much, so it is better to make it for evening dates or quiet nights.

5 Two Braids

One of the most basic hairstyles that you have definitely seen before is the one Yidu had – two braids. However, unlike regular braids, these ones start as French braids and then turn into something that looks like fishtail braids. Yidu also has flowers woven into them.

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Just like the high ponytail, this hairstyle takes a concept you are used to and adds a twist to it making the braids look more interesting than before. Of course, the flowers aren’t necessary, though they could be a nice addition if the situation allows it (or you could just use fake ones).

4 Two Dutch Braids On The Side

This hairstyle is already closer to what Lagertha usually wears. Two Dutch braids on the side have the Viking look you would want from a hairstyle inspired by this show, but it also exhibits the laid-back aura that would be suitable for daily life rather than special occasions.

Lagertha has this hairstyle while being in Wessex with King Ecbert. She is serious about settling down and leading a peaceful way of life on this new, fertile land, so she starts dressing accordingly and making her hair in a slightly different way too.

3 Buzzed On The Side

Just like costumes are important on Game of Thrones, hairstyles are important on Vikings (though outfits on this show are also significant). Though Porunn hadn’t been around much, she managed to have one of the best hairstyles in the whole five seasons of the show.

This “buzzed on the side” look will require you to buzz your hair on one of the sides and then start braiding it elaborately. You can actually experiment a lot with this haircut, so there is actually a lot of space for being creative.

2 Dutch Braids

Torvi’s Dutch braids remain one of the most practical hairstyles to this day. It might take some time to make them, but if you do them right, you might actually be able to wear them for several days until they start looking bad.

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Try to divide your hair into around seven rows and then braid it as evenly as possible. Once you are done. you can tie them up in the back or make a braid out of them. Alternatively, you could also fixate them close to the head and then let the remaining parts let down freely.

1 Braided Back

This is Lagertha’s most popular hairstyle. She usually wears some kind of variation of the braided back look, but more often than not it’s the same. There are some thin Dutch braids on the sides and some variation of them on the top. Everything else is let down freely.

The hairstyle gives Lagertha a kind of a wild feel, though that is probably the whole point of it. At the same time, it makes her look like royalty too, which is why this is the best hairstyle on the show. It combines two features that complement one another and complete each other.

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