Last Chance U: Basketball followed the 2019-2020 East Los Angeles College (ELAC) men’s basketball team, but what happened to the players when the season ended? Following the success of Last Chance U‘s five-season run documenting junior college (JUCO) football teams, Netflix greenlit a basketball-focused spinoff. The ELAC Huskies served as the first team in focus for the sports documentary series, which historically centered on the struggles of JUCO student-athletes.

In the past, Last Chance U followed football programs of East Mississippi Community College, Independent Community College, and Laney College. Aside from the football season at the focus of each installment, the series centered on the struggles of athletes that often turn to JUCO programs. Whether it’s Division I dropdowns or athletes using junior college as a last-ditch effort, the stakes are generally higher for the figures in focus. The same situations carry over in Last Chance U: Basketball as coach John Mosley attempted to give his players a chance to shine on the court in the hopes they could eventually move on to bigger things.


When Mosley joined ELAC as a coach, he quickly turned the program around, making the school a sought-after destination for players looking for that one final opportunity. After a stellar one-loss season, the Huskies had their sights set on the championship tournament in early March 2020. Sadly, the coronavirus pandemic shutdowns hit just before the championship weekend was scheduled. The Huskies were unable to finish out their record-breaking season, but many of the players achieved their goal of finding Division I opportunities. Here’s what happened to the most notable figures featured in Last Chance U: Basketball‘s debut season.

Joe Hampton

Before coming to ELAC, Joe Hampton had a taste of Division I basketball during his time at Penn State. His goal throughout his JUCO journey was to make it back to that level. Despite frustrations stemming from playing time, the power forward was an instant gamechanger when he stepped on the court for the Huskies. He was a major reason why the team heading to the state championship before pandemic-related cancellations. However, Hampton’s Last Chance U story had a happy ending since he found his way back to a Division I program after a four-year-long hiatus, joining Long Beach State.

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Deshaun Highler

Like Hampton, Deshaun Highler was one of the highly-profiled players on the team considered one of the best in terms of raw skill. As the team captain, Highler held himself accountable for the team’s struggles while also urging a unified focus on the court. His Last Chance U story heavily revolved around his grief after recently losing his mother to cancer and how his girlfriend, Kiera, stepped us as his primary supporter. Following the shutdown playoffs, Highler found an opportunity at Sacramento State, a Division I program. Highler and his girlfriend moved to the Sacramento area just a few months after his JUCO career came to a quick end. He’s currently on the roster as a guard while majoring in computer science as a junior, according to his player profile (via Sacramento State Hornets).

KJ Allen

KJ Allen was one of the primary players expected to get multiple Division I offers based on his consistent play. The six-foot-six forward constantly turned heads with his ability to dunk over the tallest of defenders. It was almost shown as an honor to get dunked on by Allen as a competitor in the league. Though Allen’s JUCO career didn’t end as he had hoped, the athlete received a handful of Division I offers. In an effort to stay close to home so his friends and family could attend games, Allen committed to the University of Southern California. He will officially join as a member of the USC Trojans for the 2021-2022 season with the hopes of renewing his chance at a championship.

Malik Muhammad

As the tallest player on the ELAC Huskies, Malik Muhammad was crucial to the team’s success from a defensive standpoint. Starting all 30 games on the road to the playoffs, Muhammad overcame some expectation issues to get the attention of Division I scouts. After attaining his associate’s degree at ELAC, a major feat in his eyes, Muhammad accepted an offer to play basketball for Central Michigan University. The six-foot-nine forward started 14 games for the Central Michigan Chippewas, averaging 20 minutes a game. His team didn’t make it to the MAC tournament with their 7-16 record, but Muhammad expects to be a major piece of the team next season.

John Mosley

The 2019-2020 ELAC Huskies wouldn’t have been on their way to the championship tournament if it wasn’t for head coach John Mosley. The man was a bit eccentric, but his leadership and faith in his players truly paid off. Mosley always had his team’s best interest in mind, even when dealing with some of the student athlete’s off-the-court issues. When attitude or behavior became a problem on the court, Mosley found ways to reel back in the young men he was hired to lead. Like the rest of the team, Mosley was devasted when the championship weekend was cancelled. Quarantine also put an end to ELAC’s 2020-2021 season, but Mosley continues to prepare for basketball’s return.

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What Happened To Some Of The Other Players & Coaches After Last Chance U: Basketball Ended

Taj Regans: The former ELAC player rejected multiple offers from Division II schools and is currently looking for new opportunities.

Marquis Copeland: The ELAC forward moved on to Nyack College, a Division II program located in New York City.

LJ Zeigler: The former ELAC guard plays for the Chicago State Cougars, a Division I school.

Jordan Polynice: The forward also plays for Chicago State University alongside his former ELAC teammate, LJ Zeigler.

Ken Hunter: The assistant coach will return to ELAC when basketball returns while serving as the program’s head recruiter.

Rob Robinson: The fellow assistant coach featured on Last Chance U: Basketball also plans to return for another season with the hopes of a full-time position with the school.

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