When searching for 2020’s hottest items, amongst the sea of TikTok videos and banana bread recipes, you will stumble upon Netflix‘s trendiest and most talked-about docu-series everyone that everyone and their mother has binged during their quarantine: Tiger King. The seven-part series covers the controversial criminal history of big cat enthusiast Joe Exotic AKA the “Tiger King” and his alleged attempt to take a hit out on his nearest and dearest enemy, big-cat rescue crusader Carole Baskin.

Several prominent characters in Tiger King arise as the dramatic and intricate story begins to unfold, revealing a hodgepodge of personas that fans have dissected and analyzed. Here is a list assigning a relevant zodiac sign for each Tiger King character.

12 Aries: Doc Antle

The vivacious big-cat enthusiast Bhagavan “Doc” Antle, who’s a prominent figure throughout Tiger King, fits the bill of a stereotypical Aries. As the CEO of T.I.G.E.R.S (The Institute for Greatly Endangered and Rare Species) and the owner of his Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina, Doc Antle is larger than life, loves being adventurous and brave, and won’t back down from a fight, just like The Ram, Aries.

Aries, the Cardinal Fire sign, hates being out of control and isn’t a fan of people who aren’t direct or upfront with their feelings or intentions. Aries is also very passionate, which aligns well with Doc Antle and his brigade of women!

11 Taurus: Don Lewis

Don Lewis, the missing millionaire husband of Carole Baskin, is a Taurus in real life (born April 30th, 1938) and seems to depict several Taurus qualities. For starters, he’s very grounded and well-adjusted, he’s slow and steady, but successful, and he’s stubborn: both Carole and his financial advisor Anne McQueen admitted Don was stubborn in his ways, albeit brilliant, much like The Bull, Taurus.

Taurus is rules Venus, the planet of love and sensuality, and Taurus’ love to get their hands dirty, exploring all of their senses. Don Lewis loved to fly and travel to Costa Rica, a place rich with sensual, exotic indulgences.


10 Gemini: Carole Baskin

Carole Baskin, the centrifugal force behind Tiger King, exemplifies the traits of a Gemini by being dualistic and having two dichotomous sides to her personality. On one hand, Carole started out just like the people she’s now crusading against by breeding big cats, so her opinions have swayed drastically, much like a Gemini, who can flip at the turn of a coin. Gemini’s are mutable signs, so they’re easily adaptable, and easily swayed in differing directions.

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Carole’s demeanor depicts a different story than what’s told on paper, and her manipulative ways allow her to paint a different picture for her public persona compared to how she really acts. She’s slick, and has a knack for pissing people off, which Geminis knows a thing or two about!

9 Cancer: Joshua Dial

Seen as the “softest” cast member of the Tiger King debacle, Joshua Dial, the manager for Joe’s whack-a-doodle presidential campaign and subsequent run for Oklahoma governor, stuck out like a sore thumb amongst these criminals and drug-addled hillbillies. The cardinal Water sign Cancer, represented by the Crab, is considered the most emotional and nurturing sign of the zodiac, and oftentimes comes off overly-sensitive, defensive, and protective.

Cancers are usually empaths, very intuitive, and great at distinguishing the needs of others, so it makes sense that Joshua would be a campaign manager, naturally in the position of the “right-hand man.”

8 Leo: Joe Exotic

Though this one may seem obvious, there’s no better fit for the zodiac sign Leo, AKA the Lion, other than the Tiger King himself: Joe Exotic. Over-the-top, magnanimous, fun-loving, and dying to be the center of attention, Leos are comfortable in the leader position, and oftentimes find themselves taking charge and control of those around them.

Both Joe and the stereotypical Leo have an extreme sense of pride and dominance, they hate feeling slighted and usually take things personally, and won’t back down or cower towards their enemies.

7 Virgo: Anne McQueen

Anne McQueen, the trusty accountant of Don Lewis, seems to fit the quintessential traits of a Virgo. Diligent, critical, and methodical, Virgos are great with numbers and computational work, as they’re natural organizers, and they also make a great assistant as the sign of duty, since they’re commonly worrying and over-thinking, rarely forgetful.

McQueen seemed to remember each and every detail of Don and his finances and knew his estate like the back of her hand. She’s also got a strong intuition, much like the typical rooted-and-grounded Earth sign Virgo, and is perfectly fine being on the sidelines rather than needing to be the leader or boss.

6 Libra: Kelci “Saff” Saffery

It’s made very clear from Saff’s first one-on-one interview that his friendly and calm disposition contributes to Saff being the most well-liked by everyone at the GW Zoo, which aligns with charming and diplomatic Libra! Represented by The Scales, Libra encapsulates justice, diplomacy, and tact, and will almost always be the mediator or negotiator in any given group.

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Along with being popular and friendly, Libra’s are also open-minded and possess the ability to weigh both sides of an argument or situation, which Saff demonstrated through his response to the filmmakers misgendering him throughout the documentary. In an interview with the Thomson Reuters Foundation, Saff says: “Personally, it doesn’t bother me … (but) these titles and these pronouns, they matter just as much as calling someone by the wrong name. It’s something that you shouldn’t dismiss.”

5  Scorpio: John Finlay

One of Joe Exotic’s many husbands, Jon Finlay, fits the bill of the typical Scorpio: over-sexualized, alluring, obsessive, and smart. Scorpio is the Fixed Water sign that’s both stubborn in their ways, but also aware and empathic to how others operate. Finlay’s decision to marry Joe at 19, despite identifying as straight, wouldn’t be shocking of a Scorpio, since Scorpio’s are very passionate, and sink their claws deep once they fall in love, or feel like they are being loved and taken care of.

Finlay ended up marrying one of the female GW Zoo workers, unafraid of controversy or judgment from others, much like a Scorpio.

4 Sagittarius: Jeff Lowe

The Mutable Fire sign Sagittarius would best represent the new owner of the GW Zoo, Jeff Lowe, due to his spontaneous, fiery ways of operating. Jeff Lowe betrayed Joe Exotic, and while Sagittarians aren’t typically double-crossers, they are a mutable sign which operates with an inconsistent flow– in other words, they’re pretty wishy-washy.

Sagittarius, represented by The Archer, loves to travel and explore, and conquer new land, similar to Jeff taking over the zoo.

3 Capricorn: John Reinke

As the general manager of GW Zoo for over 10 years, John Reinke was one of Joe Exotic’s only employees who stayed loyal and didn’t betray him. The Earth sign Capricorn is very grounded, loyal, and set in their ways, much like John Reinke himself. After becoming a professional bungee jumper, Reinke lost both his legs in an accident and decided to amputate, leaving his active lifestyle goodbye.

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Capricorn’s are cardinal signs, which stick with regiments, follow and uphold rules, and will likely stay loyal to those they trust. John Reinke follows the Capricorn standard by remaining loyal to Joe, despite being pulled in a more sinister direction. Capricorns are great at saying “no” and putting their foot down.

2 Aquarius: Rick Kirkham

Rick Kirkham, the television producer who worked alongside Joe Exotic for several years and put up with his wild antics, seems like the Fixed Air sign Aquarius. Represented by The Water Bearer, Aquarius is oftentimes mistaken as a Water sign, but it is, in fact, an Air sign– and very much an Air sign: Aquarius is far more detached and unemotional to be a Water sign!

Rick seems to be happy behind-the-scenes, which is very much an Aqiarus trait. Opposite of Leo, the egocentric Joe Exotic, Aquarius focuses more on humanity and our society as a whole, looking at the bigger picture.

1 Pisces: Travis Maldonado

Travis Maldonado, the deceased husband of Joe Exotic, suffered from depression and anxiety and ended up taking his own life. Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, are often depicted as getting the “short end of the stick” and will usually be unlucky. As the Mutable Water sign, Pisces is very empathetic, almost to a fault, and feels emotions on a deep, hurting level.

Pisces is also frequently afflicted with substance abuse issues, much like Travis Maldonado.

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