The immensely popular Showtime series Shameless has no lack of characters, from the tried and true Gallagher gang to the many side characters that get roped into their hectic lives. Each one of these people has a nuanced and unique personality.

Therefore, the Shameless cast is a perfect example of the twelve zodiac personalities together in one South Side community. Hardcore fans of the show undoubtedly have their favorite character–but, which character truly exhibits their same energy and personality? The zodiac chart is a perfect way for viewers to find out which Shameless character is their horoscope twin.

Updated on April 4, 2022 by Amanda Suarez: The horoscope placements are one of the most in-depth ways to analyze a person’s characteristics. The Sun Sign is the one that most people are familiar with, and it represents a person’s main identifier and role in life. 

However, there are countless other planets aligned when someone is born, and their placements each mean something different for every aspect of a person’s psyche. A person’s Moon Sign, for example, is how they think of themselves and what they feel represents them the best. It rules over moods and emotions and the deeper self. The Shameless characters’ Moon Signs give fans an inside look at how they view themselves and their innermost feelings. 

12 Carl Gallagher

Sun In Aries

Carl is a fire sign if there ever was one. He’s at home in utter chaos and isn’t easily shaken. Determined and always looking to take the next step, Aries’ take-charge attitude is strong with the second youngest of Frank’s kids.

Although the Gallagher household can be haywire, Carl is quick to settle into his role as fearless enforcer — so much so, that he eventually became a Chicago police officer, one of the best things to ever happen to Carl on Shameless. Both Carl and the ram sign always say what’s on their minds, even when it might be in their best interests not to.

Moon In: Aquarius

The Aquarius Moon Sign represents the internal do-gooders of society. They are people who observe the wrong being done around them and want to make it right. They strive for a better tomorrow for their community and humanity as a whole, but go about it in their own unique way.

Carl’s journey from a troublemaker to a cop allowed him to witness the injustice of the police department from both sides. He has a sacred values system that he will not allow to be compromised and he speaks out when he sees something he doesn’t agree with. In his heart, he is trying to take steps to a better future.

11 Liam Gallagher

Sun In Taurus

Liam is the peacekeeper and homebody of the group. He doesn’t particularly love responsibility or having authority, but he will put 100% effort forward when asked or needed. As a typical Taurus, family is really important to Liam, and he strives to feel like he belongs to a collective.

He’s one of the only Gallagher kids to spend more time with Frank and Liam tries to make him a more regular part of all of their lives. Bull signs are loving and wildly independent, and that’s Liam to a tee. He is stable in his disposition and values, which makes sense as Taurus is a fixed sign, known for its unchanging and consistent nature.

Moon In Capricorn

Liam had to grow up quickly because of his chaotic home life and childhood. Because of this, and witnessing the clever street smarts of his family and peers, he became ambitious very quickly, wanting to build a future for himself. Security is very important to Capricorn Moons, and it’s one of Liam’s top concerns, especially when the family starts to split up.

Liam considers himself a nature business whiz, selling sandwiches to kids who didn’t want or couldn’t afford the school lunches. He participated in countless Frank schemes and learned to ask for his cut of profits. He wants to build a successful future for himself.


10 Lip Gallagher

Sun In Gemini

Geminis are the intellectuals of the zodiac, and Lip is fittingly one of the most intelligent characters on Shameless. Both Lip and the twin sign like to think about large concepts and learn just for the sake of learning. Lip’s education is more important to him than anything, and he loves to read and study. He is also very charismatic and hard-working and repeatedly can prove to people that they should believe in him and his abilities.

Lip does show a bit of signature Gemini indecisiveness, though, often sabotaging himself and his future with recklessness to avoid large life decisions. But his inventive spirit and resourcefulness inspire him to keep improving himself for his existing and newly growing family.

Moon In Virgo

Practicality is everything to a Virgo Moon sign. They view themselves as a provider and they feel they have to overcompensate for those around them, as well as their own shortcomings. They don’t view themselves or life as inherently romantic, but they show their love through acts of service.

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Lip isn’t particularly open about his emotions, another characteristic of a Virgo Moon. He strives for perfection in his life and pushes away inhibiting vulnerability. Lip is also hypercritical of himself and the bits of Frank’s problematic behaviors he’s inherited. So much so that he oftentimes doesn’t see how much good he does.

9 Mandy Milkovich

Sun In Cancer

Mandy Milkovich differs from Mickey in that she’s a lot more emotionally aware. Mandy feels all of her feelings hard and can pick up on emotional cues from others. As a Cancer, she is very intuitive and sees things that other people don’t.In true Milkovich/Cancer fashion, Mandy masks her more emotional self with a hardened outer shell (if not a bit softer than the rest of her family).

It takes a while for her to come out of that shell, but when she does, she’s loyally committed to the people she lets in. Even though both Ian and Lip hurt her in different ways, she is determined to support both of them and wants them to reach their goals with her help.

Moon In Scorpio

Mandy is a listening ear and support system for those in her inner circle. She often sees and feels things before they’re revealed, like when she knew that Mickey cared more about Ian than he let on. She holds some of the biggest secrets on the show as if they’re her own and is very empathetic.

Mandy feels her own emotions as deeply as she feels others’ and, like many Scorpio Moons, can come off as emotionally intense at times. Her devotion to the people she cares about, however, shines through and can be very alluring.

8 Debbie Gallagher

Sun In Leo

As a Leo, Debbie loves to be in the spotlight. Whether she’s gotten the affection of the person she’s had her eye on, or she’s prepping her daughter to become Little Miss South Side, attention is never something Debbie shies away from. She even capitalizes on some, albeit negative, attention from her run-in with the law, and creates a handywoman business out of it.

Both the lion sign and Debbie are very passionate about their ideas and choices. When Debbie makes a decision, she can seldom be persuaded otherwise. Sometimes, she can struggle to walk a mile in others’ shoes, often letting her pride keep her from seeing the bigger picture. Debbie’s love for her family and friends is strong, and she’s quick to rectify situations to show her love for them, eventually even taking over Fiona’s role as the head of the house.

Moon In Aries

An Aries Moon has high energy and high demands. Their “need it now” attitude can sometimes get them exactly what they want, and sometimes get them into trouble. Debbie herself has done some pretty shameless things with this Aries Moon energy.

Aries Moons are also open and honest about all of their feelings all the time–and those emotions are usually pretty intense. They advocate for themselves and those around them with reckless abandon and have a very hard time taking “No” as an answer. They’re also fiercely protective parents and friends, which Debbie displays with Franny and the rest of the Gallagher clan.

7 Veronica (V) Fisher

Sun In Virgo

V, like most Virgos, adapts very easily to the role of parent, whether it’s with her children, partner, or friends. She instinctively looks out for and gives sage advice to her loved ones. She reins in the more exuberant personalities around her and gently points them in a more controlled direction while appreciating their uniqueness and creativity. She likes to think about things a lot before making a final decision, and a pro and con list is her best friend.

V is methodical, practical, and a wonderful negotiator. This makes her an excellent businesswoman, as she’s meticulous with finances and is very savvy. While a bit judgemental at times, her heart is always in the right place, and she puts the happiness of her loved ones at the top of her priority list.

Moon In Taurus

Veronica, like many Taurus Moons, has a hard time with change and likes their word to be stable and comfortable. She thinks of herself as boujee and consistent, liking her day-to-day life to have a comfortable routine. She doesn’t like to make impulsive decisions, both financially and personally.

Taurus Moons love to have a relationship in which each person equally cares for the other, providing optimal stability in both their lives. Kevin and V are a perfect example of this, with each of them bringing both financial and emotional support to their marriage and family–which is why they’re two of the best-ranked characters on Shameless.

6 Kevin Ball

Sun In Libra

Libras are the balancers of the signs, as shown in their symbol of the scales. They are equal parts excited extrovert and cuddly nonconfrontational puppy dog, which is why Kevin is one of the most likable characters. He loves to be around people, choosing large friend groups and businesses that see him interacting with others. He’s fast to help a friend but slow to start an unnecessary fight. He’s very bad at lying, another known Libra trait, as their honesty shines through even when they don’t want it to.

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Kevin is adorably charming and loves to make things look nice–cue his matching designer tracksuits with the girls the second he had money to buy them. He enjoys being a specialist with catered information for his consumers. While he can sometimes be sidetracked by wild endeavors, his attention to balance and hearing all sides of an issue always bring him back to the center.

Moon In Pisces

Pisces Moons view themselves as the “kids at heart.” They’re emotionally intelligent, creative, and have unlimited enthusiasm in everything that they do. They are the Dreamers of the zodiac sign and have beautiful visions for the life that they want to make for themselves.

Kevin, and other Pisces Moons, take on the role of the Rescuer often and they find joy and purpose in helping people out of bad situations or brainstorming a plan for financial or personal profit. They want to come up with creative ways to take care of others, as Kevin has done with his countless side hustle schemes and personal life–even if he’s made some questionable parenting decisions on the show.

5 Mickey Milkovich

Sun In Scorpio

One half of the perfect Gallavich couple on Shameless, Mickey is as much a Scorpio as can be — especially with that frosty exterior that is treacherous to get past. But this wall is a facade, and behind it is an incredibly emotional and deep person. Once bonded with someone, a Scorpio’s bond extends for life.

While Mickey struggles with the equally strong instincts to pull people in and push them away, he risks life and limb for those he loves. He’s a natural leader, as he’s shown with his fairly successful but hardly legal business ventures. His occasional jealousy and stubbornness come from a place of strong emotions and vulnerability.

Moon In Libra

Libras want to feel wanted and needed by the people in their life, so they tend to put others’ needs ahead of their own to gain favor. Mickey habitually put Ian first in their relationship, often running after him or waiting around for him to come back, holding a candle for their relationship and making him one of the best things to happen to Ian.

Libra Moons also gain perspective and wisdom from having some separation and time to themselves, something fans have seen Mickey do many times throughout the show. Mickey learns and grows and is flexible when given the opportunity, another Libra Moon trait.

4 Ian Gallagher

Sun In Sagittarius

The other half of Gallavich, Ian is a social butterfly that loves and values personal freedom and exploration. He enjoys trying new things or going to new places, and he can find himself at home in almost any career. He has a bright optimism and magnetism that’s so infectious that he convinced an entire group of people to follow him like a cult.

Ian also never hesitates to crack a joke or two, even in a serious situation, showing off the signature Sagittarius funny bone. He’s led by his emotions and can sometimes act without thinking. and if he feels trapped, he might make a run for it. But Sags are also easily adaptable to change, and Ian has proved that by making changes for the better. He has found the perfect romantic partner in Mickey to ground him.

Moon In Gemini

Gemini Moons definitely have a certain personality that they exhibit when out in public and around new people that is different than what they allow those closest to them to see. In his social life, Ian’s vivacious and energetic nature speaks for itself. In private, Mickey and Ian’s family are allowed to see Ian’s most vulnerable self.

Because Ian’s childhood was so uncertain and ever-changing with the unpredictability of the household, it gave his Gemini Moon the ingredients to form the duality that he now has. He doesn’t always know what he wants, as do other Gemini Moons, and that can result in a restless nature.

3 Fiona Gallagher

Sun In Capricorn

Fiona will give anything for the people she considers family, although that inner circle is very exclusive. It takes hard work and dedication to earn a Capricorn’s love and trust, and Fiona is that same way. Skeptical until proven otherwise, Fiona is protective of her pack and suspicious of any and all outsiders. She matured very early because she had to take on the role of parent to her siblings, and took that responsibility very seriously.

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She’s also very driven and doesn’t mind the hard work needed to achieve her goals. Fiona has a great work ethic in her odd jobs on Shameless, and she encourages others to have the same. Even though she says that she doesn’t like to hand-hold people through life, Fiona very rarely will leave someone to fend for themselves when push comes to shove.

Moon In Leo

Leo Moons wants more for themselves and to be important. Fiona loves to finally be noticed as more than just a caretaker to the rest of the Gallagher family–and she wants to be able to flourish on her own. She has a dream of basking in the glow of the spotlight without feeling guilty or needing to be overly generous–as is the usual for Leo Moons.

Leo Moons are hopeless romantics, looking for a whirlwind to sweep them off their feet. They can quickly move from relationship to relationship chasing after the honeymoon feeling. This leads them to jump before thinking, like Fiona’s rushes to the altar on multiple occasions.

2 Frank Gallagher

Sun In Aquarius

The patriarch of the Gallagher clan holds the wildcard spot of the zodiac. Aquarians are almost impossible to put into a box, as many of them are so unique. Frank is clever beyond belief and knows just what to say to get what he wants or turn a crowd. He’s personable enough to know just about everyone in town, while also spectating from afar at times that he wants to be on his own.

He spits in the face of conventionality and has a rebellious nature, often pushing back against authority (which can sometimes lead to Frank’s ridiculous scheming on Shameless). Aquarians do not want to be tied down, preferring to go off and observe humanity in all its facets. Running from the fear of boredom, they go off to hunt for a good time, no strings attached.

Moon In Cancer

Cancer Moons have a devoted nostalgia for the past, and that’s something that Frank exhibits nonstop on the show. He never seems to stop talking about “the good old days,” especially in the last season. Frank yearns for his younger years: having the future ahead of him and fewer mistakes behind him.

Frank often overidealizes the past, like the Cancer Moon he is, misremembering certain details of events to make them more positive than they were. Cancer Moons like to feel like they’re being helpful. Frank is at his best when he is finally given a chance to right a wrong or make peace with one of his kids.

1 Monica Gallagher

Sun In Pisces

The baby of the zodiac, Pisces is another sign that is deeply in touch with their emotions, just like Monica. Her emotions are a huge part of her life and motivation for her choices. She gets carried away by fantastical ideas that lead her to be a somewhat dreamy and far-off person, as she’s a little separated from reality at times.

Pisces are incredibly sensitive, but this also makes them very empathetic. Even when Monica makes mistakes, her intense love for her family means she always does right by them, showing them that she loves them any way she can.

Moon In Sagittarius

Monica views herself as a free spirit, as do most Sagittarius Moons. They seek personal growth by putting themselves out in the world in a variety of situations and adventures. Monica wants to “discover” herself, and she needs to explore in order to do that.

Sagittarius Moons are also especially good storytellers because of their vast experience in life. Monica, with Frank, loves to tell her kids all about where she’s been and what she’s done. In her eyes, she’s lived a full life with lots of different memories to recount to her loved ones.

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