As the Big Brotherseason 24 finale draws closer, alumni Claire Rehfuss and Derek Xiao shared their thoughts about the current competition, with the former rooting for Taylor Hale. Derek and Claire met while contestants in Big Brother season 23. They were initially friends while in the house but began a romantic relationship while on the jury. Derek later admitted that he liked Claire in the house and knew she was his type from the first week. However, for some reason, he never allowed himself to explore their relationship beyond friendship.


Claire had a good run in Big Brother season 23, finishing in eighth place. Derek also enjoyed a solid campaign that season but got evicted after Head of Household Sarah Beth Steagall led a plan to backdoor him. During his exit interview, Derek admitted to being hurt by his eviction and said he was thinking about a long-term game but did not realize his short-term game was at risk. Derek and Claire have experience as housemates and jury members, and know what it takes to make it far in the Big Brother house. Thus, they are well-placed to give tips or suggest which Big Brother season 24 housemate can win this year.

The lovebirds recently spoke to Us Weekly and shared their thoughts on the ongoing Big Brother season 24. Claire said it was interesting to watch Big Brother now, having been on the jury. However, she added that one can’t tell how the jury will act or what they will care about until the end. The former Big Brother contestant revealed who she wants to win the season, saying, “Obviously I’m pulling for Taylor [Hale] 100% here. I’m really nervous. I don’t know if she can quite clutch it out at the end. Once it gets down to the final three, it just is a matter of, can you win the comps, basically.

Derek Xiao Not Following Big Brother 24 Closely

Meanwhile, Derek admitted to not keeping up with Big Brother season 24, except when he hears Claire screaming from the living room. Although he is not invested in Big Brother season 24, he revealed he was rooting for Michael Bruner before he got evicted earlier this month. Claire and Derek missed out on winning Big Brother season 23 but have a chance to win another reality TV series. The couple is currently competing in The Amazing Race season 34. Derek revealed that Claire’s parents gave them a wholesome Amazing Race boot camp to prepare them for the competitive series. The teammates had a long list for preparation, but it was cut short when Derek left for The Challenge: USA, where he was eliminated in the sixth episode.

Claire and Derek’s biggest fans will be wishing them well as they begin their journey on The Amazing Race, which premiered September 21 on CBS. Hopefully, the couple will have a long run on The Amazing Race and possibly win it, though they face stiff competition from other contestants. Meanwhile, Big Brother fans will be watching intently for developments as the show nears its conclusion. Taylor endeared herself to many fans since the season started. Now those fans, including Claire, hope she proves them right by winning Big Brother season 24.

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Big Brother airs Thursday at 9 p.m. EDT and Friday and Sunday at 8 p.m. EDT on CBS.

Source: Us Weekly