10 Best Studio Madhouse Anime (Ranked According to IMDb)

Studio Madhouse Inc. has produced some of the greatest anime ever made, but what are their best series, according to IMDb rating?
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D&D: Fizban’s Treasury Of Dragons: New Subclasses Explained

Fizban's Treasury of Dragons is introducing the Way of the Ascendant Dragon subclass for the Monk and the Drakewarden subclass for the Ranger to D&D.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Best Mods for 2020 (& How to Install Them)

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has a vast library of mods to improve and alter the game. Here are some of the best mods available, and how to install them.

Yes, That Really Is Ted Danson In Saving Private Ryan

What on earth was Sam Malone doing in Saving Private Ryan? Here’s Ted Danson’s slightly jarring cameo in Steven Spielberg’s war epic explained.

Will Death Stranding Director’s Cut On PC Have Upgrade Options

Death Stranding: Director's Cut finally launches on PC this Spring. No upgrade path for players of the game's original version has been laid out yet.

Pokémon Go: Lush Jungle Timed Research Tasks (& Rewards)

The Lush Jungle Pokémon Go event has its own set of Field Research Tasks and Rewards. Completing them all will provide a Fomantis encounter.

Musical Magic: The Sequences of Fantasia, Ranked

From the brilliantly absurd "Dance of the Hours" to the truly epic "Rite of Spring," we've ranked all of Fantasia's stunning musical sequences.

15 Dark Secrets The Duck Dynasty Stars Don’t Want You To Know

You've heard of patriarch Phil Robertson's homophobic rants, but there are plenty more dark secrets the stars of Duck Dynasty want to keep hidden.

90 Day Fiancé: What Makes Gino Wanting A Prenup With Jasmine Laughable

While Gino Palazzolo asks Jasmine Pineda to sign a prenup after their shocking engagement, fans question his hilarious decision on 90 Day Fiancé.

Zelda: Every Ocarina of Time Character Reused For Majora’s Mask

Majora's Mask reuses quite a few characters from Ocarina of Time, given that it's a direct sequel. But just how many characters come back?

13 Reasons Why: 10 Things We Don’t Like About Clay

Clay is one of the most sympathetic characters on 13 Reasons Why, but he's not without his faults.

How to Catch A Cicada Shell In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Cicada Shells are beginning to appear in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. They only appear in January and February for the southern hemisphere.

Boba Fett Restores An Empire Strikes Back Insult (After Mando Changed It)

The Mandalorian seemingly changed the meaning of the famous “echuta” insult. But The Book of Boba Fett is helping to clarify the Huttese language.

Ark: Ultimate Survivor Edition & More Coming To Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass games for February 2022 have been announced by Microsoft, with Ark: Survival Evolved and Skul: The Hero Slayer headlining the list.

Sons of Anarchy: 10 Times Jax Was The Show’s Biggest Villain

Sons of Anarchy was a wild ride from which none could have come out clean. Still, Jax has proven time and again his villainous notions.

RHOBH: Lisa Vanderpump Loses $250K in Employee Settlement

Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd have agreed to pay $250K to settle a class-action lawsuit, which claimed that their restaurants violated some labor laws.

Saving Private Ryan: 10 Interesting Behind-The-Scenes Facts

Saving Private Ryan may have been a box office and critical hit, but making the movie was a different story. Here are some behind-the-scenes facts.

King in Black: Iron Man Just Got His Most Powerful Armor Upgrade Ever

Iron Man just got a massive armor upgrade in the pages of King in Black, as his latest suit is without question is biggest ever.

Why Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Was Free For Arcade Operators

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 got more fighters, but the upgraded MK3 was free more out of appeasement than any act of generosity from Midway.

Blue Box Sports Manga Isn’t Really About Sports (That’s A Good Thing)

Blue Box might be about basketball and badminton, but all of that takes a seat on the sidelines for the main player on the court: Romance.

What AMD’s New Radeon RX 6000M Series Means For Gaming Laptops

Looking to challenge Nvidia head-on, AMD has announced its RX 6000M lineup. The three new mobile GPUs promise great performance and endurance.

X-Men’s Most Ridiculous Mutant Joins Their Celestial-Killing Strike Force

The honorary mutant Doop, a mysterious extradimensional being/military experiment, was seen fighting alongside X-Men heavy hitters in Judgment Day!

Harry Potter: 10 Things Only Book Fans Know About Fred And George Weasley

Fred and George Weasley are essential comic relief characters in Harry Potter, but what do book fans know about them that film fans don't?

10 Binge-Worthy Serial Killer Movies Based On Real Killers, Ranked According to IMDb

Serial killers always make interesting inspiration for films. Which movies about or inspired by serial killers are worth the binge?

Gilmore Girls: Why Rory Went to Yale Instead of Harvard

Was it because of Richard? An act of rebellion? Better for the plot? Rory choosing to go to Yale changed the course of Gilmore Girls.

Skyrim: Who Was The Augur Of Dunlain Before It Came To The Midden Dark

The Augur of Dunlain is one of the most mysterious figures in Skyrim, appearing only briefly during the College of Winterhold questline. Who is it?

Murder On The Orient Express: All The Versions & Their Differences

Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express has been adapted in many mediums. We contrast each version of the Hercule Poirot whodunnit.

What A Quiet Place 2 Reveals About The Monsters

The monsters in A Quiet Place act as mysterious threats to humankind, but the sequel provides a little more insight into how they operate.