Spoilers for Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe Again #1 by Marvel ComicsIn his quest to kill everyone in the Marvel Universe, Deadpool discovered the perfect way to take out Thor that required surprisingly little effort on the antihero’s behalf. In Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe Again #1 by Marvel Comics, the Merc with a Mouth took out not just Thor but many gods by using Medusa’s head to turn them into stone. The fourth-wall-breaking mercenary made the gods look surprisingly weak.


Deadpool has killed the Marvel Universe on a few occasions, with miniseries like Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, Deadpool Kills Deadpool, Deadpool Killustrated, and Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe Again. The Merc with a Mouth slaughtered Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, as he showed off his most violent nature by not holding back against his opponents. When Deadpool encountered Thor and his fellow gods, including Hercules, Loki, and Ganesha, he turned another god’s powers against them, killing the God of Thunder and all the deities in a perfect way.

In Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe Again #1 by Cullen Bunn, Dalibor Talajic, Goran Sudzuka, Miroslav Mrva, and VC’s Joe Sabino from Marvel Comics, Deadpool ends up being entranced by M.O.D.O.K. which causes him to go on a killing spree across the Marvel Universe. After slaughtering some heroes, Deadpool travels to the Aegean Sea, where numerous gods, including Thor, Hercules, and Hippolyta, are alerted to his dangerous presence. However, Deadpool, still entranced by M.O.D.O.K., believes the gods are actually playing beach volleyball, not hunting him, leading him to pull out a ball, which in real-life, is Medusa’s head. Upon gazing at the head of Medusa, Thor and the gods are turned into stone, showing the perfect way to kill the God of Thunder.

Deadpool Could Actually Kill The Real Thor In The Main Marvel Universe

While Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe Again is non-canon to the main Marvel Universe, the comic still shows the perfect way to kill Thor. Nothing is stopping Deadpool or another hero or villain from using Medusa’s head to turn the gods into stone. No special rules or cosmic coincidences would be needed to pull off the feat. The real Deadpool could kill Thor in continuity in the same way.

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Thor might be a powerhouse in the world of Marvel Comics, but if Deadpool ever needed to take down the God of Thunder, he has the perfect way to kill the Avenger. The plotline could even work for a potential Deadpool 3 film featuring Chris Hemsworth’s Thor. Sure, taking Medusa’s head might be challenging and is easier said than done, but if he can do it, Deadpool could hypothetically kill Thor and most of the Marvel Universe by turning them into stone.