There have been many competitions played on Big Brother over the years, and while some have missed the mark among fans and houseguests, others have become recurring fan favorites. Since the American version of Big Brother debuted in 2000, the original program has evolved into a popular franchise hosted by dozens of countries like Canada, the United Kingdom, and Brazil. Isolated from the outside world until they are evicted by their peers, Big Brother houseguests must compete in grueling competitions in order to secure their spot in the house and win the game as the last contestant standing.


While its imperative that the houseguests form solid alliances in the Big Brother house, such as the Leftovers alliance, the weekly Head of Household and Power of Veto competitions drive the game, as the outcomes are a large factor in who gets nominated and evicted. Tested physically and mentally throughout each season, the Big Brother players don’t know what competitions they’ll be doing until the time comes, which can lead to some hilarious, surprising, or disappointing performances. Although some competitions have only been used once or twice throughout the series, others have been so well received that Big Brother makes an effort to routinely include them.

After almost three months of intense gameplay, Big Brother 24 will end on September 25 with either Taylor Hale, Monte Taylor, or Matthew “Turner” Turner crowned the winner. Although some Big Brother 24 houseguests like Kyle Capener found themselves embroiled in controversy, viewers have enjoyed the season and the return of their favorite competitions. Overall, there have been three Big Brother competitions that have made their mark on the series.

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3. Big Brother’s Jury Statements

“Jury Statements,” which is sometimes given a different title, is the final part of the last HOH competition. Arguably the most important competition of Big Brother, the winner automatically advances to the Final 2. The players must correctly answer questions about the Jury, which is composed of previously-evicted houseguests whose votes determine the winner of Big Brother. Given open-ended statements that end with two possible choices, “Jury Statements” is not only memorable as the last competition, but fans watching at home can easily play along. Viewers can expect to see this competition on Sunday’s Big Brother 24 finale.

2. Big Brother’s BB Comics

“BB Comics” is a POV competition that the Big Brother houseguests particularly look forward to playing. As a mixture of physical and mental endurance, players must correctly match a set of comic book covers in the least amount of time to win. What makes “BB Comics” especially enjoyable for fans and contestants is that the comics are comprised of the Big Brother houseguests drawn as superheroes, complete with an appropriate alias.

1. Big Brother’s OTEV

OTEV, which is “veto” spelled backward, is the most entertaining competition played on Big Brother. In fact, many houseguests have even expressed disappointment that they weren’t able to partake in this iconic POV competition on their season. Similar to musical chairs, competitors must determine whichBig Brother houseguest OTEV is referring to in a series of rhymes. The last person to return, or whoever answers incorrectly, is eliminated from the next round until only one person remains. OTEV is the best Big Brother competition for several reasons: the songs are catchy, the game gets more intense with each elimination, and each season always features the competition decked out with a new theme and mascot.

Honorable Mention: Zingbot

While Zingbot used to host competitions on Big Brother, the fan-favorite robot now makes brief appearances each season to make fun of the remaining houseguests. Full of hard-hitting jokes and witty one-liners, Zingbot’s harsh “zings” never fail to make viewers laugh, although the Big Brother 24 houseguests didn’t find Zingbot’s roasts as funny this time around. Nevertheless, Zingbot will no doubt return when CBS renews Big Brother season 25.

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The Big Brother season 24 finale airs on September 25 at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.