Content Warning: The following article contains spoilers for the FXX show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Dee Reynolds is everyone’s favorite failed actor, self-centered bar owner, and bird from FXX’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. She’s usually the butt of the jokes from the gang, which is why it’s not surprising that there are countless memes inspired by her wacky antics on the show.

Some of the memes perfectly capture how dim-witted, arrogant, and reckless she can be, which include images that depict her fight against the IRS and all the bird jokes and comparisons made about her. As fans continue to wait for the highly anticipated 16th season of the popular sitcom, it’s the perfect time to delve into some memes that perfectly capture Dee’s personality and unique brand of humor.



“Uhh, You guys all better eat a dick, ’cause Sweet Dee beat the system.” from IASIP

Just like her brother Dennis, Dee has the tendency to believe that she’s better than everyone else, which is why she thinks she’s so smart when she scams the IRS by being a surrogate mother. She wants to claim her child as a dependent to get thousands of dollars, which is a convoluted plan that predictably becomes one of her biggest mistakes in It’s Always Sunny.

An IRS agent soon shows up and confronts Dee, who pretends to be clueless about the whole situation. A meme-worthy moment is captured in an image that shows the IRS agent pointing out that Dee’s license plate says “$cammin,” which is just the way the character brags about her latest dim-witted scheme.

Queen Of The Ashes

I’m not here to be queen of the ashes! It’s always Sunny in Westeros!👏 from freefolk

Fans get the Game of Thrones and It’s Always Sunny crossover they didn’t know they needed in a funny meme that spoils the controversial ending of the HBO show. Just like Daenerys, Dee has boastfully declared unrealistic goals and paid for them before.

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This is what happens when she claims to have scammed the IRS and beaten the system, only for a title card to show that she is actually about to get audited. Her supposedly brilliant plans almost always end in a disastrous way, and she usually turns to the gang for help when that happens.

Don’t Deserve Her

Dee Reynolds aka Bird from IASIP

Anyone who watches the show will be familiar with the running gag about Dee being a bird. While it started out as mean comparisons by the gang, it soon became just a direct joke about Dee secretly being a bird.

A meme references the sidesplitting sequence when Dee is replaced with an actual ostrich and everyone just acts as if the bird is Dee being her usual zany self. The bird jokes don’t really make sense, which is why the absurd gag is so cruel and funny.

A Zombie Adventure

It’s Always Sunny in Louisville (Part II) from projectzomboid

Dee and Charlie have an iconic storyline that’s centered on their belief that Frank fed them human meat. They obsess over “the hunger” and do whatever they can to stave off their new desire for human flesh, which of course results in some wild situations.

A gaming meme appropriately uses a scene of Dee and Charlie unhinged and walking through the streets, thinking they can’t resist the smell of human meat. Charlie may not be the smartest character, but Dee can be just as dim-witted given the right motivation.

Can’t Talk Right Now

Sweet Dee is a mood from TrollXChromosomes

Dee’s lowest point on the show happens when the gang thinks they’ve finally broken her, as she eats cake out of the garbage, drinks, and smokes cigarettes in front of them. Plus, Dee doesn’t react to their bird insults and just groans or pities herself, which only annoys the other bar owners.

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The moment has been parodied and featured in memes, as seen in a humorous one that tries to make it relatable. It shows the toll the gang’s antics can take on Dee’s mental health, which thankfully improves after a ridiculously elaborate scheme.

That’s Collagen

Knives out from memes

One of the best relationships in IASIP is the one between the siblings, Dee and Dennis, as their tendency to be self-centered and arrogant often produces some gut-busting situations. For instance, their obsession with beauty takes a terrible turn when Dee accidentally injects Dennis with collagen instead of botox.

The funny moment emphasizes Dee’s tendency to make dangerous mistakes when she acts like she knows what she’s doing. It also happens to be a popular meme format that’s used in one case as a spoiler for the plot of Knives Out.

Not That Bird

Bird from IASIP

Unlike some characters in the show, Dee actually aspires to become something and do great things with her life. Unfortunately, her dream of becoming a renowned actor has remained just that, a dream she can’t ever achieve.

A hilarious mashup of Forrest Gump and It’s Always Sunny pokes fun at Dee’s failed aspirations, as instead of becoming a successful actor, she is called a bird and runs an unimpressive bar with her mean friends. Dee’s failure definitely gets to her during her lowest point, but it’s only a brief glimpse of her insecurities on full display.

Tell Her She’s Good

I don’t need validation, I’d just really like some from dndmemes

Among the best episodes that happen outside of Paddy’s Pub is the one where the gang consults a therapist, who manages to uncover certain traits in each one of them. Dee’s session is particularly fascinating, as her need for approval and several insecurities are highlighted during the exchange.

After her obvious lies that she calls acting, Dee seeks approval from the therapist and asks her to tell Dee she’s good. The cringe-worthy moment has become the subject of memes, with one using that sad part of Dee’s personality to highlight what any DM would want during a Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

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Targeting Cricket

Rickety Cricket entering the show, thought of this legendary meme template from IASIP

Dee may pretend that she’s innocent, but fans know that she can be just as manipulative and cruel as her brother when she wants to be. This is seen in her involvement in Rickety Cricket’s downfall, as she actively convinces him to leave behind his life as a priest to be with her before completely dropping him.

A hilarious meme depicts a moment from several years ago, back before Cricket became the pitiful character he is today. He had no idea what Dee’s actions would do to him back then, as she was about to turn his life around in the worst way possible.

Tired Of Being A Bird

Poor Dee from IASIP

At this point, Dee doesn’t really bother to fight back when the rest of the gang calls her a bird. It’s a running gag she’s used to, but still tries to escape and prove wrong when given the chance. This opportunity comes when she inserts himself in a girls’ pageant in Paddy’s Pub, even taking a mentee who reminds her of herself.

The comedic meme that captures Dee’s disdain for being called a bird and her tendency to hold onto the past speaks volumes about her personality. She’s way past her glory days, which she considers being her pageantry as a young girl. That said, she’ll do whatever she can to go back and chase that feeling of being on top, if only to forget her insecurities for a day.