Ryan Reynolds shares new posters for his upcoming movie Spirited co-starring Will Ferrell and Octavia Spencer. Spirited is a musical adaptation of Charles Dickens’ beloved classic A Christmas Carol. The film is co-directed by Sean Anders and John Morris, who have penned several films together including We’re the Millers, Daddy’s Home, and Instant Family. While Anders has directed several of their scripts, like Daddy’s Home and its sequel, Spirited marks the first time Morris is stepping into the director’s chair.


Spirited is bolstered by a talented cast that sees Reynolds taking on the role of Ebeneezer Scrooge and Ferrell as the film’s version of the Ghost of Christmas Present. Octavia Spencer is also starring in an undisclosed role. The plot follows Dickens’ story, seeing the miserly grouch taken on a fantastical adventure through his past, present, and future, where he is forced to reexamine his life by ghostly figures. Spirited updates the classic story by bringing it into the modern era with a musical twist.

Reynolds took to Twitter to share new posters for Spirited, offering a glimpse at the upcoming film. The posters are in black and white and feature the stars of the film. Ferrell and Reynolds share an awkward embrace in one, Spencer smiling in another, and even an image of Reynolds practicing his dancing for the production. Check out the Spirited posters below:

What Sets Spirited Apart From Other Christmas Carol Adaptations

Spirited is far from the first adaptation of A Christmas Carol. There have been several somewhat faithful adaptations of the work, like Patrick Stewart’s 1999 version. There have also been unique reimaginings throughout the years, like Bill Murray’s Scrooged and even A Flintstones Christmas Carol. Spirited is also not the first musical adaptation, as films like The Muppet Christmas Carol and A Christmas Carol: The Musical with Kelsey Grammar have been made in the past. However, Spirited does set itself apart with its cast. The comedic chops of Ferrell and Reynolds will likely play a part, even if the film keeps a relatively serious tone. Previous iterations of A Christmas Carol have seen comedic actors like Jim Carrey as Scrooge in Robert Zemekis’ CGI adaptation, but even Carrey took it on as a serious role. With that in mind, Spirited may offer audiences something new in its modern-day take and casting choices.

Spirited is also a change for Reynolds and Ferrell, as the two are not known for musicals. This departure from their previous works may entice viewers who may not be interested in the film otherwise. Ferrell has had massive success with Christmas movies in the past with Elf, so he does bring added cachet. While A Christmas Carol adaptation may not be something new, Spirited looks to distinguish itself in a few distinct ways for new audiences. Spirited hit theaters on November 11 before streaming exclusively on Apple+ on November 18.

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Source: Ryan Reynolds/Twitter