Cannibal horror movie Feed Me has released a gore-filled teaser trailer promising laughs, terror, and a graphic abundance of severed limbs. Following the success of Sebastian Stan’s Fresh, released in January this year, and with Bones and All coming in November, Feed Me is keeping up with the cannibal trend, whilst the trailer for the new series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story also dropped today. This stars Evan Peters as the titular serial killer charged with murder, cannibalism, and necrophilia.


The first Feed Me teaser trailer released by XYZ Films appears to lean further into the comedy side of cannibalism in comparison to the upcoming Netflix series. The story follows Jed (Christopher Mulvin) volunteering himself to be eaten by the overzealous Lionel Flack (Neal Ward). In a guilt-ridden attempt at redemption after losing his wife, Jed soon finds himself hacked and bloody, second-guessing his choice to allow Lionel to live out his fantasy of consumption:

From the horror-loving minds of Richard Oakes and Adam Leader, Feed Me looks to be fast-paced and full of carnage. With the tagline “You Are Who You Eat” and the unsettling sounds of chewing featured in the trailer, the film takes the dark, twisted world of cannibalism and skews it through a morbidly humorous lens. With the over-saturation of cannibal content being released throughout 2022, the fear that Feed Me may disappear into obscurity, with a small cult following, is all too real, but this underdog tale seems to hold immense and gory promise.

Source: XYZ Films

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