After months of waiting, Harry Potter fans have finally received an official release date for the upcoming video game, Hogwarts Legacy. The new title by Warner Bros’ Portkey Games will be released on February 10, 2023, as revealed in the latest sneak peek trailer posted to the Wizarding World website.

Of course, Hogwarts Legacy isn’t the first title by Portkey Games that will give players the opportunity to experience the wizarding world. Hogwarts Mystery, a mobile app released in 2018, allowed this in a more simplified manner while including several familiar characters who would have attended Hogwarts before Harry and his friends. Among them is Nymphadora Tonks, who, after dying too soon in the Battle of Hogwarts, deserved a little more time to show fans her unique personality. Tonks is sassy, energetic, brave, curious, clumsy, and powerful, all of which can be summarized by some good internet memes.


Stocks, Stonks, Or Tonks

Perhaps the most tragic thing about Tonks’ character is that she died way too young and only shortly after giving birth to her son, Teddy. This was too much to bear for many fans, but that isn’t to say they can’t still make a few jokes about the situation.

The famous “stonks” meme could be perfectly adapted to fit the Harry Potter character. Tonks made several risky decisions during the Second Wizarding War, and while a few of them were sort of questionable, they clearly earned her a few character points.

The Queen Of Duck Face

Part of what made Tonks such an intriguing character is that on top of her typical magical ability, she was a Metamorphmagus, meaning she could change anything about her appearance at will. This was a helpful skill, especially as an Auror, but audiences typically only saw Tonks use this talent to make those around her laugh.

In Order of the Phoenix, she turns her nose into that of a duck, among other things. This was funny to Hermione and Ginny for obvious reasons. However, it hit millennial audiences differently since it was perfectly reminiscent of the old selfie go-to.

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Tonks Was Far From Boring

While Tonks was a relatively minor character in the Harry Potter series, her unique sense of style and quirky personality made her a fast favorite for many fans. She was the only character to demonstrate a more “punk” style, making her an easy choice for those looking for a cool Hufflepuff Harry Potter character to cosplay.

In the end, Tonks is the perfect example to use when anyone talks down about Hufflepuff. The House for the kind and loyal may have been introduced in Harry Potter as the worst to be sorted into, but Tonks shows that it is something to be proud of.

Tonks’ Patience Must Have Been Extraordinary

After Tonks and Lupin finally revealed their romance in a moment that should have been in the Harry Potter movies, there was very little of her character shown, even in the books. Instead, audiences could only see what was going on with the character through her husband. Of course, this revealed that while Tonks was preparing to settle down, Lupin was beginning to get cold feet.

It had been hard enough for her to convince Lupin that she didn’t care that he was a werewolf, but after she became pregnant, she would have had to constantly keep him under watch since he had become a flight risk. Of course, the fact that Lupin stayed means that her patience must have been impeccable, proving that Tonks was the perfect woman for everyone’s favorite skittish werewolf.

The Movies Missed Out On So Much Tonks

As a side character in Harry Potter, Tonks didn’t receive nearly as much screen time as she deserved. Most of her character in the films was played out through her husband, so she was ultimately very underdeveloped.

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In the books, however, Tonks’ legacy lived on through her son, who was already demonstrating her ability to change appearances at will at only a few days old. Unfortunately, Teddy was only mentioned once in the films, after Lupin and Tonks had already died.

Hufflepuffs Can Be Aurors Too

Hufflepuff is the most underrepresented of any of the Hogwarts Houses in Harry Potter, with very few central characters hailing from the home of the kind and loyal. However, characters like Tonks proved that Hufflepuff should never be counted out.

After all, Tonks became a successful Auror and the personal protégé to Mad-Eye Moody. She might have been clumsy and energetic (Harry described her as being almost annoying), but she proved her bravery time and time again, showing that there is a lot more to Hufflepuffs than meets the eye.

Tonks’ Tragedy

Early in Tonks’ pregnancy, Harry and Lupin got into a fight that threatened to end their friendship. Lupin wanted to leave his marriage and unborn child out of fear of how his reputation would affect his family, but Harry vehemently argued that bailing was a cowardly choice.

Ultimately Harry was right, and Tonks agreed that he should be made godfather as a reward. Of course, the Harry Potter couple unexpectedly died shortly after, leaving Harry with a child he certainly wasn’t ready for. Thankfully, Tonks’ mother stepped in and raised Teddy instead.

Tonks Totally Could Have, Though

Although Tonks was an Auror, she had no significant victories in the Harry Potter series. Surely she took down a Death Eater of two in her time, but neither the books nor movies ever gave their names. Despite this, Google seemed to have gotten the idea that Tonks had taken down Lucius Malfoy himself.

While this is obviously untrue (given that Lucius is never killed), it raised the discussion among fans about whether Tonks could have come out on top of a duel against her uncle. Naturally, given Lucius’ cowardice and Tonks’ power, everyone knows that the answer is yes.

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The Best Couple In Harry Potter

One of the side mysteries in Half-Blood Prince was why Tonks was acting so strange. Her diminished personality, combined with the reveal that a woman was somehow helping Draco Malfoy sneak dangerous items into Hogwarts, left some fans wondering if Tonks could be somehow responsible.

Of course, it all turned out that Tonks was upset because Lupin had been resisting their romance, and once he finally came to his senses, her mood improved immediately. This was a joyous moment for fans, which was, most disappointingly, entirely left out of the Harry Potter movies, along with the rest of their relationship.

Tonks The Wildling

There were many familiar faces from Harry Potter in the popular fantasy series Game of Thrones. Among them was actress Natalia Tena, who played Nymphadora Tonks in the former and the Wildling, Osha, in the latter.

While these characters are completely different from one another, there is no denying that the actress brought a similar fire to both. It’s easy enough to imagine Osha saying Tonks’ famous line, demanding that no one call her by her embarrassing first name.