Warning! This post contains spoilers for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, episode 6.She-Hulk: Attorney At Law episode 6 introduced the latest in a long line of meme-worthy side characters deserving of their own poster: Jonathan the dog/groomsman. She-Hulk episode 6 smartly pulls the rug out from underneath fans eagerly awaiting Daredevil after last week’s tease with Jen attending a wedding, with the show even going as far to joke about the irony of its placement within the script. At the wedding, Jen is introduced to the many other bridesmaids with each wondering which groomsman they will be paired with.


As Jen navigates the events of the wedding, including being hit on by a suspiciously attentive man after the many embarrassing guys Jen has dated thus far to the attendance of She-Hulk’s nemesis/villain Titania, she continues to be treated poorly by the bride and her fellow bridesmaids. From being put on ironing duty after the groomsman creases their shirts playing Mario Kart, to being forced to clean up the wedding area after half the event staff quit, She-Hulk episode 6 continues to make Jen an incredibly sympathetic character.

This is even more evident when poor Jen finds out her groomsman isn’t much of a man at all, instead being paired with a tiny, on-deaths-door dog named Jonathan. Jonathan is introduced with his tiny suit, crooked ears, and tongue hanging out after apparently being resuscitated for the wedding that morning. On top of this, Jonathan the meme-worthy groomsman is said to leak regularly, only adding to Jen’s woes. As with the other side characters introduced throughout She-Hulk’s run so far, Jonathan deserves his own poster putting him in the deserved, meme-centric, adorable spotlight.

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Why She-Hulk Has So Many Fan Favorite Side Characters

Aside from Jonathan, who is bound to be considered as such in no time, She-Hulk has a massive roster of fan-favorite side characters. From characters such as Nikki and Pug in Jen’s law firm to Madisynn, Luke Jacobson, and the many characters involved in Jen’s cases, the show is introducing a great many side characters that stick in the memory despite only being bit parts. That begs the question then, why She-Hulk can do this when other Marvel Studios shows have not. Well, the answer is simple. She-Hulk is without a doubt the most “TV” of Marvel’s shows thus far, in that it is nine mostly self-contained episodes formatted like a lawyer procedural/sitcom.

While the Daredevil tease in She-Hulk episode 5 certainly hints at more interconnected stories coming, the show mostly tells a different story each week as opposed to being a movie story spread over six hours like almost every other Marvel Disney+ show. Through this format, the writers of She-Hulk can introduce these one-off side characters, and the comedic tone of the show allows them to be over the top, incredibly memorable characters like Madisynn and Jonathan. This is certainly a breath of fresh air for the MCU, with the format, tone, and characters introduced in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law establishing it as one of the most purely fun MCU projects to date.

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