Warning: Spoilers for Andor episodes 1-3

Played by Stellan Skargard, Luthen Rael is in a position to serve as a principal character in Disney+’s Andor show. The mysterious buyer Diego Luna’s Cassian Andor expected to do business with turned out to be so much more than he appears to be at the end of the show’s three-part premiere. It’s become clear at this point that Luthen is going to help shape Cassian’s Star Wars journey.

Shortly after showing up, Luthen made a huge impact on the story by aiding Cassian in an unexpected way. As it turns out, purchasing Cassian’s highly-coveted piece of tech was only part of his reason for seeking a meeting with Luna’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story character. Understanding Cassian’s talents, the character obviously has big plans for him, which explains why he risked his life to get him off-world and out of harm’s way. Exactly what he wants hasn’t been revealed, but his intentions were hinted at when he suggested that Cassian should want to fight his enemies “for real”.


All signs point toward Cassian’s reluctant team-up with Luthen being the very beginning of his journey in becoming the Rebel spy he was presented as in Rogue One. All things considered, Luthen is sure to be vital to what comes next. As for who he really is, certain details about Skarsgard’s character provide some clues on what to expect from him as Andor season 1’s 12-episode story continues.

Was Stellan Skarsgard’s Luthen Mentioned Before In Star Wars Movies Or Shows?

Presumably, Luthen is a completely new Star Wars character. He’s never been seen before, nor has anyone by the name of “Luthen Rael” been name-dropped in Star Wars canon. The only way he can be tied to an existing character is if Andor season 1 were to drop a surprise reveal and confirm that “Luthen Rael” is an alias meant to mask his true identity.

Stellan Skarsgard’s Luthen Secretly Has A Double-Life On Coruscant

The official Star Wars website describes him as a “man with an eye for valuable finds”, which fits with his interest in purchasing expensive and hard-to-find tech in Andor. This apparently goes in hand-in-hand with his desire to oppose the Empire. Interestingly, there’s another side of him as well. Trailers for Andor indicate that Luthen might be a wealthy aristocrat based on Coruscant. Since he was seen talking with Mon Mothma (a known politician from Coruscant) in the marketing, it’s possible that he has a political position of some kind.

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Why Is Luthen Working With The Rebels? What’s His Plan?

Whether he comes from wealth or not, it’s not surprising that Luthen would be willing to take a stand against the Empire. Of course, doing so will put him at risk of losing everything he has, but given the Empire’s reputation as evil, oppressive tyrants, it’s not hard to see why he’d have a negative view of them, especially if he’s a politician who truly cares about the welfare of his people. And if he really is from Coruscant (a planet that acts as a capital for Empire), then it stands to reason that Luthen is privy to many of the wrongdoings committed by the Empire. Defeating them and destroying the influence they have over his homeworld could very well be his ultimate goal in Andor.

Andor releases new episodes on Wednesdays on Disney+.