We’re already long past August and September is fast approaching. Any other year and that month would have mean nothing but 2019 is special. Because come September 20, 2019, a horde of inane Naruto enthusiasts will come charging ninja-style to Nevada’s not-so-secret Area 51 airbase (if they’re lucky). It’s going to be gloriously meme-able.

Now, if you’re joining the suicide charge or are simply there for the tent party, you ought to be prepared for what to expect. Area 51 has become the stuff of legend in the eyes of filmmakers; plenty of them have incorporated the initially secret US military base. These films range from laughable to dramatic or even “historically accurate”. So before you go Naruto-running off to Nevada, check out these ten popular films featuring Area 51.


For those of you who want to take your Area 51 a little too seriously– obsessively even, you might want to make Bob Lazar your patron saint. He’s an eccentric businessman and pyrotechnician (two of the most American jobs ever) who made two documentaries regarding his research about the hidden secrets of Area 51.

The first film is a short named Lazar: Cosmic Whistleblower and the follow up is named Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers. Both of these films are a conspiracy theorist’s heaven. They include alleged “alien spacecraft” footage from Lazar himself who also claimed to have captured their existence on film on the Area 51 vicinity itself. Also, don’t forget the space cakes for these documentaries, you’re gonna need them.

9 AREA 51

If found footage fiction format more your speed? Then look no further than Area 51. It’s a 2015 horror film from the director of Paranormal Activity which means it’s shot in a vomit-inducing first-person perspective. As such, you’re seeing all the suspense and mysteries of a fetishized Area 51 through the eyes of the protagonists (more like victims, really).

In Area 51, a bunch of conspiracy theorists trespasses the famed Area 51 in Nevada. Initially, they had hoped to find some alien secrets but got more than they bargained for. After all, it was a military base… one that appears to have no cameras and whose employees are all deaf or blind. You’ll understand when– if you see the film.



Want a rough idea of what would happen to anyone who tries to infiltrate or steal from Area 51? Perhaps 51 Nevada from 2018 can help you. It paints Area 51 and the surrounding area of the place in a grim and scary picture. In 51 Nevada, all sorts of mysterious disappearance and crimes suddenly start taking place near Area 51.

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Still, that didn’t prevent a group of friends from visiting and camping the outskirts of the military base. Afterward, they start encountering some weird phenomenon and flying objects; this somehow leads to their being captured by the authorities.

7 51

Boy, these titles are getting less creative don’t they? Just like filmmakers’ ideas for an Area 51 horror film. Anyway, next in this list is another mockumentary horror film which also takes itself too seriously. 51 from 2011 is a similar film to Area 51 except with a more casual cast (to say the least) and a different take on the thriller narrative.

It follows the journey of a group of college students who are out to uncover the secrets of Area 51 (again). Additionally, the film is also interwoven with some actual real-life footage and commentaries about the implications of Area 51’s secrets to mankind if it ever turns out that what some people suspect about the area is true.


Project 12 gets rid of the civilian interlopers altogether and pits competent military servicemen against Area 51. The 12-part documentary follows the story of anonymous military personnel. They were assigned to a secret project at “Nevada Test Site” back in 1962– a place which eventually became Area 51.

As such, it’s a new take on the Area 51 suspense sub-genre; it happens in the relatively distant past and explores the foundations of the notorious and enigmatic fictionalized military base. Oh, of course, aliens and other weird stuff straight out of the X-Files also take place in Project 12.


The protagonist of 2017’s Alien Domicile unwittingly achieved what many of us wanted. They got inside Area 51– only they don’t know how; all of them simply woke up inside the military base. Moreover, that’s not the end of the mystery. Apparently, they are now sharing the place with a violent and murderous alien trapped inside the facility.

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It’s pretty much Ridley Scott’s Alien movie in terms of premise. This one’s indie though and has the technical chops and quality to look decent enough… at least more so than similar B-movies like Sharknado. However, if you watch one of those “so bad it’s good” films, then you might find joy in this.


When it comes to portraying Area 51, it’s pretty obvious that most horror films take an unlimited amount of liberties about the place. As it is, Area 51 is nothing more than one of the largest air bases in the world. It’s a place where the US air force goes out to test all its experimental aircraft.

At least that’s according Discovery channel’s full-length documentary, Return to Area 51. It’s a no-nonsense non-fiction account on Area 51 and its employees. For many, it might be a buzzkill since Discovery channel never scratched below the surface, right? In any case, don’t go in expecting aliens, this documentary is all about US air force technology.


Storming Area 51 is all about a light-hearted fun and gathering in one of the most fictionalized areas in the world. Obviously, it shouldn’t be taken seriously or as a threat. So to wash off that scary alien abduction and horror palate from the previous films is an indie passion project from a YouTuber, Angry Video Game Nerd.

His film, aptly titled Angry Video Game Nerd The Movie follows the web celebrities shenanigans after him and his friends discover a hidden map to Area 51’s underground facilities in an E.T. video game. It best represents what’s going to happen on September 20 in Area 51 in Nevada.


Cheeky Will Smith? Check. Eccentric Jeff Goldblum? Check. White House explosion? Check. Oh yes, Area 51 is also included here and was even instrumental in defeating the aliens. It’s also where the U.S. president and base of operations migrated after the aliens bombed everything.

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Independence Day might have been a messy hodge-podge of alien film tropes, but at least it’s entertaining. Also, Jeff Goldblum defeating the aliens from Area 51 is the best thing that’s ever happened in sci-fi history regardless of the film’s virus logic. Hey, it was a pretty advanced idea back then, okay?


Area 51’s historical importance goes beyond pop culture and alien conspiracy theories. It is also became a base of operations for one of the most delicate military operations in U.S. history: the assassination of Osama Bin Laden. Such use for the military facility was shown in Zero Dark Thiry. The film is based on the real-life Navy Seal operation to kill Bin Laden.

Since Area 51 is a haven for experimental aircraft, it housed the stealth helicopters used in the operation. For the sake of film liberty and pacing, the briefing also took place in the Area 51 hangar. Of course, the film doesn’t show the jetpacks or the aliens; there are none since Area 51 is just an airbase… or is it?

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