Halloweentown is a classic spooky holiday movie for kids. It has magic, heart, comedy, and a few lessons about growing up thrown into the mix. It’s a Disney movie from the ’90s that remains a classic even two decades later and rewatching it has become an annual tradition for many fans of the franchise.  Starring Kimberly J. Brown, Debbie Reynolds, Emily Roeske, Judith Hoag and Joey Zimmerman as the Cromwell family, each character brought their own individual personalities, quirks and all, to the table. From the quirky Marnie to her wet-blanket brother, there is a character that everyone can relate to.

The film contained plenty of hilarious moments, but also life lessons as well, which are derived from some of the character’s best quotes. These quotes have touched viewers for decades and will not easily be forgotten by those who love the series.

10 “I Mean, Nobody Around Here Really Appreciates My Taste In Weird Stuff.”

Marnie certainly has a refined taste, but it’s not necessarily for everyone in her household, especially Dylan. Although, as she later comes to find out, her weird tastes aren’t so weird after all, considering she’s a witch with a grand heritage of being a Cromwell.

Marnie jumped the gun a little by stating this famous quote; by the end of the movie, her tastes were better understood by those around her, and she got to explore her heritage and embrace who she really was.

9 “I Think It Proves Insanity Is Hereditary. I Just Hope Boys Are Immune.”

Dylan’s reaction to Marnie’s excitement at the discovery that she, her mother and grandmother are all witches is absolutely priceless. Dylan already doubts Marnie’s sanity; he seems pretty concerned that she may not be the only weird one in their family.

This particular quote of Dylan’s is more of a burn, something Marnie just scoffs at anyway. She and Dylan may have conflicting thoughts and ideas, but at the end of the day, they do care for one another, and Dylan’s comments come from a place of good intentions.


8 “Marnie, I’m Sorry. I Know That You Want To Go Out With Your Friends But There Are Just Some Things About Halloween That You Don’t Understand.”

Gwen is very protective of her children. Especially where it concerns Halloween and anything that might reveal Gwen’s past as a witch or Halloweentown itself. Her words were somewhat ominous, considering Kalabar had some dastardly plans and soon her three kids would be preparing the potion needed to light up the talisman that they’d use to defeat the heinous villain.

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Marnie even admits later on that her mother was right, and that she has more to learn.

7 “No Way! I Don’t Have Any Powers! I’m The Normal One In This Family!”

Dylan isn’t short on sarcastic comments or wit throughout the film; he gives his older sister a hard time for her weird tastes and interests. He refuses to believe what is right before his eyes, as he struggles with the reality of Halloweentown and his connection to it.

However, in the final showdown between his family and Kalabar, Dylan is shown to have powers, and he accepts them in the moment, helping his family defeat Kalabar and restore peace. Still, it’s quite funny that Dylan, even with his fingers sparking before him, tried to dismiss it as static electricity.

6 “I’m Thirteen, Okay? I’m Practically A Grown-Up! I’m Certainly Old Enough To Make My Own Choices!”

Ah, teenage angst. Halloweentown echoes the eternal struggle between parent and child, especially in the case of Gwen and Marnie. Marnie is angry with Gwen for not allowing her to go out on Halloween, and the above quote is her argument.

Marnie had to grow up quickly to deal with the trouble in Halloweentown, especially after her grandmother and mother were sidelined, but she’s still a kid, and in the end, she came to realize that there was a lot about Halloween that she didn’t understand—just like her mother had said.

5 “I Baked Some For The Folks At The Shelter. Didn’t Occur To Me They Couldn’t Eat Them. No Heads! Haha! Oh Well, Must Be Off! Take Care!”

Harriet runs into Aggie as the latter gets off the bus from the mortal world, and her exchange with her friend is pretty humorous. Harriet is clearly a sweet lady and enjoys her volunteer work, but she made the silly mistake of baking muffins for the headless shelter.

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This is a sprinkle of dark humor in the beloved holiday film, and it never ceases to be comical.

4 “You Can’t Tell What’s In A Monster’s Heart Just By Looking At Them. I Mean, Sometimes, Some Of The Slimiest, Raunchiest, Ugliest Little Monsters Turn Out To Be The Nicest.”

Aggie’s quote is a good life lesson. It’s about not judging a book by its cover, and seeing someone for who they are on the inside. It’s a good lesson for the kids, not just in Halloweentown, but also in the human world.

Aggie didn’t want her grandchildren to judge anyone simply by their looks; her wisdom in this quote is unparalleled and is a lesson the kids will always remember. Marnie certainly applied it to Luke in the end, even offering him a kiss for helping her once Kalabar’s spell had worn off and Luke was once again his true self.

3 “Look, If You Want To Give Up Your Roots, That’s Fine. But I Don’t. And It’s Not Right For You To Try To Make Me.”

Marnie truly showed wisdom beyond her years in this quote. Her mother insists that Marnie’s father was human and they live in the human world; thus, they will live like mortals and that means giving up their powers.

Marnie has a point; no two people make exactly the same decision, and trying to force someone to live a life they don’t want to is definitely wrong and unfair. Marnie acts like the teenager she is throughout the movie, but she has her moments where she truly acts like the adult she thinks she is.

2 “Magic Is Really Very Simple. All You Have To Do Is Want Something, And Then Let Yourself Have It!”

If only magic existed outside of Halloweentown! Aggie’s quote is well-known among fans, and it’s actually the perfect way to describe magic to Marnie. Marnie remembers this advice throughout the film, especially when she goes against evil warlock Kalabar.

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Marnie’s late to her training as a witch, but this advice is the perfect introduction to how magic works, and it proves to be a lifesaver for all.

1 “Being Normal Is Vastly Overrated.”

Gwen and her mother Aggie clash often, primarily over their very different lifestyles. Gwen longs for normal and has given up her life as a witch, and has ensured her children do the same. Aggie doesn’t understand Gwen’s wishes, and often goes against them.

The thing is, for the Cromwell family, normal is overrated from time to time; there has to be a balance between their normalcy and their witchcraft. Aggie’s point stands, though. Normal can get boring, and it can be “vastly overrated.”

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