Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Batman.

Matt Reeves’ new DC adaptation The Batman is already getting rave reviews from both critics and audiences, with many labeling it as the best Batman film since Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. Plenty of fans of the comics believe that this new reboot is the most comic-accurate and character-true version ever put to screen.

Viewers have already taken to Reddit to discuss their favorite things about the film, the things that worked best, and the things that they’re hoping to see in Reeves’ Gotham moving forward. Although there are plenty of options to choose from, fans are quickly beginning to dissect the things that The Batman does better than those before it.

10 The Film’s Distinct Style

Reddit user billother claims that The Batman “may be [their] favorite comic book film” of all time. They go on to explain why, but many of their points boil down to one central praise – the film’s distinct and unique style. The Batman is much darker and more gothic than the other versions put to screen, and that works in its favor.

This Redditor refers to the scene in which “the criminals are all paranoid that Batman is in the shadows,” claiming it to be one of the best Batman moments in any adaptation. It immediately establishes a dark and dangerous dynamic between Batman and the criminals, but also between Batman and the people of Gotham.

9 Bruce Wayne Is Different

One of the most noteworthy things about The Batman is how different and distinct Pattinson’s performance as Bruce Wayne is compared to those who came before him. He doesn’t have the same outgoing, playboy persona as Bale or Keaton’s versions of the character, but Reddit user flowrrz argues that this is one of the film’s greatest strengths.

They argue that since The Batman only takes place two years in Batman’s career, it’s important to see both Batman and Bruce Wayne develop as individuals throughout their journey. And eventually, “Batman will bring fear into the criminal world, while Bruce will bring hope to the civilians of the city,” they argue.


8 This Version Of Batman Is Realistic

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when you’re writing a Batman film is to make the character too powerful. He isn’t superpowered, invincible, or even that experienced at this point in his life. Reeves ensures that the audience is exposed to Bruce’s mistakes, as he learns how to be Batman throughout the course of the film.

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Redditor ravendelta6-1 states “I liked that the movie was way more realistic than Nolan’s,” making particular reference to the Batmobile and Batman’s wingsuit as examples of the film’s grounded approach to the character. They argue that the Batmobile is actually a functioning car rather than an overpowered tank and that the wingsuit actually functions with physics rather than allowing the character to fly.

7 The Film Is Extremely Tense

Lardner23 believes that Reeves “did a great job at building and managing tension” in the new film. Every scene keeps the audience on edge, and even the film’s slow pace doesn’t prevent you from getting invested in the story and the characters.

A lot of this comes down to the intensity of the Riddler’s plan, which unfolds meticulously and precisely throughout the course of the film. Many already believe him to be one of the best Batman movie villains ever, and that’s likely due to the tension and anxiety that his unpredictable actions instill in the audience.

6 The World Building Is Strong

As Reddit user nic_claxton notes, one of the strongest aspects of The Batman is its attention to detail in establishing Gotham’s mythos. Whether that’s references to other characters that we might see in the future or allusions to existing comic book runs, there’s a lot that makes Gotham already feel real and fleshed out. They say, “The world building has me so excited. So many fun name drops, so many characters introduced or alluded to.”

Although one of the film’s most surprising moments for fans was the reveal of Barry Keoghan’s Joker, many are already speculating about other actors who may appear in The Batman‘s potential sequel. With this level of depth to a fictional universe after just one film, it’s clear that Reeves’ intentions for his version of Gothams are much larger than just The Batman.

5 The Song Choices Perfectly Fit The Story

Nirvana’s “Something in the Way” plays twice throughout the course of The Batman, and both times it has a profound effect on the tone and atmosphere of the movie. Reddit user strangedoggo82 argues that they’ve “never seen a song more fitting than the sinister guitar chords as we’re introduced to this new batman.”

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The song, along with the others that are used or referenced in the film, perfectly suits the dark and gothic atmosphere that Reeves makes synonymous with his Gotham. There’s a very distinct feel to the movie, and a lot of that is due to the songs and music that are included.

4 The Film Is A Detective Drama

What’s most surprising about The Batman is how realistic and grounded the story is, considering it’s based on a comic book character. Batman has always been one of the more practical and pragmatic heroes out there, so it makes sense that Reeves’ film departs from what audiences have come to expect from superhero blockbusters and offers instead a detailed detective drama.

Reddit user radianttriceratops argues that the film’s unique approach “brought out the best in Batman as a character,” as audiences were exposed to his high intelligence problem-solving abilities in a way that most superhero films don’t account for. And whilst The Batman is full of intelligent characters, it’s Batman’s strategic thinking that stands out most.

3 There’s No Origin Story

Although there are plenty of great superhero origin story movies, fans have been subjected to Thomas and Martha Wayne’s murder several times now, so it’s refreshing to see a film that doesn’t rely on this moment to get audiences on board with the story.

Redditor superbonks praises the film’s opening, stating that “Bruce’s opening monologue alongside the montage of criminals being afraid of the shadows when the signal comes on was so gripping, it pulls you right into the movie.” It gives audiences the chance to focus on the story at hand, rather than wasting time with facts we already know.

2 Michael Giacchino’s Original Score

Many fans, including Redditor superbonks, claim that Michael Giacchino’s original score for The Batman is “the best Batman film score to date.” Not only does it establish the tone right from the first note, but it also uses several different melodies to represent the different characters in the film.

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It’s certainly one of the most memorable and intense scores in a comic book film, and it gives the film an extra layer of depth and emotivity that makes it stand out from its peers. The Batman wouldn’t be the film it is without this particular music, and it owes a huge amount of its success to Giacchino.

1 The Performances Are Impressive

Not since Heath Ledger’s turn as the Joker in The Dark Knight have audiences been treated to performances as impressive and memorable as the ones in The Batman. Whether that’s from Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne, Paul Dano as the Riddler, or even Colin Farrell as the Penguin – every single member of the cast is outstanding.

Redditor __negan___ reinforces this argument, stating that “Robert Pattinson is probably [their] favourite movie batman now” thanks to his phenomenal portrayal. And whilst he’s extremely different and distinct from those who came before him, there’s certainly reason to claim that his version is the most interesting and unique of them all.

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