In general, Fallout memes do not get old. Well, maybe the Preston Garvey memes about helping settlements have gotten on the nerves of some fans. But nothing will ever get as bad as the “arrow to the knee” memes from Skyrim. Ugh.

With so much to do in the games, there will always be active content from Fallout fans. With all it’s DLC, the content is larger than ever too. Also meme trends keep changing from slapping cars and saying how much it’ll fit to just Obama’s eyes as a replacement of the word “perish.” So please enjoy and share these fun Fallout 4 memes.

10 Raider Thoughts

A lot of fans have a good laugh about how dumb the raiders are for constantly attacking the sole survivor without any regard for their own lives. You could be walking with a Fat Man nuke launcher and be in Power Armor but the raiders will still think they can take you on with just a baseball bat.

You would think after you become famous in the wasteland that the raiders will stop attacking you. Nope. Apparently they either live under rocks or somehow think they can take you on.

9 Synth Component

Paladin Danse is the target of a ton of jokes and memes. He hates synths, like most of the Brotherhood of Steel, but he turns out to be a synth and did not even know. Due to his loyalty to the Brotherhood of Steel, he is a companion that is easy to burn the bridge with.

A topic of discussion for fans is how Danse got into the Brotherhood of Steel without the truth out him becoming known sooner. After all, all synths have an identifiable component inside them. Does the Brotherhood with all it’s technology not have a way to scan their soldiers for that component? Is his case rare, or does the Brotherhood possibly have more synths among their ranks than they thought?


8 Sweeping Dirt

One of the idle motions that settling of the wasteland do is sweep. However, since most of the world is outside, they are typically sweeping outside where there is no reason to sweep.

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What possible reason is there to sweep dirt? None, at least not in the Fallout universe. Sure, most of the books are destroyed and they do not have video games but surely the world is not so boring that sweeping dirt is a thing to do. Now a rake would make more sense. Maybe it’s a nervous habit people have now that death looms at every corner?

7 Star Wars Meets The Brotherhood Of Steel

Most fans agree that the Brotherhood of Steel is a problematic solution to the problems of the wasteland. Though that’s not to say that the other solutions are perfect. But the Brotherhood of Steel in particular can leave a bad taste in people’s mouths.

In Fallout 3, it’s hard not to love them but they were a branch that gave up a lot of what their organization originally stood for. In Fallout 4, they are racist against ghouls and look out more for technology than in protecting or helping the innocent. Through Danse, we even learn that they would kill a loyal soldier of their own if you do not fit their ideal.

6 Preston’s Problem

This is a joke that has been done to death, but because of that it has to be on this list. A huge annoyance for players was Preston’s constant quests for helping settlements. They were never-ending and had little reward. However, for the empathetic players, it was hard to not feel guilty about not doing the quests.

Preston is a great companion, but this constant quest-giving made a lot of players leave him behind. Also now a lot of people associate his character more with memes than anything else.

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5 Hardware Town Settler

However, once you enter the hardware store, you find out that it was trick a group of raiders does in search of victims. You even find a body dumping ground where people were far less fortunate than you. So if you play more than once and remember the trick, you’re going to be much more prepared this time around.

4 LazyTown Meets Fallout

LazyTown and its antagonist, Robbie Rotten, have become big meme images. Robbie Rotten. His lanky body and exaggerated chin makes Robbie look almost like Waluigi, who is also a meme icon.

Imagining a sole survivor character in Fallout 4 looking like him is just comedic. Also just showing him peeking out of a blue can and comparing it to a vault dweller leaving their vault is funny. The actual scene in Fallout 4 was a little more emotional and epic. Just a little.

3 Survival Difficulty

Survival difficulty is playing the game on the hardest setting. That means you take more damage, can carry fewer items, and are will definitely be taking more trips to the doctor for broken limbs.

At the beginning of the game, you are leaving Vault 111 and fight the weakest enemy: radroaches. They are just giant cockroaches. So this meme is funny because it’s just the same concept except the roaches are even bigger and now have knives.

2 Accidentally Stealing

If you played the Elder Scroll or Fallout series, you should be very familiar with this common mistake. All it takes is a misplaced click and suddenly you are a thief. Sometimes you are lucky and do not get caught. When you are caught though, it’s very awkward.

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Diamond City is one of the places in Fallout 4 that actually has organized security, so it’s a bad place to make the stealing mistake. Luckily it doesn’t often cost much unless you have a long history of crime.

1 Sad Backstories

As fun as it is to make fun of the various companions in Fallout 4, the writers gave them some pretty dark backstories. Then again, what else do you expect out of people who live in a post-apocalyptic wasteland? Obviously, they would suffer from various issues like PTSD, depression, and drug addiction.

Hearing them over and over again as you play the game multiple times might get old though.

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