Funny is not a word people usually use to describe Disney princesses. Maybe because in the past, the princesses didn’t have a comedic side to their personality. Some even lacked in having a personality at all. But things have changed. Princesses now are strong, courageous, independent, and funny.

We revisited our favorite Disney movies to find out which are the funniest princesses out there. Some of them have funny perks; some don’t really mean to be funny. And some could have a side job as a comedian. Here are the 10 funniest Disney princesses, ranked.

10 Princess Belle

Belle isn’t exactly someone we’d call playful. She is very intelligent, a known book worm, and certainly a romantic. So nothing would point her towards being funny. However, we might have a different impression once we take into consideration the context.

Belle lives in a town not big enough to fit her dreams. Then, her sick father disappears, and she is held hostage to save his life. It’s hard to keep a good mood. But we get a sneak peek into Belle’s more carefree side in the snowball fight sequence. When Belle finds herself falling in love with the Beast, she lets go of some of her restraints and shows a lighter and funnier side to her personality.

9 Princess Tiana

Princess Tiana might be the most modern of them all. She knows her talents, has a vision, and is determined to fulfill her dream of opening a restaurant. It might be her determination that leads her to the unfortunate situation of being transformed into a frog, but it’s all for the best in the end, so kudos to her.

Although Tiana is not as funny as her best friend, Charlotte, she gives us some good giggles, especially when she’s elaborating the fact that she is now a frog. And, what’s worst: she has an inexplicable urge to eat bugs.


8 Princess Elsa of Arendelle

Elsa is a very particular Disney princess. Most of the time, she’s struggling with self-acceptance, and one could say her most memorable skill is her power to make incredible things with ice. But when Elsa isn’t fighting against evil noblemen or unknown forces, she can be a little bit more carefree.

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Especially when she’s alone, Elsa gives us a peek at her comical side. In the scene where she sees the past in ice, for example, her quick reaction to destroying Prince Hans’s ice sculpture and flinching at her singing “Let it Go” guaranteed a few laughs. Her terrible skills playing charades and her way of announcing she’ll build back Olaf are also clues that there’s more to Elsa’s playfulness.

7 Princess Merida of DunBroch

It’s not just Merida’s hair that is all over the place. So are her manners. Merida might be a princess, but she does not care for the etiquette the role demands. And that’s okay because, as the movie title might have given a clue, Merida’s thing is being brave. But brave does not mean serious.

Merida is headstrong, defiant, and quick-witted. Clearly an enabler of her triplet brothers’ prankster nature. Most of the gags in Brave originate from Merida’s lack of manners and her dealing with her mother bear. Literally.

6 Princess Ariel of Atlantica

Ariel would place higher on the list if only she knew how funny she actually is. But what makes her the origin of so many laughs is how clueless she is of the world around her: the perfect setup for jokes.

When Ariel is not signing horrible contracts, she’s daydreaming about a different reality, one over the sea. And when she gets to experiment with the human world, well, she doesn’t know anything about it. From her obsession with forks to her lack of…, what do you call it? Oh, vocabulary.

5 Mulan

Mulan is astute, heroic, ambitious… and very, very clumsy, which gives her the fifth position on the list. Mulan’s clumsiness doesn’t keep her from saving the day, but it often puts her in an awkward position.

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We get some fun giggles watching her warrior version, Ping, train, deal with her growing infatuation with General Li Shang, and on her dynamic with her self-absorbed dragon companion. Mulan’s funniest moment is with the matchmaker when she accidentally gives her an ink mustache and contributes to her butt catching on fire.

4 Princess Jasmine of Agrabah

Jasmine might not be the movie’s protagonist, but she is just as unforgettable as any other princess. The fact that she has a pet tiger might have a lot to do with it. But the main reason is her defying ways when it comes to men deciding upon her destiny.

Jasmine has a few memorable comical moments, like her reactions on the magic carpet ride and her quick-witted responses to Aladdin’s swag. However, what makes her the sixth funniest Disney princess is her award-winning performance as Aladdin’s crazy sister. After getting in trouble at the marketplace, Aladdin pretends Jasmine is lacking good sense to save her from getting her hand cut off for stealing. And Jasmine really immerses herself in the role. Her vacant expression and improvised lines show how playful Princess Jasmine can be.

3 Moana

Free-spirited and tenacious are good adjectives to describe Moana, the daughter of Chief Tui and Sina. And as her grandmother says it herself, she stands-out. From a young age, Moana’s love for the sea and urge to explore it puts her in complicated situations with her parents, which gives the audience some good giggles.

But it’s when older Moana is chosen by the ocean to restore the heart of Te Fiti that she shows the fans how hilarious she can be. Her stubbornness dealing with her mission, her constant bickering with the ocean, and her lack of actual practice sailing lead up to hilarious moments and make this one of the most entertaining Disney princesses movies. Her journey companions Maui and Hei Hei make it even easier for her to be so comical, and that’s why Moana opens the top 3.

2 Princess Rapunzel of Corona

Similar to Princess Aurora, Rapunzel was taken away from her royal parents as a baby. She was kept isolated in a tall tower by a woman known as Mother Gothel, which made her very unaware of the world around her and other people. So when Flynn/Eugene gets in, and then they both get out, she has a big flow of feelings flooding her mind. And that’s just comical!

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Rapunzel is an overreactor, as seen with her bipolar response to being out of the tower. Her determination compensates for her naivety, her weapon of choice is a comedic relief in itself, and her dynamic with both Flynn and the chameleon Pascal is also the source of intense giggles.

1 Princess Anna of Arendelle

Of course, Princess Anna of Arendelle, later Queen Anna of Arendelle, is the number one funniest Disney Princess. She’s quirky, awkward, clumsy, and, most of all, super outspoken about her inner feelings. And that’s a good recipe for great laughable entertainment.

Anna is a good representation of the new Era for Disney princesses, where a strong personality and inherent independence are recurring character traits. Anna’s courage and smartness don’t keep her from making mistakes, but it sure leads her to learn from them and grow. All hail Princess Anna!

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