Everyone can always use a good laugh and one of the best sources of laughter is stand-up comedy specials. There are many iconic stand-up specials from the likes of Richard Pryor, Robin Williams, and Dave Chappelle, and their jokes and rants have sold out entire stadiums, as well as made a fortune on video.

But for every famous stand-up comedian, there are also the more overlooked specials that can be equally funny but just don’t have the same reach that they deserve. Most of these can actually be found right on YouTube for free, which makes finding them easy and all deserving of a watch.

10 Ben Bailey – Road Rage & Accidental Ornithology

Some may know him as the host of Cash Cab, a famous TV game show that takes place inside a taxi cab. But what many do not know is that the host, Ben Bailey, is also a comedian.

In this stand-up special, he makes jokes about the frustrations of driving while running a game show, tells the story of a rather frustrating owl, and dives into the topic of lactose intolerance. For those wanting to see Ben release his fury and poke fun at a variety of things, check out his special, which can be found right on his YouTube channel.

9 Jim Carrey – Jim Carrey’s Unnatural Act

Yes, that Jim Carrey, who makes everyone laugh with films like The Mask to playing video game movie villain, Robotnik, in Sonic The Hedgehog. With such an elastic face and body, and the tendency to do so many funny voices, one would think his stand-ups would be as iconic as Robin Williams’ specials.

Instead, Jim Carrey had only one special from 1991 titled Jim Carrey’s Unnatural Act. He tackles the stereotypes of Canadians, tells many hilarious stories about his family, and more, all while bringing out many silly faces along the way in a time before he was a famous movie star.


8 Greg Morton – I Started Out, As A Baby

With a full show on the Dry Bar Comedy channel, Greg Morton is similar to Jim Carrey in a way: he has a very elastic face. He makes fun of how lucky younger generations are with technology, imitates famous cartoon characters from Hanna-Barbera and Disney, and shares his love for cinema, including The Lord Of The Rings and The Expendables.

Greg Morton brings his A-game with lots of energy and charisma to his stand-up. His impressions are also top-notch, which combined with his faces, makes for some jokes that will hurt some people’s sides.

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7 Liz Miele – Emotionally Exhausting

The struggles of finding a gay best friend, the perks of having a troubled childhood, and the gauntlet challenge of keeping a significant other are all topics Liz Miele covers in her first-ever stand-up special. She released the special for free on her official YouTube channel, along with her other specials, to help her financially post-2020 when many in-person stand-up shows have been canceled or postponed.

Liz Miele is one of those comedians that the world needs more of. She’s not afraid to cover dark subjects or tell jokes that might hurt someone’s feelings. Liz tells the jokes that are on her mind and they are usually pretty funny in the most shocking of ways.

6 Mark Ellis – Dog Stepfather

Another first-time stand-up special comes from Mark Ellis, who made his name known for years on the show SchmoesKnow with co-host Kristian Harloff, where they did movie reviews. Mark Ellis has since expanded his repertoire, and on the All Things Comedy channel, he has his own special.

Similar to his reviews, he knows how to keep a kind smile while sharing a lot of wit in his humor, from the joys of eating the many kinds of pizza to sharing ownership of his dog after divorcing his wife. For a first-timer, it is a special that deserves a lot more love.

5 Aisha Alfa – All The Parts

The joys and quirks of being a biracial woman from Canada, teaching men how to properly please a woman in bed, and making fun of her childhood self — Aisha Alfa is downright hilarious due to her infectious personality and energy combined with her relatable stories in life.

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Her special can be found on All Things Comedy and she deserves more attention. Sadly, there are not many women of color stand-up comedians who make it big and Aisha Alfa shows a level of talent that could sell out large venues as well as Jeff Dunham or Chris Rock.

4 Heath Harmison – Raising Insanity

Being a parent is not easy, but being a comedian and raising multiple kids is a deathtrap-filled gauntlet. Heath Harmison discusses his many misadventures as a modern parent on the Dry Bar Comedy channel, along with other stories about performing in Las Vegas and why having a “Dad-bod” is a good thing.

Much like Aisha Alfa, Heath Harmison brings a lot of laughs through relatable situations and also may remind viewers of comedians like Chris Farley or Sam Kinison in his over-the-top performance style and intense screams, earning some great reactions from the audience.

3 Brad Williams – Fun Size

Brad Williams talks about the many humorous situations he finds himself in as a little person and it is nothing short of hilarious. From telling stories about his USO tour in Afghanistan to his sexual experiences, everything in his stand-up will bring the viewer buckets of tears from laughing.

The best thing about Brad Williams is that he’s not afraid to push the limits of his jokes. He is vulgar and might even offend some people, but he doesn’t care, he just wants to bring laughs, which he does in the multi-part special on the LOLflix channel on YouTube.

2 Randy Feltface – Randy Writes A Book

Imagine if a character from one of the best Muppets movies channeled Jim Jefferies: the result might be this purple puppet named Randy Feltface from Australia. In this special on his own YouTube channel, he tries to present a novel he’s written while going on about the likes of Ernest Hemingway, veganism, and a delightful story about a man named Morgan.

Not only does the comedian provide genuinely funny jokes with impressive puppetry, but he is also a rather intelligent man who is equal parts blunt and well-spoken wit. With other specials on the way, everyone should check out this unique stand-up comedian.

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1 Brad Williams – Daddy Issues

Yes, Brad Williams makes the list again with his second special, which can also be found as a multi-part series on the LOLflix channel. Obviously, as can be guessed by the title, Brad goes into more of his childhood and the tough love he got from his father. He also delves even more into his sex life, as well as his frustrations with urinals.

Equally as funny as Fun Size, it’s basically more of what makes Brad Williams so funny. Brad Williams also talks about his feelings around cancel culture and how toxic it has become. It even gets slightly emotional towards the end, solidifying Brad Williams as one of the best comedians of the modern age.

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