Lizzie McGuire came out at the height of the new millenium. When the show debuted in 2001, Lizzie showed what life was like for a 13-year-old girl in junior high school. With the help of best friends Miranda and Gordo by her side, Lizzie survived the difficulties of being an older sister to Max and escaped embarrassing moments with the school bully, Kate Sanders.

As shy and nervous as Lizzie was, she was incredibly stylish and deserves credit for her fashion choices. Looking back now, Lizzie’s clothes and hairstyles scream the decade she was in. The early 2000s was a time of mixed patterns and sparkly accessories, all of which Lizzie perfected. Sadly, the reboot planned for Disney+ isn’t happening anymore, so fans have to get their fill of 2000s fashion from the original series.


Pleather Everything

In this episode, Lizzie wore a pleather jacket, green turtleneck, and black sunglasses. While the look is a little mature for a young Lizzie, it’s in-style for the time. Wearing small-framed sunglasses and a sparkly snap bracelet, Lizzie was trendy in this episode.

Fans could relate to Lizzie McGuire’s fashion sense because fake leather was on-trend in the early 2000s. While wearing glasses inside was an aggressive move, this outfit screams former times.

Paul Frank PJs

In the episode “Rumors,” Lizzie and Miranda are talking to each other over online messenger. When the topic of their bully and the school’s “popular girl,” Kate, comes up, Lizzie made a joke that Kate stuffed her bra at school to give the illusion of a larger chest. However, there was a malfunction with their devices and the rumor was sent to the entire class list instead of just Miranda.

During the entire interaction, Lizzie was wearing an adorable pajama set designed by Paul Frank. In the 2000s, Paul Frank and the brand’s iconic monkey logo were at their peak. Because of the nostalgia for Paul Frank, this pajama set would actually still be trendy today.

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Butterfly Clips And Flower Stick-Ons

It’s not just Lizzie’s fashion choices that scream the 2000s, it’s her hair accessories as well. Lizzie didn’t just wear her hair straight or in a ponytail; she styled it in fun clips, clip-on colors, braids, and buns. As eye-catching as Lizzie’s outfits were, her hairstyles were just as entertaining.

It doesn’t matter what deep issue Lizzie was tackling; she always looked the part. Even when she was at home alone, everything from her hair to her house shoes was trendy for 2001.

Bandanas, Pigtails And Chokers

Lizzie is wearing it all in this scene. From the plastic backpack to the pigtails to the choker to the bandana, nothing was ever too much in the 2000s. This outfit is a great example that less did not always mean more for Lizzie McGuire. Not only did she wear pigtails with fuzzy scrunchies on the ends, but she paired her braids with a bandana too.

Clothing-wise, Lizzie’s graphic shirt is a dead giveaway that she’s in the early 2000s. Fans of Lizzie McGuire’s style would do well to watch other shows that also balance fashion, schoolwork, and friendship.

All Pink Everything

Lizzie McGuire shows the same few locations throughout the show: The McGuire household and Lizzie’s school are two prime locations shown throughout the series’ two seasons. Aside from the classroom and hallways, Lizzie’s outfits are best seen at the school’s outdoor dining area.

In this scene, Lizzie is taking a tip from Elle Woods from Legally Blonde and wearing a pink sweater, pink bandana and pink T-shirt. More than Lizzie’s outfit, Miranda’s outfit is elaborate enough to scream another decade. Through good fashions and bad fashions though, Lizzie and Miranda had one of the best friendships.

Contrasting Patterns

Lizzie’s crimped hair is a dead giveaway that she was in the early 2000s. What can’t be seen in the image is Lizzie’s leopard pants, but the contrast between prints is what makes Lizzie stand out among the other students. Lizzie had a specific style that only she could pull off. Miranda had a similar style but it was typically edgier than Lizzie’s go-to style.

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An outfit this wild is reminiscent of another popular Disney show around the same time, Hannah Montana. The two characters would easily share a closet if a crossover were to ever happen.

Crimped, Curled And Straight Hair

Lizzie doesn’t just crimp her hair, she curls and straightens it too. While Lizzie’s hair is commendable, fans can’t help but wonder what time Lizzie woke up in the morning before school to work on her hair. Her appearance was important to Lizzie because all she ever wanted was to fit in with everyone else. She wanted to be as popular as Kate but without the pressure or drama, so she looked the part while staying true to herself.

One of the best parts about Lizzie’s 2000s style is that Gorgo and Miranda always supported her. They were honest when they loved her outfits and were brutally honest when she missed the mark.

Airbrushed T-Shirts

Another thing that was in-style in the 2000s was airbrushed shirts. Lizzie’s airbrushed shirt that says delicious on it is a great example of her being on-trend. To put her outfit totally together, Lizzie paired her shirt with a pink choker and colorful bandana.

In one episode, Lizzie was worried about not having a spark for a hobby like the rest of her friends. However, Lizzie’s dedication to a look proves that her love for fashion and style is a hobby. She just didn’t realize it at the time. If the Disney+ reboot was going to happen, a job in the fashion industry would make the most sense for this likable character.

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Power Buns, Zebra Print And Patterned Pants

One of the most 2000s things that Lizzie wears is her printed pants. Whether they’re floral or cheetah-print, Lizzie doesn’t hide from patterned pants. In the image on the left, Lizzie is dressed head-to-toe in pink since her pants are the same shade as her shirt. It’s rare to find Lizzie wearing plain blue jeans without any kind of design, tear, or print attached to them.

Regardless of how zany or outlandish Lizzie’s styles are, her best friend (and apparent love interest), Gordo, only complimented her. After all, it was Lizzie’s confidence that made these outfits work.

Matching Layers

The shirt Lizzie is wearing in this scene was incredibly popular in the early 2000s. The tiny gem work on her shirt was enough to make her shine in class. To allow the colors to shine, Lizzie wore a similar choker and bandana to pull the whole look together. Meanwhile, Miranda’s look also has to be mentioned because layering long-sleeve shirts under short-sleeve shirts were also a big deal in the 2000s. Looking back, some may think these fashion choices were the worst things the characters had ever done, but it was the opposite. Lizzie and co. were incredibly trendy in the 2000s and always looked the part.

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