Love Is Blind is a show that just has to be seen in order to be believed. It might sound nuts to fall for someone without laying eyes on them, but that’s what has happened for a few lucky couples who were successful on the series.

Hosted by married couple Nick and Vanessa Lachey, the series has one season so far, and it has been renewed for a second and third. Here are 10 Love Is Blind memes that are too hilarious for words.

10 Doesn’t Everyone Get Engaged Super Fast?

Before this Netflix reality show started trending, it would have seemed crazy for people to choose to get married after merely talking for a few days. No one would have thought that was possible, let alone the idea behind a reality show that would basically explode with popularity.

This hilarious meme perfectly sums up the point of the show: two people “meet” and really do decide within a short period that they should get married.

9 What?!

Fans of the show are super familiar with how much Jessica wanted Barnett to pick her over Amber and LC, the two other girls that he was talking to in the pods. Jessica swears that Barnett promised he would propose to her, and she was totally heartbroken and livid when he chose Amber instead.

This meme is too hilarious for words since it shows Kim Kardashian peeking out from behind a tree, and this is totally how Jessica felt when she learned that things haven’t been perfect for Amber and Barnett.


8 Say It Again

Love Is Blind fans definitely won’t be able to stop laughing after seeing this meme. It was so funny hearing Jessica constantly bring up the fact that there’s a ten-year age difference between her and Mark.

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It really did become comical after a while. Sure, at first it was only logical that she would bring it up, but after the fifth time, hearing it started to become pretty tiresome. Fans wanted to shout at the TV, “We get it.”

7 What’s A Pod?

Had viewers ever thought about pods before this show? Probably not, or at least not in so much detail.

Just hearing that people fell in love via pods is pretty hilarious, so seeing this reality show concept in meme form is amazing. It’s definitely true that the cast members talk about this like it’s such a normal thing when in reality, it’s very different from how people generally fall in love.

6 Lauren And Cameron Are The Best Couple

First of all, this is a meme about Lauren and Cameron, so it’s automatically amazing. Second of all, it really is true: their reactions to what was going on in the reunion episode are so funny since they both cringed at the exact same time.

These two were on the same page from the beginning and even if it doesn’t seem like they really could love each other from being in the pods, fans felt their connection.

5 It’s A Mood

This really does show what it’s like watching Love Is Blind: one moment, it’s entertaining and interesting and can’t be looked away from…. and the next minute, it’s super weird and crazy.

The show really does bring up a whole host of emotions and, of course, facial expressions. This meme is priceless.

4 Kelly Seemed So Nice

Everyone was absolutely shocked when, on Kelly and Kenny’s wedding day, she said “I don’t.” She shared that she just didn’t feel a romantic connection with Kenny and that she felt they were simply platonic.

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They were getting along well so it didn’t seem like this is how their story was going to end, so this hilarious meme sums up what a lot of people were thinking and feeling.

3 Why Would She Do This?

Fans of Love Is Blind have no idea why Jessica literally gave her dog wine. It’s not a safe or good idea, and it’s so weird that she would do this in the first place, let alone while cameras were rolling. The meme makes it feel even more awkward since it mentions how Mark didn’t say anything or react at all.

This was a strange moment on the show and it’s something that even Jessica has talked about since the show stopped filming. She has said that it was the only time she gave her dog wine and that she was “uncomfortable” and that’s why she did it.

2 This Is Everyone Watching Love Is Blind

Love Is Blind really does bring up a lot of feelings for viewers, and while “cringeworthy” might not be an actual feeling, second-hand embarrassment might be what some people were feeling when watching certain scenes.

It’s definitely true that the couples do say “I love you” very quickly. It takes them just a few days to say this to each other. In the real world, this would be pretty creepy.

1 Resting Reality Face

Chrissy Teigen’s face in this meme is priceless, making it a meme about Love Is Blind that is too hilarious for words.

While Lauren and Cameron are a fan favorite pair here, it’s true that some of the others were a bit awkward to watch, like Jessica and Mark who clearly didn’t have a romantic future. Kelly and Kenny might have seemed adorable to some and, as this meme suggests, a bit too happy and cheerful for others.

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