Aspiring actors and actresses of the world, rejoice! For the last year or so, many productions have been put on hold due to the Coronavirus pandemic, leaving job seekers in limbo. However, many industries, including film and television studios, are opening back up. Opportunities for fresh and exciting roles in new projects are popping up at studios around the world.

These are open calls for television roles, searching for actors of all races, ages, and genders based in the United States and the United Kingdom.

10 Let’s Be Heroes – New Jersey and Philadelphia, United States

Let’s Be Heroes is a black comedy based in the United States, being filmed for the Amped TV network. The story follows Todd Blake, a mild mannered and nerdy comic book shop clerk, who assembles a motley crew of fellow misfits to take down the biggest drug kingpin in town, and prove that anyone can be a superhero, whether they have superpowers or not.

The production is casting a variety of lead roles, calling for a diverse cast of characters to populate this quirky ensemble piece, set to release sometime in 2022. Any Let’s Be Heroes hopefuls in the Newfield, New Jersey or Philadelphia areas are encouraged to apply as soon as possible, as filming is set to begin this winter.

9 After Paradise – Los Angeles and San Diego, California

After Paradise is a scripted drama series set in the aftermath of the devastating wildfire that struck Paradise, CA in 2018. The campfire was the most destructive and deadly wildfire in California history, and After Paradise follows a young couple as they attempt to rebuild their lives amongst the literal and ashes of their plans and hopes.

The production crew is currently searching for an actress of any ethnicity to play Angela, a 25-35 year old actress from Los Angeles who moved to Paradise with her boyfriend in the months preceding the fires.


8 In Beta – Los Angeles, California

In Beta is a high concept science fiction allegory allegory for the human need to understand ourselves and what makes us, us. In this indie series, Jaime, a by-the-book techie, discovers that she is a government experiment: an artificial intelligence in a human body. From there, she must decide whether to continue conforming and continue living her life, or join other awakened A.I.s and form a rebellion against her creators.

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What makes this project unique is the production’s call for an all trans and genderfluid cast. There are currently 5 roles being offered to trans actors of all ethnicities in the Los Angeles area.

7 Earth Manifesto – New York City, New York

Earth Manifesto is a sweeping sci-fi eco-drama, calling for talent from New York City, to participate in a very interesting project that is, quite frankly, hard to describe. According to the production, this web series can be summed up as James Bond meets Brazil, meets Dune, meets Rocky Horror Picture Show, meets An Inconvenient Truth, and centers around a young Eco Rebel who discovers that the world he thought he knew is a fabrication, and his attempts to thwart the newly uncovered international conspiracy are compromised when he learns that he is actually part of it.

This open call is looking to fill an international cast with a diverse range of ages and ethnicities. Shooting dates are TBD in New York, but there are many, many roles that need to be filled, so any and all French speaking eco-conscious performers with a decent singing voice are encouraged to apply.

6 2 – California and Nevada, United States

2 is set in the Southwest United States and follows the trials and tribulations of a group of young people as they attempt to find their path in life and in love in the awe-inspiring and mysterious Mojave desert. While it may be set up like a drama series focused on life and relationships, the actual meat of the story is rather cryptic. The project is pitched as parts phycological thriller, part urban fantasy, and part sci-fi, so there may be a bit more to this story than meets the eye.

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The production is set to start filming in California and Nevada in 2022 and is casting for most of the lead roles, including Hope and her boyfriend Dowan. The casting is open to a variety of age groups and actors of any ethnicity.

5 Banished – Los Angeles, California

This dark fantasy series is going international, calling for talent all the way from Russia to Los Angeles. Banished is a tale as old as time: demons from the underworld have been banished to the human world, and must find their way back home. While the reasons for their banishment are not made clear in the casting call, the plethora of roles available for this series should be more than enough to lure in prospective job seekers.

The roles in question are mostly otherworldly, ranging from the Demon Lord Marlock to Beelzebub himself. There are plenty of openings for people of all genders, age groups, and ethnicities, however. The series is scheduled to begin shooting in Los Angeles in 2022, with the possibility for international shoots to commence in both Russia and Germany.

4 Braking News – Worldwide

Braking News is a comedy/satire series about the launch of a small news network that goes on air during the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020. This series is a satirical but grounded take on the struggles of a small team of reporters and news presenters trying to make sense of world as it begins crumbling around them, while simultaneously forming an identity amongst an everchanging political environment where the role of the “news” is constantly under threat.

There are many roles that need to be filled for any gender or ethnicity, though some of the lead roles call for specific physical traits. Nevertheless, there is plenty of room for auditions over the internet, and the production team is opening auditions to people all over the world.

3 Mother May I – London, England

Mother May I is a drama series set in London that centers around the lives of a group of women as they navigate the struggles of growing up, forging a career, growing old, and finding their place in the world. Against the backdrop of an ever-evolving urban and social landscape, the protagonists must help each other determine their own destinies and figure out what it means to be a woman in the modern world.

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The production is casting a number of roles for all age groups, to represent the struggles of women at different points in their lives. Some of the lead roles ask for a specific age and ethnicity, but the remaining cast is very diverse and the series is welcoming to actors of all genders and ethnicities.

2 Subclass – Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Subclass is an unconventional science fiction series for young adults, centering around a homeless teenager who fights to thwart the sinister plans of the elites who have taken over his city, whilst working undercover in a high school populated with genetically enhanced students. There is little else in the way of plot details, however the production would like to talk to anybody who is proficient in gymnastics and parkour.

As this is a series aimed at young adults, the casting crew is looking for leads who can look the part of a young teenager, but the roles have been left open to anyone of any ethnicity.

1 Hapa – Los Angeles, California

Hapa is a satirical take on urban life, centering on a group of aspirational gang-bangers who run their syndicate out of a mattress store in Los Angeles. This project is looking to differentiate itself by hiring an all-asian main cast, which is open to anyone of Asian or Pacific Island descent. However, there are many roles available and they are open to anyone of any ethnicity and gender.

Hapa is scheduled to begin production in December and is calling for talent from anywhere in the Los Angeles area.

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