Ratched is Ryan Murphy’s latest project to take over Netflix with an all-star cast and incredibly dark storyline. Based on the crooked nurse from Ken Kacey’s One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, Ratched shows the backstory of Nurse Ratched and how she came to be this complicated, methodical, and twisted woman.

There’s a lot more to Mildred Ratched than her stunning looks and professional demeanor. Inside her mind, there is always a plan in the works. But she’s not the only one. There are plenty of characters that aren’t as they appear either, presenting some of the creepiest moments on TV.

10 How Henry Osgood Lost His Limbs

In the episode “Angel of Mercy,” viewers meet Lenore Osgood. She’s a gorgeous and wealthy heiress with an only son, Henry. Sadly for Lenore, Henry had a darkness in him that she couldn’t get out of him. After hearing that Dr. Hanover could potentially cure him, Lenore paid him to work his magic. Sadly, the technique went horribly.

Henry ended up pouring an unhealthy amount of LSD in Dr. Hanover’s glass and they both became high. Henry ended up murdering the gardener, chopping off his arms, and asking Dr. Hanover to switch his arms with the gardeners. The camera sees Henry sawing off his one arm before slamming a drawer on the other… Soon enough Henry is laughing in delusion as he sits without arms… This kind of imagery is exactly what made Murphy’s American Horror Story a success.

9 The Introduction To Edmund Tolleson

The introduction to Edmund Tolleson is unlike any other. On a cold, rainy night, Edmond quietly approaches a clergy house where he disturbingly murdered four priests in the most horrible of ways. The last man he killed turned out to be his father who—Edmund claimed—raped his mother and left her after the pregnancy.

The creepy look on Edmund’s face as he attacked those men could be felt through the screen. And with Edmund still on the run, it will be interesting what becomes of him in the second season.


8 When Dr. Hanover Peformed A Lobotomy

In the second episode, “Ice Pick,” Dr. Hanover talks about the latest procedure that could help patients and their neurological disorders: a lobotomy. He attempts to do a lobotomy for the first time on patients that just entered Lucia State Hospital in front of important people that could potentially fund the hospital.

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With the patients lightly sedated, Dr. Hanover makes an incision on the side of a man’s head and then essentially slowly drills a tool into the patient’s brain to turn it slightly. However, the procedure didn’t go as planned, and the patient moved his limbs. The lobotomy failed and no one was cured. With writing as dark as this, it’s surprising Ratched was given poor reviews. 

7 The Relationship Between Dolly & Edmund

The ending of Ratched was intense and it all started when Dolly started a relationship with Edmund. As a nurse trainee, the last thing Dolly should have been doing was fraternizing with the patients; especially with someone who was as dangerous as Edmund.

The moment these two laid eyes on each other, they were instantly attracted to each other and an inapt relationship began from the start. It’s clear these two had a deep love for each other by the end and understood each other’s minds but how it started was all sorts of wrong.

6 The Marionette Show

In the episode “Got No Strings,” viewers finally learn about the relationship between Mildred and Edmund, along with the backstory to all of Mildred’s problems. Gwendolyn said from the beginning that she wanted to know what Mildred was like before she shut out the world but the truth was Mildred was far away from that person.

At the marionette show, Mildred thinks back to her abusive childhood and being forced to do things with her adoptive brother that no child should ever be doing. Sarah Paulson as Mildred Ratched did a stupendous job in this scene considering how emotional it was.

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5 When Charles Comes Crawling Out Of The Tub

Corey Stoll did a fantastic job as Charles, the private investigator, for Mrs. Osgood. He was offered thousands of dollars to kill Dr. Hanover, which was a unique twist because he became friendly with Dr. Hanover’s new head nurse Mildred at the same time. Sadly, Charles shouldn’t have ever trusted Mildred because he died from her advice.

Dr. Hanover knocked him unconscious and placed him in a boiling hot tub to die. Shockingly, Charles was strong enough to get out of the tub but not without damage. When he crawled out of the tub with his boiled skin, he had transformed into a monster. The security guard had no choice but to take him out due to fear.

4 The Deaths Of Mrs. Osgood & Dr. Hanover

Ratched is mysterious and keeps viewers guessing. Just when they think something is going according to plan, another speedbump comes along. It was devastating for Dr. Hanover to run out of his own hospital with a patient because he thought he was on the verge of doing some good. But sadly, after he locked Charlotte in the closet, her multiple personalities came out to play and killed Dr. Hanover.

After hearing about the death, Mildred did what she needed to do and cut off his head and delivered it to the one person who wanted it most — Mrs. Osgood. And just as Mrs. Osgood delivers his severed head to her son Henry, his helper stabs her in the back with a gardening tool!

3 Edmund & Dolly’s Escape

With Mildred Ratched as the new head nurse, she plans a Spring Fling for the patients and workers. Everyone would be able to mingle and enjoy themselves in the same room. With everyone having a great time, Mildred constructed a plan for Edmund and Dolly so he could escape.

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However, her plans blow up in front of her face when Edmund goes rogue and kills the sweet security guard and Dolly shoots Gwendolyn. It was a disaster to end all disasters and should have shut down the hospital for good.

2 When Ratched Convinced A Patient To End It All

When Mildred first started working at Lucia State Hospital, she had her eye on Dario Salvatore. He was deranged and sadly under the impression that he would leave the hospital to be with family. Mildred, however, heard that his family wanted him to live out the rest of his days in the hospital.

To put him out of his misery, Mildred told Mr. Salvatore where Dr. Hanover’s letter opener was and he killed himself in his office. It was then viewers were conflicted with Mildred’s intentions and were wondering why she wanted to work there at all.

1 When Ratched Suspects Edmond Is After Her In The Series Finale

At the end of the first season, Mildred and Gwendolyn are in Mexico enjoying themselves when Mildred has a vivid dream about Edmund finding her and killing her. Mildred wakes up from her nightmare in a cold sweat but doesn’t quite feel relieved. She knows Edmund is coming for her.

And that comes to fruition when Edmund calls her at lunch and warns her that he’s hunting her down. The scene was so incredibly well done and eerie that even viewers were looking over their shoulders for Edmund.

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