Everyone knows some people who are experiencing a true bromance in real life, and when it is brought onto television it is always great to see, with audiences being able to connect with them due to how often bromances happen in reality.

A strong bromance intensifies everything on the show, making the laughs funnier, and the sad moments even more heartbreaking, which helps make the show have more impact. Throughout the course of television history, there have been some amazing bromances that audiences have loved to see develop, and within this article, we will rank the 10 best bromances in history.

10 Jax Teller & Opie Winston (Sons Of Anarchy)

Even in the world of motorcycle gangs, bromances take place as Sons Of Anarchy highlights with the incredibly close friendship between the main character, Jax Teller, and Opie Winston. Their bond is made clear from the very first episode, and from then on the two are always looking out for each other.

Having grown up together due to their families always being part of the SOA gang, they have had similar experiences in life, which is one of the main reasons why they are able to share such a close connection.

Sadly, Opie is killed during the show as he takes one for the team and sacrifices himself so Jax can stay alive, and his death is one of the show’s most impactful emotionally because of the bromance that these two have.

9 Jon Snow & Samwell Tarly (Game Of Thrones)

It is quite difficult to forge a strong friendship in the world of Game Of Thrones, with so much going on around the world and the strong likelihood of being betrayed always looming around, it makes sense that many of the characters don’t form such close bonds.

There are a lot of companions on the show, but very few actual bromances, however, the connection between Jon Snow and Samwell Tarly is a strong bromance that saw them both become fan favorites.

Jon always looked after Samwell, having his back right from the start when nobody saw anything in him, and Samwell more than repaid that trust throughout, being the brains behind the friendship which was forged in the cold at the wall.


8 Ant & Dec (Various Shows)

This is a bromance that people in the U.K. will be aware of more than most, but the closeness between Ant and Dec really is incredible. It is their friendship that has led to all their success, as they now do all of their onscreen work together.

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Being two of the U.K.’s most popular hosts, the duo has hosted everything from Britains Got Talent to I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, where their infectious love for each other always shines through.

The pair clearly have a strong connection and are able to play off of each other with different jokes, never taking themselves too seriously, they have become national treasures and their bromance has been the key to all of it.

7 Kirk & Spock (Star Trek)

You might think that Star Trek is a strange show to be having any form of bromance in, but there certainly is one in the science fiction show between Kirk and Spock, despite the fact that the two of them really are the complete opposites to each other.

Even though they certainly aren’t as over the top about the bromance aspect of things, they are incredibly close as friends, always working hard to solve problems together and finding the best in situations.

With Kirk being the guts and bravery of the duo, while Spock is much more about the brains and thinking situations through when they are put together they really do make a fantastic duo.

6 Walter White & Jesse Pinkman (Breaking Bad)

You might be questioning how Walter White and Jesse Pinkman could possibly have a bromance considering the number of things that they go through, with Walt doing some despicable things to Jesse throughout the course of Breaking Bad.

However, deep down the two men are incredibly close and have a strong love for each other which is highlighted by the fact Walter White’s final actions are to save Jesse from his kidnapping, even though it winds up in him dying.

Their friendship is certainly closer at the start of the show when they’re just getting started, but throughout the show, they do have some fantastic moments together as they build their meth empire.

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5 Sherlock Holmes & John Watson (Sherlock)

While there might be many different versions of the classic Sherlock Holmes tale, the friendship between him and John Watson is highlighted best through the fantastic television show, Sherlock, with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman doing a terrific job with these characters.

They might clash at times and not agree, but all good bromances suffer a few fallouts now and then, and this one is no different. The friendship is clear to see with the trust that they have for each other, and without this great bromance, the show would really have suffered.

They are a perfect yin and yang to each other in many ways, with Watson always being a little calmer and less gung-ho than Sherlock, while Holmes obviously has superior detective skills.

4 Ted & Barney

Ted might also be best friends with Marshall, and it could be argued their friendship is actually closer, but in terms of enjoyment as a viewer, the friendship between Ted and Barney is much funnier with Barney having to constantly insist that he is actually Ted’s best friend.

Eventually, his persistence and his constant “Haaaave you met Ted?” comments pay off, and the two hit it off with an incredibly close friendship born on the bro code.

Even though they might have two very different outlooks when it comes to women, they still always find common ground and love to spend time with each other, as a true bromance should.

3 Harvey & Mike (Suits)

Harvey Spencer and Michael Ross (Mike), might not want to admit that they have a bromance, but there is no doubt that this pair is incredibly close, sharing all the love that a classic bromance has, even though it technically starts with Harvey being his boss.

Right from the start, Harvey and Mike are forced to be close due to the illegal manner in which Mike is hired to the company, and that only continues to grow as they win cases together and fight for each other.

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Mike even ends up in prison at one stage in the show due to not wanting to snitch on his friend, and even though they may clash every now and then, they always want what’s best for each other.

2 JD & Turk (Scrubs)


While a lot of bromances are dubbed by the fans of a particular show, when it comes to JD and Turk, the pair basically screamed that they were in a bromance throughout Scrubs, with the two men becoming so close, with their ‘Guy Love’ song just about summing it all up.

With Turk saying “andJD,” that many times that it ended up becoming a running gag, it is clear that they were incredibly close, with the show featuring the duo together as often as possible.

Fans certainly didn’t complain about that either, with the bro-hugs becoming a constant thing throughout the history of Scrubs, the pair had a brilliant on-screen friendship that always provided amazing comedy and a lot of heart.

1 Joey & Chandler (Friends)

When it comes to television bromances, how can you look past Chandler and Joey from Friends? They are the ultimate best friends who would do anything for each other, and are always there for one another regardless of the situation.

While Chandler is the more dependable and serious of the pair, he is always able to let loose and be freer when he is around Joey, who is simply fun-loving by nature. The pair just want to do everything together, from watching Baywatch to making up games in their apartment like Fireball. The duo even raises animals together, with their friendship being one of the most important relationships in the series.

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