The world of anime can be very strange, with storylines and characters that will have you sitting there wondering “who even thinks of this stuff?” Yet, some of the strangest parts of anime lie in the abilities different characters use. Anime universes, such as One Piece and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, even seem to take pleasure in coming up with abilities that will make their viewers uncomfortable. Yet, for some reason, anime fans can’t get enough of these strange abilities.

Perhaps it’s because we, as humans, crave something new in our media, or perhaps anime fans are just as weird as the anime they watch. In any case, there are countless abilities in anime that will make fans uncomfortable while also being surprisingly useful.

10 Stray Cat

Tama from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure was a stray cat that got shot with a special arrow that unlocks a beings stand or special ability. Yet, before his stand awakens, Tama is accidentally killed in an amusing yet tragic scene.

After being buried, Tama’s stand finally awakens and not only resurrects the kitty, but it also turns him into a plant-cat-hybrid… thing. This is weird, but, for some reason, the cat also has the ability to create high-pressure air bubbles which he can use to block powerful attacks as well as shoot at people to great effect. This conniving plant-kitty even has the power to force air bubbles into a person’s bloodstream causing an embolism and death.

9 Mineta’s Balls

Mineta, from My Hero Academia, is a hero in training and classmate of the main protagonist, Deku. His quirk allows him to grow weird purple balls on his head that can be removed and thrown. These balls are super sticky to anyone but Mineta and are also very bouncy. This doesn’t sound like a great power for a hero, but, oddly enough, Mineta is able to make it work.

Mineta comes up with all manner of creative uses for his balls. He can use them to scale high places, stick enemies to the ground, limit an enemy’s movement, and they can even be used to create a pathway for Mineta to bounce along, increasing the hero’s speed and mobility.


8 Tama’s Dango

Tama is a young girl in One Piece who appears in the Land of Wano arc and can produce dango, a sweet dumpling, from her cheek. While this dango doesn’t provide any nutritional value, it does have the ability to make any beast become completely subservient to Tama.

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Considering the overwhelming strength of many characters in One Piece, this power may seem rather useless—until you meet some of the gigantic beasts that are native to many islands in One Piece. This devil fruit power is also amazingly useful in the land of Wano specifically because it has been shown to be effective on SMILE fruit users, artificial Devil Fruits that make their eaters part beast, and the country is currently overflowing with these SMILE fruit eaters.

7 Parasyte

Parasyte is an anime where parasites have appeared on Earth and started taking over human hosts. While these parasites normally take over a being’s brain and strip them of their consciousness, they also provide great power to the beings body.

Infected humans have greatly increased physical speed and power and can manipulate their own flesh, allowing them to create blades that can cut steel as well as duplicate themselves or even change their body’s appearance. Yet, the drawback to these powers, other than having your mind taken over by a parasite, is that it’s incredibly freaky to watch.

6 Heavens Door

Heaven’s door is another stand from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, held by Rohan Kishibe, that changes an affected person’s body, allowing someone to peel back their skin like a page in a book and read that person’s life story in the pages while also paralyzing them.

This stand, strange as it is, is already a very useful tool for subduing and gathering information on an enemy. Yet it gets better, Rohan can erase or add memories in the person’s pages and can even include hypnotic suggestions which more or less brainwashes the person into following the suggestions.

5 Bubble-Bubble Fruit

The Bubble-Bubble fruit was introduced in One Piece during the Enies Lobby Arc and was eaten by a CP-9 agent named Kalifa. This Devil Fruit gives the Kalifa the power to create soap bubbles from her body in order to clean things.

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This power initially seems completely useless, yet its powers actually end up being quite difficult to deal with. These bubbles not only clean away dirt, but they also clean away a being’s power, basically allowing Kalifa to sap a person’s strength. On top of this, when Nami is coated with a layer of bubbles, she becomes super slippery and can barely stand much less pick up her weapon to fight Kalifa, making this power surprisingly useful in a fight as all the user has to do is sit back and watch her opponents slip around the battlefield while their strength is cleansed away.

4 Horm-Horm Fruit

One Piece is packed with strange powers, and the Horm-Horm Fruit grants what may be one of the strangest abilities in the anime. Emporio Ivankov, eater of the Horm-Horm Fruit, can use hir fingernails to inject hormones into a person’s—or his own—body. These hormones can produce all manner of crazy effects.

Iva often uses his power to change his sex, allowing himself and his followers to enjoy the benefits of either sex. While this specific use of the ability isn’t very powerful for fighting, Iva can also use his powers to inject hormones such as adrenaline, thus allowing a person to resist poison, heal quickly, and gain energy when exhausted. He can even inject hormones to make his head grow so big that 235 prisoners from Impel Down easily fit into his hair, thus allowing them to be rescued from the prison.

3 Nel Shower

Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck is an Arrancar from the anime Bleach and is usually seen in her child form who goes by the name Nel. This former Espada has the power to heal people… with her drool. Nel will massage her uvula with her fingers, releasing an insane amount of saliva that heals the wounds it comes into contact with.

Healing is obviously a very useful power in any situation, yet the drawback, other than being covered in a little girl’s drool, is that the use of the ability can make her puke on the person she is healing. Yum.

2 Bastet

The ability Bastet, named after the Egyptian cat Goddess of battle, is another Stand from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure held by Mariah. This stand resembles a wall plug and can be placed anywhere. Super useful, right? Everyone has been in a situation where they wished they could put a plug in a wall! Except, this plug is unlikely to charge anything for you; instead, when a person comes into contact with the plug, they are shocked and become magnetized.

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This magnetism slowly becomes stronger and stronger, pulling metal objects of increasingly greater size and weight to them at increasing velocities. If a victim of this stand isn’t impaled by a metal pole flying towards them at high speeds, then they will eventually be crushed as more and more metal are attracted to them. While this ability isn’t useful for a direct confrontation, an assassin could find this stand very useful.

1 Jacket-Jacket Fruit

The Jacket-Jacket Fruit appears in One Piece during the Dressroa Arc. Its eater, Kelly Funk, is able to unzip his body like a jacket for another to put on, thus allowing Kelly to utilize that individual’s physique and powers.

The power seems pretty useless as the individual has to put on the Kelly-jacket themselves or have it put on them by another, but it’s only made to seem that way as a result of Kelly’s brother’s penchant for pacifism.

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