Warning: This list contains spoilers for Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Now that Spider-Man: No Way Home is in theaters, the future is wide open for Spider-Man. Thanks to the multiverse, anything could happen in future installments, and anyone could appear. But there are some things in particular that fans want to see in the next Spider-Man MCU trilogy, which includes some of his most important elements and relationships from Marvel Comics.

Tom Holland has the opportunity for many more Spider-Man installments, allowing the character to see the growth he never has in live-action. The future trilogy also allows some of the best Spider-Man villains and allies who haven’t made it into the movies yet to get their chance in the limelight.


The Kingpin

A number of not-so-subtle clues point to the Kingpin already being in the MCU via the Hawkeye streaming series, but fans want to see him face off against Spider-Man too. Kingpin started in Marvel Comics as a major Spider-Man villain, first appearing in The Amazing Spider-Man #50 in 1967. He’s been a huge menace in Peter Parker’s life ever since.

The Kingpin has become more closely associated with Daredevil thanks to a series of iconic comics in the 1980s, but he delivered one of the greatest blows against Spider-Man after Peter Parker revealed his identity to the world, a storyline that could play out in the MCU.

Peter Parker Working At The Daily Bugle

A major element of Peter Parker’s comic book life and many of his adaptations in other media is his working for The Daily Bugle. So far, he hasn’t worked for the news outlet in the MCU, but with its introduction into the franchise, fans want to see Peter in his familiar role.

Though the MCU iteration of The Daily Bugle is markedly different from previous versions, the opportunity exists to have Peter possibly alter the trajectory of the organization through his reporting, as well as continue to build on the antagonism between him and J. Jonah Jameson, one of the best non-superhero characters in Spider-Man comics.

Black Suit Spider-Man

The Spider-Man costume is iconic, but his black costume, a product of the Secret Wars 1985 crossover event, is beloved too. Fans want to see the suit in the MCU, especially since in the comics, it was eventually revealed to be connected to Venom.

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While the relationship between Venom and Spider-Man in the current movies is dramatically different in the MCU than it is in the comics, thanks to the events of No Way Home, there is now an opportunity to bring them together in a way that pays off the black suit.

The Hobgoblin

The Hobgoblin is one of the most significant Spider-Man villains from the comics who has yet to appear in live-action. The opportunity exists now that Ned Leeds is such a major character in the MCU. One thing fans would love to see in the next Spider-Man MCU trilogy is Ned exploring one of his darkest arcs in the comics.

In some of the best Spider-Man comics from the 1980s, it’s revealed that the Hobgoblin is actually Ned Leeds. Ned’s relationship with Peter is very different in the MCU, but having him potentially become a villain would be a great complication in their future story.

More Daredevil

Daredevil and Spider-Man is one of the unlikeliest friendships in Spider-Man comics, but fans now have reason to celebrate this duo being in the MCU. While it’s only a brief episode in the new movie, Matt Murdock and Peter Parker need to get a lot more screen time in the next Spider-Man MCU trilogy.

The two superheroes are very different people, but are both defenders of the streets of New York City, making them natural allies in the war against figures like the Kingpin and other criminal underworld threats from the comic books.

The Fantastic Five

As the next Spider-Man MCU trilogy unfolds, the Fantastic Four will appear in the MCU. Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four are closely linked in the comics, with the team appearing in his first solo comic book issue in the 60s. Spider-Man has also been part of the team in different forms, so it’s an absolute must in the next trilogy.

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Spider-Man joined what would become the Fantastic Five in the very first issue of What If..? comics in the 1970s. He also joined the team when it appeared the Human Torch had died in more recent storylines. Having him be part of the team, even briefly, is something fans want to see.

Black Cat

Comic book fans know the Black Cat is one of the most complicated figures in Spider-Man’s life, and Felicia Hardy is an absolute must in the next Spider-Man MCU trilogy. The thief is sometimes an ally of Spider-Man, sometimes an enemy, and always a potential love interest.

She was once a fierce rival of Mary Jane Watson in the comics and it would be fun for her to potentially complicate Peter’s relationship with MJ in the next set of movies. She also has strong ties to Kingpin, owing her powers to him, which makes her a logical fit in the future of the MCU.

Spider-Man Becoming The Mentor

Spider-Man has had a series of mentors in the MCU, with Iron Man and Doctor Strange serving as teachers and father figures for the young Peter Parker. One thing fans would like to see as Peter grows and matures is his becoming a mentor himself.

The evolution of Spider-Man will likely be a major element of the next MCU trilogy, and Peter could serve as an adviser to many potential characters. Black Cat is one, as Peter helped Felicia become a hero in the comics. There are also other major characters who could appear he has been a mentor for in the comics.

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Gwen Stacy

Spider-Man’s relationship with Gwen Stacy is one of the most tragic and complicated in Marvel Comics. A version of Spider-Gwen is certain to appear in the MCU at some point, and fans want to see Gwen Stacy become the superhero they have come to love in the comics and in Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse.

Gwen can’t play the same role in the MCU she has in the comics, as much of Peter Parker’s early history has been altered for this iteration of the character. But she could easily appear from the multiverse, as she has in the comics and animation.

Miles Morales

Miles Morales has already been teased in the MCU, thanks to the cameo appearance of his uncle in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Fans want to see Miles become Spider-Man in the next MCU trilogy, and join the growing Spider-Verse that has expanded through the comics and animation.

Peter Parker’s journey through the next trilogy could take him to many different places, perhaps into other universes or even into retirement. Whatever his next steps, fans want to see Miles Morales along for the ride at some point and to see the two Spider-Men in action together.

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