Content Warning: This list contains mention of sexual assault. 

Before delving deep into the second season of Apple TV+ original series The Morning Show, with episodes released weekly from September 17 through to November 19, 2021, it’s important to remember a few things from the inaugural season. Indeed, it has been almost two years since season 1 was released, so it’s easy to forget some of the smaller details.

With plenty of new characters added for season 2, there was a lot going on with the main and supporting characters in season 1. And there are plenty of things fans want to see happen in season 2 of The Morning Show, all hinging on critical details revealed in season 1.

10 Hannah Had Been Silenced

While it’s not easy to forget the terrifying rape Hannah endured at the hands of Mitch, shown in a flashback scene, what fans might forget is that Hannah actually reported it to the head of the network, Fred Micklen, one of the least likable characters on The Morning Show. But instead of taking action, he simply promoted her in an effort to keep her silent.

Just before she died, internal investigations were about to reveal what happened publicly, which undoubtedly had an impact on the young woman.

9 Hannah Is Gone

Hannah, who was central to the latter part of the first season after revealing her sexual assault, died of an apparent drug overdose in the final episode. Her death happened right before the details of Mitch’s sexual assault were revealed, with her name likely to be included as a victim.

It was Hannah’s death, in fact, that set things in motion for the final, emotional, and jaw-dropping scene. So, it’s important for fans to remember that Hannah may no longer be alive but remains a big part of the story.


8 Alex Was About To Get Bradley Fired

Before the final events where Alex and Bradley rallied together, Alex had actually been making moves that would have led to Bradley getting fired. She warned Fred that he was about to be vilified, resulting in Chip being fired, and Cory and Bradley likely to be next. She was also given the right to approve whoever the next co-anchor would be.

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It was only in the heat of the moment that Alex decided to speak out, on air, against Fred and the network in solidarity with Bradley, and for the sake of Hannah.

7 Alex Turned On Chip

Despite everything he did for her, Alex showed her true colors when she betrayed Chip in the end. Alex tipping Fred off about what the others were plotting against him directly led to Chip’s firing.

What made things worse is that Chip knew what happened and sunk into a deep sadness for having lost the person he truly believed was his friend. Interestingly, fans might also have missed the detail that Chip had been married several times before and showed subtle hints that he had potentially been carrying a torch for Alex all along, never accepting the unrequited love.

6 Cory Told Them To Keep Filming

In that final scene when Alex and Bradley began airing the network’s dirty laundry on live television, Cory, the character who had the most power on The Morning Show, grinned devilishly and told them to keep the cameras running for as long as they could.

Not only that, but he locked Fred out of the control room to prevent him from giving orders to stop the broadcast. It was a bold move and yet another that made fans question whether Cory was one of the good guys or just out for his own self-interests.

5 Chip Leaked The Details On Mitch

It was only towards the end that it was revealed that Chip is the one who leaked details about Mitch’s bad behavior. He did it for Alex, in hopes that he could protect her from being fired.

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Chip knew the network was considering replacing her and viewed Mitch as their prized anchor while she was expendable. In an effort to create an environment where she would be appreciated and be able to keep her job, he decided to take drastic measures. Sadly, his intent was not to stop a predator and bring his behavior to light but to save his friend’s reputation and job.

4 Chip Beat Up Mitch

There’s that one memorable scene in the season finale, which is ranked the best episode of The Morning Show season 1, of Mitch sitting along at his big dining room table, beaten and disheveled. It was Chip who, in a fit of rage, visited Mitch in his home and beat him up. Chip is later seen wandering the streets of New York where he catches the shocking news broadcast on a big screen in Times Square.

Chip reacted this way when he learned of the death of Hannah, and the fact that it was a potential suicide relating to what Mitch did to her.

3 Alex Knew What Mitch Was Doing

While the fact is never explicitly stated or admitted, it is made clear that Alex had an idea what Mitch was doing the whole time and simply turned a blind eye. She even carried on a relationship with him both while he was married and while she knew what he was doing to other women.

Alex vehemently denied having any knowledge of Mitch’s actions, or at least skirted around the issue whenever it was brought up. Nonetheless, it’s apparent that his actions were the worst-kept secret around the office and that she was in denial, pretending not to have known.

2 Bradley’s Complex Backstory

Bradley’s backstory was covered in the beginning and brought up here and there, but fans might forget that she came from a very different life than the one she was now living in New York as co-anchor of the biggest morning show.

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She did not have a relationship with her father, who developed an alcohol abuse problem after killing a child in a car accident. Bradley is the one who turned him in, which caused a rift in the family and is connected to the reasons her brother Hal began using. Bradley was seemingly caring for both her mother and her brother at the time she was hired on.

1 Mia Was A Victim

Mia, who was once a producer for Mitch, was one of his victims, though she maintains that they had a consensual relationship. This, however, was always mixed in with her rise to power at the office, which had both co-workers and Mia herself questioning her value and if she actually earned the position, despite the fact that she was very good at her job.

After Mia’s affair with Mitch ended, she was sent to work on Alex’s team instead, and left feeling confused and sad about the situation, as well as concerned for the other women she suspected, or potentially even outright knew, he was harming.

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