Star Wars fans may not know it, but the classic film franchise once got the “What If…?” treatment of its own. Titled Star Wars Infinities, this trilogy of comics explored different realities in which one moment changed the entire Star Wars universe.

With Marvel’s What If…? Disney+ series wrapping up its first season and Star Wars breaking onto the streaming television scene with hits like The Mandalorian and The Clone Wars Season 7, what scenarios could a Marvel-Star Wars pseudo-crossover explore in a Star Wars: What If…? series?

10 What If… Qui-Gon Survived?

The first major loss in young Anakin Skywalker’s life was that of Qui-Gon Jinn, the first Jedi Knight he’d ever met and his would-be master. Slain at the hands of Darth Maul, Qui-Gon died in his Padawan Obi-Wan’s arms, bidding that he pick up where he left off and train the boy. But what if Qui-Gon had lived to take on Anakin as his new apprentice?

This episode could explore a potential universe in which Anakin is trained by a more experienced Jedi, one who would be like a father to him rather than the volatile brotherly relationship he had with Obi-Wan. Perhaps, this time, when Anakin is tempted by Palpatine, he’d have the experience and dedication necessary to refuse the offer. It may be that one man’s survival could change the destiny of the galaxy.

9 What If… Ahsoka Never Left the Order?

Ahsoka Tano’s journey on The Clone Wars ends with her departure from the Jedi Order. While the final season of the show eventually brought her back for its last eight episodes, she was never a member of the Order again. But, what if she hadn’t left in the first place, choosing to remain Anakin’s Padawan?

This episode would have the unique ability to showcase Anakin’s fall from a different point of view. Audiences could watch as Ahsoka witnesses her master’s descent into the Dark Side. The audience could see whether or not her presence would make any difference. If not, then it would no doubt come down to a master-apprentice duel–and only one would survive such a battle.


8 What If… The Brain Worms Spread?

The Clone Wars season 2 episode “Brain Invaders” saw Geonosian worms take over the minds of a Republic ship’s crew, completely overriding all free will. Thanks to the wiles of Ahsoka Tano, however, the brain worms were stopped before they could spread beyond the confines of the ship. But, what if they had managed to escape?

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In the vein of What If‘s zombie episode, this scenario would depict the slow takeover of the Republic and Jedi Order as the brain worms spread. Most interesting, however, would see how Chancellor Palpatine would deal with such an occurrence. Would it fit into his schemes, or would he be forced to reveal himself as a Sith Lord in order to stop the spread?

7 What If… Jar Jar Binks Was a Sith Lord?

Jar Jar Binks has a complicated history with Star Wars fans. Originally intended to be a fan-favorite for fans new to the series, Jar Jar ended up being widely despised by the community. Yet, theories about the true plans for Binks’s character have circulated the Internet for years, including one very popular suggestion that he was a Sith Lord all along.

Darth Jar Jar might seem a bit far-fetched, but could add depth to the character. Perhaps he played dumb for Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan as a ruse to get them to underestimate him–perhaps he could even emerge as a rival to then-senator Palpatine. With the reveal of his dastardly plans, fans could finally see Jar Jar as a serious character, and witness the true potential of his powers.

6 What If… Leia Was Trained as Jedi?

The original trilogy strongly suggested to viewers that Leia Organa was force-sensitive, just as her brother and father were. It was even hinted, and later confirmed, that Leia was Yoda’s first choice as their last hope against the Empire. What if Yoda had gotten his wish to train Leia instead of Luke?

If Leia was the one sent to Dagobah to be trained by Yoda, it could change the course of the franchise. It would be she that would eventually battle Darth Vader, and face his startling revelation. Perhaps Yoda’s original plan would have gone smoother than Luke’s substitution–or perhaps things would have taken a darker turn.

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5 What If… Vader Supreme?

Darth Vader is one of the most imposing villains ever put to screen. However, he never truly achieved the height of his power. Because Anakin Skywalker’s had to become more machine than man in order to survive his grievous injuries, Vader, though still immensely powerful, was never quite the Force wielder that Palpatine sensed he could be.

An episode following a more powerful Darth Vader could begin with him winning his duel against Obi-Wan, leaving his master to burn on the fiery slopes. From that point on, Vader could scour the galaxy, subjecting its citizens to his unmitigated power. It would not be long before Vader Supreme turned on Emperor Palpatine, overthrowing him and taking control of the galaxy for himself.

4 What If… Mortis Revealed Itself?

The Mortis episodes are often thought of as one of the best arcs in the Clone Wars. The introduction of the ethereal beings, the Father, the Son, and the Daughter, brought the franchise’s depiction of the Force to new heights. However, this planet and its inhabitants were never discovered by the galaxy at large. What if that changed?

Certain Force users would not be happy at the revelation that there were beings with powers greater than their own–chiefly Darth Sidious. No doubt he would have designs on defeating these beings, and a battle between them and his apprentices would be inevitable. Sidious’s forces would no doubt fall to the powers on Mortis–and the galaxy would then have to face a new reality altogether.

3 What If… Luke Became Darth Vader?

The ending of Return of the Jedi sees Luke Skywalker refuse the Dark Side, managing to redeem his father, who kills the Emperor. However, the original ending took a darker turn, as Luke donned his late father’s mask and declared that he was now Darth Vader. What if this is how the ending remained? What if Luke turned to the Dark Side?

An episode such as this has the previously unmatched opportunity to explore the galaxy immediately after the fall of the Empire, with a dark twist. The New Republic’s establishment would be stalled by Luke’s decision. His friends would have to deal with the fallout, and make plans to stop him.

2 What If… Kylo Ren Found Rey First?

Rey’s journey began when she met Finn and BB-8 on Jakku, getting caught up in the mission to join the Resistance and bring an end to the First Order. But, with a planet crawling with First Order stormtroopers, and the evil Kylo Ren, it would not be a stretch to assume that they could have found her first.

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Had Rey been taken in by Kylo Ren, she would be forced to choose between the Dark Side and Light much sooner than in her original arc. With unsavory characters as her only friends in this universe, perhaps she wouldn’t choose the Light Side so easily. This episode could finally deliver on the Dark Rey imagery shown in Rise of Skywalker, and show just how unstoppable a Rey and Kylo Ren dyad could be.

1 What If… Mando Abandoned Grogu?

One of the defining moments of the Mandalorian is when Mando returns to the Imperial outpost to rescue Grogu. He manages to overcome their forces and proceeds to look after the youngling from that point on. But what if he had never returned for the child?

This scenario would finally give fans a chance to see what the Empire was planning to do with the child, and what havoc they could wreak if their plans were fulfilled. Not only would the events of the first and second seasons of The Mandalorian not take place, but the galaxy could see the return of the dreaded Empire.

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