During an Instagram Live, 90 Day Fiancé star Amira Lollysa talks about why she admires David Murphey. Amira recently sparked dating rumors with David when she posted a cuddly photo with him on Instagram. Her followers were shocked to see the duo together because David used to be madly in love with his girlfriend, Lana, and wanted to travel the world with her. In November 2021, David confirmed he hadn’t spoken to Lana for the last six months, and she is still in Ukraine, working in law enforcement.

David is now living in Las Vegas after retirement. In January 2022, he bumped into the French-Egyptian beauty Amira. The couple posted a picture together and even planned to go RV shopping later on. Amira posted a couple of Instagram Stories while shopping for David’s new RV, which made viewers believe she was dating him. However, David claimed he was single after splitting from Lana. Many believe this new 90 Day Fiancé duo is in a relationship despite David’s denial.


Amira recently did an Instagram Live, and curious viewers asked her about her relationship with David. One of her Instagram followers wrote, “You stole David from Lana.” Amira didn’t ignore the comment and said David is smart and extremely wise, implying he can’t be smooth-talked. Amira doesn’t feel she stole David from anyone. She wants to be around David because he makes her feel happy, and she thinks that he is really inspiring. Amira added, “He knows how to make his own decisions and live with the consequences.

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It seems Amira and David are at least friends who like each other’s company. Since they both live in Las Vegas, it was inevitable for them to meet each other and post pictures together. Many 90 Day Fiancé viewers actually love the idea of Amira and David as a couple. On one of Amira’s sweet posts with David, a follower commented, “I am so Happy for Both of you, You deserve Happiness.” Another chimed in, “Who’s to say it won’t work. Best of luck to both of them.” However, a critic wrote, “Lost all respect for you since you got with cringey David.

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Amira and David have an age gap of almost 35 years, so it makes sense some viewers find their relationship unsettling. However, the couple looks very happy together, and they should give this relationship a chance if they aren’t involved already. David and Amira have similar life goals and interests, which can make their relationship work. David wants to travel the world in his RV, and Amira also left her small town in France to settle abroad. 90 Day Fiancé viewers wish Amira and David the best of luck in their potential relationship. Hopefully, the couple shares an update on their status soon.

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