Big Ed confronted Rosemarie about her sister asking for money on 90 Day Fiancé. The father of one wants to make sure he is not being taken for a ride and that Rosemarie is not a gold digger but actually invested in their relationship.

Big Ed is being attacked by fans for being creepy and acting like he is an A list Hollywood star. The San Diego native has been accused of being controlling after he demanded Rosemarie shave her legs. At the beginning of the season, fans felt he was a relatable guy who wanted to find true love but now many feel he is just an ungrateful American who cannot help complaining at every little thing that bothered him.


Big Ed had enough of the poor conditions and extreme heat and all but insisted Rosemarie go with him to a luxury hotel last week. Even though it meant leaving her 5-year-old-son, Prince behind she agreed. But their lovely getaway took a turn for the uncomfortable when Ed brought up the scam in question regarding her sister. Fans were already annoyed that he did not offer to bring her young son with them as it was a good chance to bond. Big Ed decided to take his angry girlfriend to an island full of wild monkeys that in a crazy turn of events, picked on him. Again, he found something to complain about and whisked them off to dinner. Rosemarie stayed composed and denied having any knowledge of her sister asking for money.

Fans will recall that before Big Ed made his way to the Philippines, Rosemarie’s sister Maria reached out to the photographer in hopes of borrowing money for their failing store. Immediately, Big Ed felt uneasy about the request but decided he would talk to his girlfriend upon arrival, even though Maria had asked him not to tell her and keep the conversation a secret. The TLC star immediately thought it could be his love interest just pretending to be her sister to ask for his financial support.

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To make matters worse, Big Ed took it upon himself to surprise Rosemarie with lingerie. The sentiment would be nice if the couple really knew each other, but fans watched as Rosemarie’s face cringed and forced a fake smile. The idea of intimacy between the two is just too much for viewers as Big Ed even tried pushing her to try it one immediately even though the couple only had sex once.

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days airs on Sunday at 8pm EST on TLC.

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