The former 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way star Brittany Banks recently had a breast lift. She is now showing off the incredible plastic surgery results in a stunning skin-hugging dress on Instagram. While many reality TV stars like to keep their cosmetic procedures a secret, Brittany posted a selfie before her boob job. She got the work done from Basu Plastic Surgery in Cypress, Texas, and shared a picture while wearing a white robe and a surgical mask.

She asked her Instagram followers to guess what kind of surgery she is getting. Many 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way fans speculated that she was having liposuction, a nose job, or cool sculpting. After resting for about four days, Brittany shared a picture of her boobs and revealed that she had a breast lift, implant exchange, and scar revision. She also told her fans a sad story about why she had to have a boob job. Brittany had an F-cup from a very young age, and it was traumatizing for her to have such huge breasts.


She got an emergency boob reduction surgery, but it completely messed up her breasts while leaving some unusual scars. Five years ago, the 27-year-old TLC star got breast implants and injections to remove her scars. This surgery worked for her for a long time. But Brittany recently noticed that her breasts were “bottoming out.” So, a few days back, she had a breast lift in Texas. The Texas native now appears to be very happy with Dr. Basu’s treatment. She is showing off her nicely projected big boobs in a skintight dress. The dress is giving quite a view of her freshly done assets. Check out the picture Brittany posted on her IG:

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Many 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way fans are glad to see Brittany recovering from her surgery. They are also stunned to see the incredible plastic surgery results. Brittany’s fans commented things like, “Hey Brit..they look great!” “Walking Trophy,” and “I love the shape you have.” A fan shared their boob experience and said they were “beat up” after the surgeries. Brittany appears to be healing pretty well. When a curious fan asked if the boobs are swollen, Brittany replied negatively.

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However, a few concerned fans asked her first to heal and then post pictures on social media. But Brittany responded that the photos are already taken, so nothing can be done about it. While replying to another fan, Brittany said she wore her bra right back after clicking the picture. So, she didn’t take any big risk. It looks like Brittany had to pay for the surgeries from her pocket. She failed to pawn Yazan’s gold necklace, since it turned out to be fake. Nonetheless, she is glad that 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way season 2 is over, and she can finally move on from her Jordan-based fiance.

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