Elise Shoemaker, daughter of 90 Day Fiancé alum Mark Shoemaker, has recently been opening up about life with her father. 58-year-old Mark appeared on 90 Day Fiancé season 3 alongside 19-year-old Nikki, who is one year younger than his daughter Elise. After appearing on the show, the couple seemingly vanished, leaving little to no trace of themselves on social media. Elise has recently broken her silence Mark and Nikki’s absence, and now explains that she has cut ties with her father.

When Elise appeared briefly on her father’s season of 90 Day Fiancé, she seemed to try to make the best of an awkward situation. Her father Mark was marrying 19-year-old Nikki. In addition to Nikki being a year younger than Elise, Mark met Nikki in the Philippines, where he had also met Elise’s mother. Many fans recall cringing as Mark gifted Nikki a car that he had previously given to Elise’s mother. Mark mentioned that Elise’s mother had left their family, but not much was known about the situation outside of Mark’s claims. Recently, Elise has been vocal about the situation on social media.


On January 7th, 2022, Elise posted a TikTok in response to a comment criticizing her for having been accepting of Mark and Nikki’s relationship on the show. The comment reads, “Sis. You thought it was okay for your dad to go to [the Philippines] to find a wife? Who goes anywhere to find a wife?” In the video, Elise explains simply, “someone who is biracial.” She goes on to point out that Mark “went to the Philippines twice to find a wife. The first time was with [Elise’s mother].” Elise says that while she presently condemns Mark’s actions, noting them as being “awful,” she was “pretty much brainwashed” as a child, and made to believe that Mark was “this awesome person.”

“I mean I was abandoned up until I was 20. I believed that white straight men were the most ostracized group in America because my dad made me think so.” says Elise. Elise states that in addition to having her views skewed by her father, she worried that criticizing Mark and Nikki’s relationship would cause her to lose her father, which she explains she was not ready to do “at that time,” as she had already lost her mother. While at the time, Elise “was trying to make [herself] seem like [she] was okay with the situation,” she states that she has now cut ties with Mark. “He is no longer in my life and I’m a better person for it,” says Elise.

While Elise did try to appear supportive towards her father’s new relationship during 90 Day Fiancémany fans should still be able to recall how uncomfortable Elise seemed despite putting in her best efforts. Those criticizing Elise for not having a more severe on-camera reaction don’t seem to be considering Elise’s personal experiences and how Mark created such an uncomfortable dynamic for Elise. While it may be worth wondering whether or not Elise had truly condoned those actions to some, many others could likely assume that Elise was not, in fact, okay with Mark marrying Nikki. As an adult, however, Elise seems to have found her voice and seems to have made the right choice in ceasing contact with Mark.

Source: Elise Shoemaker/TikTok

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