Mike Berk from 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days revealed what Ximena Morales returned to him after their shocking split on the recent episode. 24-year-old Ximena from Colombia ended things with 34-year-old Mike after teasing their breakup on social media for the past few weeks. Fans witness Ximena claiming she’d fallen out of love with Mike owing to him acting like a “degenerate” with his bad and weird habits. But Mike believed it was because he refused to pay Ximena any more money. She turned defensive and asked Mike to take everything from her house, and he’s now telling 90 Day Fiancé fans what it was that he took back to New York with him.


Mike and Ximena’s breakup was a long time coming. Ximena, who claimed Mike was never her type, was dissatisfied with him in bed and soon revealed that she was disgusted by his bad habits. Mike was messy and farted and burped openly but he did assure Ximena that he would tidy up when he gave her a ring. Although hesitant, Ximena was pushed by her family into saying yes since staying with Mike guaranteed a better future in America for her and her kids. Still, Ximena grew more distant from Mike when he went back to the U.S. after their engagement because when he returned, she refused to sleep in the same bed, called him “super gross” and eventually broke up with him.

With Ximena telling Mike, “you will no longer be my boyfriend,” he replied, “anything I paid for, I wanna take back with me to New York.” After the episode aired, Mike did an Instagram LIVE (via AT2) with his friend Nelcy where she asked him, “So what were you planning on doing, on taking everything back?” Nelcy asked if Mike wanted to take the bed, the furniture, the dishwashing machine, and the refrigerator to America. Mike said, “she gave me back… she actually gave me back the rings on the episodes you saw,” before adding, “and just like the gifts” like the computer, but not the fridge or the couch.

Nelcy joked that perhaps Mike and Kim Menzies had called each other before gifting a computer to their significant others. Mike explained that he gave Ximena a computer so she could use it to download applications and learn English along with using things such as video and email. Mike confessed he hates working from his phone himself, so he wanted Ximena to download things such as Rosetta Stone and the PC version of Duolingo on the bigger screen. Meanwhile, Mike also used the Instagram LIVE to apologize to Ximena and her mom for the mean things he said to them in the preview for 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days episode 15.

Mike was seen calling Ximena “mean, evil, cold” and the b-word along with muttering “Mija de pu*a” which was an insult directed towards Ximena’s mom. Mike claimed it was said in the heat of the moment which is why he was sorry for it. Mike assured 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days viewers that they don’t really see what goes on throughout the day and that they only see what’s shown to them. However, it seems like it’s too late for Mike to apologize since fans feel he showed his true colors during the episode with Ximena. It might take Mike a while to redeem himself if he ever manages to do it, especially with his old offensive posts also surfacing at the same time. But then again, Ximena is also yet to reveal how she felt while parting with her gifts and rings, which she’d willingly accepted from him.

Source: AT2/YouTube

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