Laura and Aladin Jallali of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way are in the midst of a divorce and it looks like Aladin already has a new girlfriend. Of all the couples featured on season 1 of the show, Laura and Aladin went through many ups and downs including two huge arguments just a day into Laura arriving in Qatar.

Almost as soon as the show ended, as quickly as they got married, the pair got a divorce. Aladin was blocking Laura on social media before she even moved out to Qatar, so cracks in the relationship were evident pretty early on. But, she said that she thinks the reason for the marriage breakdown was due to the TLC show. Now, it looks like they’ve both moved on with new partners. Laura is said to be dating a 25-year-old from California while Aladin’s Instagram profile makes mention of a new relationship.


While Aladin is keen to share his love for one woman in his life – his mother – online, his new girlfriend is yet to be revealed. He writes in his Instagram bio, “In relationship” alongside a heart emoji, but a photo of Aladin’s new partner is yet to emerge. In an IG post from January 2020, he also shared a photo of himself at the gym with the hashtag “#strongenoughforher” which could lead his followers to believe that Aladin is working out for a new girlfriend.

Although Laura spent a lot of time complaining about how Aladin performed in the ‘jiggy jiggy’ department, it would seem that he was keen to get it on with other women. In 2019, Laura accused her Tunisian husband of cheating on her during their marriage with “thirsty” women. From the very start of their relationship, it looked as though Laura and Aladin’s relationship was doomed. In September 2019, the Jallali’s relationship went from odd to totally bizarre when 51-year-old Laura announced that she was pregnant. Laura  confirmed the pregnancy via Instagram., but then later stated that it was an ectopic pregnancy. According to Cheat Sheet, Laura’s fellow 90 Day cast member, Deavan Clegg, didn’t believe her miscarriage claims and said in an Instagram Live interview with John Yates, “People need to realize that when she came out about her pregnancy, she told us that it was fake.”

Whether Laura was pregnant or not, the whole relationship looked to bring a lot of stress to the pair and their loved ones with Laura’s son, Liam O’Toole, uncontrollably laughing at her when she revealed that Aladin wanted a divorce. It seems that these two are better off seperated and with new love interests.

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Source: Cheat Sheet

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