It was quite an awkward, and slightly terrifying encounter when Jenny Slatten of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way finally met Sumit’s wife in person. The meeting came after her boyfriend kept his marriage a secret during a large chunk of their relationship.

Jenny and Sumit originally met on Facebook after Sumit catfished the 60-year-old. Jenny was under the impression that she befriended a twenty-something-year-old model named Michael Jones, who looked nothing like Sumit. It turns out that Michael Jones was actually Sumit – a 30-year-old man from India who worked in a call center. On the first episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Sumit admitted that he catfished American women under the name of an old coworker. But Jenny had already fallen completely head-over-heels with Sumit and was not phased by his deception. She made the executive decision to relocate from the United States over to India to meet Sumit in person.They started living together in an apartment located in a different city than where Sumit’s family was and planned to get married. Sumit left his original city after admitting that his family wouldn’t agree with their relationship. However, Sumit’s family, who originally believed Sumit was away for a new job in a different city, slowly began to unravel Sumit’s web of lies.


Sumit’s deception was only just getting started, however, on the recent episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way (via In Touch Weekly) Jenny learned the big secret that Sumit had been keeping from her when she learned that he was already married to another woman. Jenny explained to the cameras that Sumit’s parents had forced him into an arranged marriage about two years ago – the same time as his seven-year relationship with Jenny. As if the situation already wasn’t shocking enough, Jenny meets Sumit’s wife in one of the most dramatic ways possible, when Sumit’s father-in-law, his mother, and their whole entire family stormed into their apartment. Sumit mainstains is happier with Jenny and doesn’t want to be married to the woman his parents chose for him. Hence why he and Jenny moved to an entirely different city from his wife and family.

However, after Jenny and Sumit’s wife learned of his double life, Sumit was confronted by his wife’s family. After hearing a knock on their door, Jenny opened it to find Sumit standing there with his father-in-law. “Hello Jenny, how are you? I’m Sumit’s wife’s father. He’s married to my daughter [for] the last two years,” Sumit’s father-in-law told Jenny. “He’s married to my daughter.” Jenny was left completed shocked as Sumit’s father-in-law told her that he called both his family and Sumit’s family and that both were on their way to the apartment because they wanted to meet her in person. A scared and appalled Jenny ran into her bedroom while Sumit stayed in their living room and tried to convince his father-in-law that nothing was going on between him and Jenny. She came downstairs after hearing a loud crash and found the rest of Sumit’s family there – including Sumit’s wife – and Sumit’s mom who had taken his shrine and smashed it onto the floor.

Jenny revealed to her daughters how unsure she is about the fate of her relationship with Sumit, but admits that she is still not ready to give up on their relationship and go back to America. Sumit said in a clip for next week’s episode that he wants to be with Jenny and would rather be in jail than in his arranged marriage. Fans of the show are anxiously awaiting what will be revealed in next week’s episode.

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90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way airs on Mondays at 9pm EST on TLC.

Source: In Touch Weekly

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