Shazam! actor Adam Brody has confirmed that he will be returning for more action scenes as the grown-up version of a kid superhero in the sequel. The DC film Shazam! tells the story of a family of foster kids who gain the power to transform into adults and fight crime together. The movie received a very positive response from DC fans and has already been approved for a sequel film.

In Shazam!, Brody plays the grown-up superhero version of Freddy, the foster brother of the main character Billy Batson. He had previously been known for his roles in The O.C. and Jennifer’s Body but has stated his brief appearance in Shazam! changed his career. Brody is starring in the recently released film Kid Detective, a satirical mystery drama about a detective solving his first real case.


In an exclusive interview with ScreenRant discussing Kid Detective, Brody took some time to discuss his character’s future in the Shazam! franchise. The actor confirmed that he and the rest of the adults playing kid superheroes would get some great action scenes in the next film. Though Brody could not reveal too many details yet, he did mention that his scenes would include stunts and wirework, which he found incredibly exciting. Overall, Brody said that he was most excited to play the role of a young kid. He explained that while most superhero roles would be taken very seriously, Shazam‘s cast was allowed to lean into the silliness of the entire concept.

“I’m sure there’ll be moments of real peril that you take seriously as well, but leaning into the comedy and leaning into the goofiness and the wish fulfillment of it all is a pretty natural and joyful experience.”

The second Shazam! movie, titled Shazam! Fury of the Gods, was announced relatively recently, but due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, has been significantly delayed. This superhero sequel is currently set to release in June of 2023, a ways away for fans anxiously anticipating a sequel. For these viewers, Brody’s insight into the Shazam! sequel is a welcome taste of what’s to come.

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Of course, the central question is how this delay will affect the story of Shazam! Fury of the Gods, as well as the roles of the child and adult characters. Despite the release delay, director David F. Sandberg has confirmed that the child characters’ ages will not be changed in the sequel. But, the changes could mean that Adam Brody and his adult co-stars could end up having a more critical role in the Shazam! sequel than initially planned.

Source: ScreenRant Exclusive

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