The Marvel Cinematic Universe is known for its heroic journeys and dramatic moments. It’s also known for its quotable dialogue. Though Agents Of SHIELD doesn’t get to play in the movie sandbox, the show’s writers and actors have gifted the characters with just as many, if not more, lines that will stick with fans.

At the center of Agents Of SHIELD is the hero’s journey of Daisy Johnson. She begins the series as a hacker trying to learn about her past. By the final season, she’s a bonafide superhero. Along the way, she’s had some great lines, but these are ones that the fans will never forget.

10 “With Great Power Comes… A Ton Of Weird Crap You Are Not Prepared To Deal With.”

During the events of the pilot episode, Daisy Johnson is still Skye and hacking on behalf of the Rising Tide, trying to expose SHIELD secrets. She believes it’s for the greater good, but that changes when she meets Mike Peterson.

Daisy finds herself a real-life superhero that she wants to help. At the time, she thinks she knows better than SHIELD and offers up this riff on an old Spider-Man quote. Though Daisy recognizes that being a hero can be cool, she’s also already prepared for things to get weird as early as her first appearance in the series. 

9 “All This Protocol Crap Doesn’t Matter To Me. All That Matters To Me Is Coulson.”

To be completely fair to fans, this particular line might be difficult to place. After all, the relationship between Coulson and Daisy is more like a father and daughter than a supervisor and employee. Daisy could make this remark at just about any point in the show that Coulson finds himself in danger.

She says it to Victoria Hand way back in the first season when Coulson is kidnapped and Hand freezes her out of the search. Daisy values Coulson more than she values a secret organization, and so does her team. Coulson, after all, puts people first and politics second, unlike many of the rest of the higher-ups in SHIELD.


8 “I Caused An Avalanche.”

When Daisy first gains her quaking abilities, she’s terrified. She believes Trip’s death is her fault, and she repeatedly turns her power inward to avoid hurting anyone else, not caring that she’s literally breaking her own bones repeatedly. Daisy embraces and starts to learn control of her power under the tutelage of Jiaying. 

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Jiaying asks Daisy to feel the vibrations in a mountain and move it. When she tells Lincoln about it, it’s the first time Daisy appears truly excited about her powers, leading her on a whole new path.

7 “Seriously, Therapy. Just Consider It.”

By the end of season four, the SHIELD team has been through a lot. They’ve seen their organization fall apart, lost team members to death and retirement, seen nearly everyone kidnapped at least once, and have to deal with a virtual reality called the Framework. It’s that last one that leads Daisy to utter this particular line.

She meets up with Aida in the real world after having used her abilities to destroy the Life Model Decoy in the Framework. Aida wants to watch Daisy suffer before she dies. Daisy isn’t having the melodrama. Of course, her line is also something the fans have been shouting for all of the characters and their traumatic experiences since the Hydra reveal of the first season as well. 

6 “Usually One Person Doesn’t Have The Solution, But 100 People With 1% Of The Solution? That Will Get It Done. I Think That’s Beautiful, Pieces Solving A Puzzle.”

The second episode of the series, “0-8-4,” is widely regarded as the worst of them all. Fans only have to see the IMDb ratings of episodes for proof. Its cheesy “let’s all work together despite our differences” approach, however, is exactly what makes Agents Of SHIELD work. This group isn’t only a team, but a found family.

Daisy says it best in that second episode when she talks about the beauty of everyone working together to solve a puzzle as an approach to problem-solving in general. Of course, she’s talking about hacktivists initially, but the sentiment still applies.

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5 “Hale Is Hydra. Hale Hydra. Seriously? How Are We Still Fighting Nazis Today?”

In this particular moment, Daisy is the voice of the audience. Hydra is, in terms of the MCU timeline, the first major villain the heroes face. Hydra is who Captain America goes up against in the ‘40s, and it’s who changes the course of SHIELD history when they rise back up in the first season of Agents Of SHIELD. 

By season five, Hydra should be in the rearview mirror. The agents have bigger problems to worry about. Of course, Hydra isn’t done with them yet as General Hale and her daughter Ruby are some of the last Hydra operatives. It’s ridiculous to think that Hydra is still a potential threat to the team when they’ve been to the future and back, and yet it still is.

4 “Sometimes, The World’s Greatest Miracles Happen By Accident.”

In context, this quote is a little creepy. It’s said by Daisy when she’s under Hive’s influence and he’s recounting his past. In context, she considers Hive to be the miracle. In the largest context of the show, however, it’s Inhumans and other gifted people who are the miracles.

Daisy has been through a lot, even by the time she’s under Hive’s influence in season three. The idea of seeing her power as a miracle instead of a burden is definitely a welcome one in the show, though.

3 “I’m Stronger Than You Know… I’m The Destroyer Of Worlds.”

When the Confederation tries to make their way to Earth, the Kree kidnap Daisy along the way, holding her captive with a device placed on her head. It’s not unlike what’s done to Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel. Much like Carol, Daisy gets a massive heroic moment to save herself.

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Despite the assurances that no one can get out of the device because of the way it attaches to her brain, Daisy is able to wake herself up, use her powers to break the device, and defeat her captors. She does it all by reminding them that they have no idea how powerful she really is.

2 “Anyone Who Signs Up For This, To Lose Friends, Or Limbs, Or Your Mind, Or Your Life, In Protection Of Humanity – We Are In This Together.”

At the end of season five, former ally Glen Talbot takes things a step too far. He takes Gravitonium on, trying to become a hero. Daisy doesn’t want to fight him, but she does want to stop him from doing any harm. When she realizes he’s just trying to be a hero, she tries to remind him that he already is one.

In Daisy’s mind, Talbot made a choice years ago to join the military and become someone who protects others. Everything he’s done has been in service of others and has already involved plenty of sacrifice, just like Daisy and her team.

1 “The End Of The World? Yeah. Been There, Done That.”

Just as Buffy The Vampire Slayer once asked, “how many times have we stopped the apocalypse now,” the Agents Of SHIELD team has seen more than their fair share of world-ending events. By season six, saving the world is old hat; it just takes a little more effort each time.

When Daisy makes this remark, it’s in regards to Izel being ready to end life on the planet. She’s ready to come up with a plan for any major world-ending event at that point.

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